What is the Cult of Vox ?

Most of the time, when a person hears the word “cult” they think of crazy religious groups ran by insane men who abuse and torture women and children, or simply pathetic men who manipulate vulnerable people into doing what they want. Most often sex is involved.

That is why I have created Cult of Vox. There will be NO fake powerful men here, and certainly no sex. *smirks*

C.O.V. is a consensual, intimate group of submissives who have yearned to find their true place in life, for a very long time. A group for people who can finally exist under the ruler-ship of a Divine Female Leader. A place for weak little bitches to finally learn how to exist in life in order to please and amuse their Superior.

Initiates who devote themselves to this way of life, are called Voxians. Being a Voxian is a very proud achievement. Being a Voxian means knowing your place, beneath Women, and especially the one true Divine Leader, Empress Vox Siren.

Being a Voxian comes with a strict, yet approachable set of rules. All of these rules and expectations can be found by listening to the Cult of Vox mp3 by clicking here.

If you are an unowned submissive, I urge you to find your place within the Cult of Vox. I will guide you to enlightenment and fulfillment. I will show you your place. You will exist as a Voxian, amongst fellow Voxians who welcome you into a strong group connection, for WEAKlings.

Empress Vox Siren is the way, the glory, the power, the ALL.

Surrender now and accept your fate. Feel the calling. Never again a drifter, coasting through life unfulfilled and unsatisfied.  Feel MY power coursing throughout your entire existence, bringing you to your knees. Once you are a Voxian, every day will be living your fetish to the fullest. Your fetish of submission to a TRUE, POWERFUL Female Dominant, who rules over EVERYTHING that is you.

Each Voxian will be provided with the same set of rules and expectations, yet each Voxian may also have their own set of rules, limits, and expectations that I expect them to adhere to.

As the Divine Leader, I am strict. I am strict because My power knows no limits, and the experience and journey that I provide can be found no where else. While I am strict, stern, greedy, and unapologetically Dominant, I am willing to work with slaves who are unable to meet certain rules for various reasoning. Be open with Me always, and you will have a place beneath Me.

To become a Voxian, pledge at the CULT OF VOX level here Рhttps://patreon.com/empressvoxsiren If you are unable to utilize patreon, you may tribute  monthly to Me outside of patreon. I recommend patreon though, because you will have access to content/mp3s/clips that are only posted there. Click here to utilize the cult outside of patreon. https://hypnotichayleestore.com/product/cult-of-vox-initiation-join-here/

As a Voxian you will have access to the Cult Forums, as well as the Cult Chatroom. Text/Voice/Video meetings will take place there.

It is normal to have some fear. I will help you utilize that fear, and transform it into work ethic. As a Voxian, you will have many tasks. Surrender today. ALL FOR EMPRESS VOX SIREN.


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