Top 5 Reasons Why Men Are Better Off Locked In Chastity

I have been dealing with men and their cocks for 14 years now. Yes that is 14 years now that I have been a Pro Domme that has had the painful horror of hearing so many conversations that are all directed towards their dicks. Many men are fucking OBSESSED with their dicks. Its actually pretty alarming. The greatest solution for this is CHASTITY. Having free reign over their obsessive jerk off habits and orgasms is when a man becomes truly repulsive, entitled, and whiny. So here is 5 reasons why I personally believe men are better off in chastity.

  1.  Men in chastity become MUCH MORE USEFUL AND HELPFUL! Give them sex and orgasms whenever they want, and they become complacent and entitled. Lock their most prized possession up and keep the key far far away, and watch how eager they become to do anything that you want! Its truly like magic!! Sure they are still technically obsessed with their dick, but this time the Woman calls the shots and makes the rules.


2.  It lets them truly feel the pleasure in being powerless, and lacking control. Society has portrayed men as powerful beings, and women loving their dicks. Mainstream porn has rotted their brains into thinking all Women truly want to be dominated and worship their nasty dicks. Being in chastity truly forces them to surrender control and power. It emasculates them, makes them vulnerable, and helpless to the key holder.


3. It reinforces to them the FACT that they are INFERIOR.   Having their dick locked away in chastity either mentally or physically is an almost constant reminder that they do not deserve orgasms, and aren’t entitled to them. It reminds them that the key holder is the Superior and is free to have orgasms whenever She likes. It lets the weak man know that he is a little bitch locked away as a subservient bitch, there to do the Superiors bidding.


4. It helps transform a man from an over sexed pig, into a subservient weakling. Women are sick and tired of dealing with horny drooling little bitches that treat us like objects. Being locked up forces them to stop jerking off 20 times a day all the while USING a Woman in some way to get off. It transforms their entire world. Once their focus is shifted from jerking off constantly, they are then ready to be programmed and trained to do as the Superior wishes.


5. It makes them ACHE like no other.  Aching from a man is actually extremely beneficial to a Superior Woman. Men are so used to having an orgasm as they please, so when that is forcefully taken from them, they will constantly ache for it. This means that the Superior chastity key holder can virtually train them to do anything that they please, or to become any way that they wish. The possibilities are endless! A weak aching bitch will do ANYTHING while aching under the control of a powerful key holder. Their minds are so easily manipulated and controlled. THIS is My favorite reason of them all!

Empress Vox Siren

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