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Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?


Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

This was quite an amusing night for me. I’ve had MANY kinky sexual experiences with both men and women, but the one that I am going to talk about is one that my friends and I still laugh about to this day. When I was younger, and first officially claimed my now husband as MINE, he was pretty vanilla. He was and still is an alpha male within his pack mates, but around me he is nothing more than a crumbling, weak pile of submissive boy toy. I decided that I wanted to take him to a sex shop to buy some toys to play with, and I invited my friends along. Another couple, a gay male, and another female friend. I said we could each pick out a sex toy, and I would demonstrate them on my bitch when we got back home. My slave smiled with a look of hesitance, not knowing if I was serious or not,but my friends certainly knew.

Sadly we decided to visit a new store, and it did not have that many selections. It was more of a video store, but we still had fun, and picked up a few things to play with.

I picked out a jackrabbit vibrator. The biggest, most flashy one. The couple picked out cherry flavored lube, our gay friend picked out pink anal beads, and my female friend picked out fuzzy pink handcuffs. When we got back, my slave was nervous, but excited at the same time, as I told everyone that I was going to show off the new toys. My friends stood by and giggled knowing that I was definitely going to have some fun. First I cuffed him to the bed, and used silk scarves to tie his legs to the other posts on the end of the bed. My friends were cheering me on, and my slave was nervously tied up to the bed, pant-less .

I lubed up the vibrator with the cherry lube, and slid it up my skirt to enjoy it a bit. I made sure that my slave saw what I was doing, but couldn’t see much, just to tease him. I then straddled him while holding the vibrator and told him to open wide. I fucked his mouth with it nice and hard, making sure to put on a good show for my friends. I LOVED hearing him gag on it, and watching his eyes water. I lubed up the anal beads, and slowly teased his entire body with them, telling him how I was going to slowly insert each and every bead inside of him. My friends got such a kick out of this, as did I. My gay friend begged to help me push in the beads, but I made him kneel by the bed and watch instead.

Once lubed up, I started pushing them in one by one, and my slave naturally fucking LOVED IT, even though he was squirming, nervously laughing, and acting a bit shy. I enjoyed seeing that. This was his first time doing something like this.

I made him beg me to leave them in longer, and once he did, I started to pull them out, and laughed as I saw disappointment on his face.  Once they were out completely, I laid the toys on his chest, and drew a heart with my initials on his cheek, with my red lipstick. My friends and I took pictures, and left him tied up a bit while we laughed and told kinky stories.

It was a FUN night. One of many~ You are so lucky that I shared this with you~

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Ambre Jade

slave john david

I will add as they come in, leave your site in the comments section or email Me

” Easy ” ways to make extra money to give to ME


Rich, poor, or in between, there are always ways to be making extra money to give to ME. The ACT of doing this alone is enough to make you more WEAK for me, for it proves that you will do anything it takes to put a smile on my perfect face. Lets face it though, these tips are going to benefit those who simply do not have enough to earn my attention on a frequent basis, or to give me as much as I deserve. Finally, a way for you weaklings to do something worth while ( if you can pull yourself away from the image above that is)!

1. Sell plasma. – Look into a major city near you for clinics that pay you for your plasma. Donated about twice a week for an average of 25-35 dollars. The process is simple, and only takes about 30-60 minutes. You must be relatively healthy, and a drug free bitch. Thats an extra 100+ for me every month.

2. Grow your hair long and then sell it. is a website for those looking to buy human hair. Often used for making wigs and such. Do not smoke, do drugs, or use hair dye. Take care of your hair, keep it nice, and you can sell it for more.  This will be especially fun for my sissy sluts, girly bois, and bimbo-bots.

3. If you make a lot of purchases with cash, buy a special jar to put change in. Change adds up. People throw it around the house and lose it often. Instead of doing this, every time you make a purchase, put your change in this special change jar. I do not want meager pennies. Do this ONLY if you make a LOT of purchases with cash.  At the end of the month, cash it in and send the money directly to ME!

