What are your views on the ethics of kink? 30 days of kink

It has been around TWO YEARS since I graced your weak little eyes and minds with a 30 days of kink post. I have been inspired to post more again, from SO many little bitches serving Me more and more and more. Being used and DRAINED, because really, what other use is a submissive man?

So, What are your views on the ethics of kink?

I think that ethics are a very important factor in a kink lifestyle. Without them, things get can ugly, annoying, and brutal very fast. My number 1 ethic rule is CONSENT. Ya, ya, so many of you claim you want to be “forced” to do this, and that, but that is just a fetish. Your dick wants it. You don’t ACTUALLY want to be FORCED to take out a billion dollars in loans, file bankruptcy, lose your family and friends, and be tossed out on the streets by Me, to ignore you and never give a shit about what happens next. Consent comes into play, when you contact a PRO Domme with ethics who can take this dick fuel forced/ruined fetish of yours, and run with it to profit and benefit the most from it, without actually destroying your entire life, for the duration of it. What use is a broken slave who is now frantic and trying to sue you, or even just whining and bitching, sending a billion emails a day? NONE. A good Domme knows how to utilize consent and balance, for life long service from a weak little kink fueled bitch.

Lets go a step further, and say that sometimes verbal consent isn’t enough. Men are driven by their dicks. Its really fucking gross, but also REALLY useful to Me. When they are that wrapped up in their arousal and dick fuel, that hyped up horny state is the perfect state to mind fuck, manipulate, torturous tease and get anything that I want. Now in that state a man will consent to almost anything. I use my skills to determine what is actual consent, and what is dick fueled consent that would actually fuck up their lives, and cause me misery in the long run. I don’t want a broken, broke, weepy pathetic bitch. I want a submissive to the core, aching little bitch who understands balance, and knows that What Empress Vox Siren wants, Empress Vox Siren gets. One that is designed by my training, to utilize its skills in the real world to enrich My lifestyle, and benefit and serve Me for as long as it lives.

Causing true harm will benefit no one. It diminishes a weaklings ability to seek out pleasing Me, because its so focused on all of its fuck ups and losses.

Tying in to consent, is honesty. When it comes to important life changing factors, such as ” My bank account is heading towards the negative, and I am about to lose everything” it is crucial to be open and honest. This way I can work on a plan to get your ass working and earning more, as well as saving more, to ensure that you can please Me forever! Be HONEST about important things. Don’t ever let things get to a crucial terrifying state.

Have responsibility. Any shit a submissive gets himself into is his fault. No matter what you say, you do things on your own free will. No matter what a hypnosis file says, if you do not want to do something, you wont. This is why ethics come into play, as well as balance. Grow up, and take responsibility for your actions and arousal. I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER interfere with a slaves personal life, including its family and career. I used to play around with the blackmail fetish, but it is too much of a grey area for Me. No I wont contact your wife, girlfriend, boss, because that is forcing your fetish on them. I will not out you to your boss either. I WANT you to work, you idiot. I DEMAND My slaves be at their best. Even when I am calling them weak, losers, pathetic, etc. they are still something that I am proud of, if they are MINE. I deserve the best, and create the best slaves.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and see another blog post soon. Beg for it. In fact, BEG by clicking HERE and sending a tribute, showing Me that you respect and ache for My divine words.

Empress Vox Siren

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