Vox Siren & Ambre Jade FOTM Audio Blog


Ambre and I were just chatting on skype, gossiping about all of the devious things that we are going to do to you for August fetish of the month, which is CBT (cock and ball torture). We decided to record a lil audio blog for you while there. You are SO lucky. Share this post, spread the word! It is your duty slave!

Click the image below to listen.



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  1. Steve says:

    Worth listening to this playful banter and blog. There is an important underlying tone of concern for safety which, amidst the disclaimers, also encourages potential participants to read about published warnings as well. I appreciate that.
    In all honesty, I do have some concerns about promoting activities in which pain and injury are foreseeable and desired consequences. But that’s just me. I have similar feelings about the sale of tobacco. And have no experience about the risk/benefit ratio of CBT. https://youtube.com/watch?v=PbQ4JNpXPTY

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