A Taste Of Darkness

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Welcome to my dark side, slaves and sluts. Instead of going full detail into who I am, and what I am about, drop to your knees and pull up my biography by clicking HERE, and spending some time reading over it. That is, once you can pull yourself away from my stunningly perfect image, which I require you to gaze at for at least 10 minutes before further reading.

Take the time to read about me, learn about me and absorb EVERYTHING that you can, for if you approach me in a manner that I deem to be unsuitable for a woman of my stature, then you shall be either tortured mercilessly for my amusement , or banished from my empire if you do not show me the respect and adoration that I deserve. Think that is harsh? That is nothing compared to what I have in store for you once you find yourself trapped inside of my deviously delicious web of darkness.

Are you drawn to the dark side of S/M ? Craving a full on transformation, and exploration into the taboo, freaky, kinky and unknown? Then open your mind, fantasies, deepest perversions to me, and embrace my darkness.

Curious as to what it is exactly that I enjoy? There is not a simple answer for this. You will just have to keep checking my blog, twitter, facebook, etc in hopes that you are lucky enough to find out more and more about me. I want you to WORK for my pleasure. I am not going to just fucking hand it over to you. Prove yourself to me. Entertain me, Sacrifice to and for me.

You will never be the same again.

Empress Vox Siren


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