Writing Tasks For My Weaklings


Subbie slaves need tasks that keep their minds FOCUSED on exactly what I want it to be focused on. I believe that writing lines on paper is a great way to make something stick inside of weak little bitches minds. Enjoy these two videos from john david and bitch boy maddox, fulfilling my command of writing lines to amuse my friends and I.

Weakling john david fulfilling his task

This first one is john david, and the one below this is maddox.

Bitch boy maddox completing his task

Things like this amuse me. It is a great training tool. If you are a little weakling, I want you to write out ” I am so weak for Empress Vox Siren, I will do ANYTHING that I can to please her” 500 times. Record a video, or take a photo of it upon completion, and send to me.

You better thank me for the HONOR of giving you this task as well.


  1. john david says:

    Goddess Vox I will get on this right away! I so love and crave to obey Your every command and pleasure! You are so Mighty and I am too weak to do other than all You wish.
    With great pleasure and highest honor I will take up this task and listen to Your Goddess voice while I do it….I want these words deep in my mind.

  2. Nexus 7 says:

    Hmmmm, love that! Will put hands to work immediately! Thank You my Empress for the honor and oportunity to show my devotion!

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