New totally addictive NF mystery GAME. Click, Pay, Then OBEY


Wanna play a game? *smirks* Welcome to your newest obsessive addiction. Click, Pay, Then Obey is an on going game that I created simply to use you to amuse me! A surprise awaits you in each one. How TEMPTING!!! Each game play will be numbered so that you can see where you left off.

Inside each file is a mystery, however there will always be something inside that you MUST obey. There may be a photo, there may be text saying how I feel about you and what I want you to do for me, an mp3, a video, or a mix. Some will be more elaborate than the others. Some may force you to do things , some may include an interrogation for information that I will use against you to dominate the fuck out of you, or play with you in one way or another, and some may have total mind fuck material.

Some may simply exist solely to fuck you over, $drain$ you and make you feel so weak and vulnerable! You are going to become SO addicted to my click , pay, then obey games that you simply MUST do all of them!!

You do NOT have to do them in order.

These will be available on niteflirt goodies, uploaded 5 at a time. For now, the first 5 are available, and you will be addicted to collecting them all and OBEYING! If you do not have niteflirt, you may purchase them from me direct, just email me at letting me know you want to purchase them directly.

Click HERE to be taken to my goodies page, or click on each button below to purchase.






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