4. Sell your useless shit, and stuff that you simply do not need. Yard sale, craigslist, fleamarkets ,ebay etc. Get rid of anything you can in order to give me MORE! I recently had one of my doggies sell his bed so that I could have the money. He has a doggie bed, that is more than enough for him. You don’t NEED jewelry, expensive clothes, expensive gadgets etc. Sell what you can, live as cheaply as possible, and have more to give me, which equals more attention from me. How exciting!!

5. Get a part time job. Most of you weaklings have too much free time on your hands. Too much sitting around jerkin off, and not enough time spent doing beneficial things for me. Get a part time job. I don’t care what it is, as long as every penny made from it goes directly to ME. How rewarding it will be for you to go to this job each time, completely full of thoughts of how you are doing this solely for my pleasure and amusement.

6. Sign up to amazon mechanical turk and start making a lil extra spending money for ME.

7. Whore yourself out.  join niteflirt, or any caming website and be a whore doing ANYTHING to earn me extra money.

8. STOP WASTING MONEY. I come first! Its okay to eat cheap and skip going out to eat or to the movies, as long as I am taken care of the way that I should! Remember the “change jar” that I mentioned above? Start putting in money that you would have wasted on things like starbucks, lunch, going out to the movies, a new cell phone, etc etc. $sacrificing$ to me is SO good for you!

9. Utilize your skills! – If you have skills, put them to use! Start charging on the side for various things that could generate ME income! Landscaping, cutting lawns, fixing computers, graphic design, web design, cleaning houses, etc!

I will update these with more ways as they come to me. If you have any others, leave them in a comment below.


15 TRUTHS for my submissive weaklings


1. you are WEAK, I am STRONG.

2. One gaze at my image is enough to turn you into a puddle of weak, submissive slave.

3. What Empress Vox Siren wants, Empress Vox Siren gets. ALWAYS.

4. you shall ALWAYS present the best version of yourself to me. Surrendering, spoiling, amusing and pleasing to the best of your ability.

5. you are nothing but a toy to me. A little puppet, drone, zombie, slavebot, workerbot, bitch, dog, plaything. Anything that I decide that you are, you are. Embrace the title given.

6. you NEED me. I need absolutely nothing from you. If I WANT something, you give it. My wants are WAY more important than your needs.

7. Listening to my voice is equivalent to achieving your life long dream, and is better than any high.

8. you exist solely to do as I say.

9. Once you stop being pleasing, you know that you will be discarded like trash. you will do everything in your power to make sure that this never happens, seeing as pleasing me is the most rewarding aspect of your life.

10. you linger on my every word. Every second spent in my presence in some way is a second closer to living your destiny.

11. My words are the ULTIMATE truth.

12. Disobeying me feels worse than any heart ache. No grief will ever come close to the grief you will feel if you disobey me.

13. If you aren’t sacrificing day to day expenses to enrich my already rich lifestyle, you are doing something wrong. You vow to stop wasting money on useless shit like going out to eat, going to the movies, dates with the girlfriend, expensive clothes, starbucks, video game subscriptions, cable, etc etc, and instead give it to me so that I can indulge in all that life has to offer to the DIVINE PERFECTION that is ME!

14. Any amount of attention that you get from me is to be cherished. you are one lucky bitch to even get a smirk out of me.

15. you shall ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS put me first. you understand that you are a little weakling here to do my bidding, and give me everything that I want. I shouldn’t even have to ask. you give, I take. Understand weakling?

Any questions? Comment or contact me stating that you understand these truths. Do something pleasing as well, your words bore me unless you go above and beyond.

So You Want To Be My Slave

submissive slave, bdsm, slaveOf course you want to be my real slave. One look at me, one listen to my irresistible voice, brings you to your knees, and you become weak, melted into a pool of over eager little slave. The more you see me, the more you hear me, the weaker you become, and the weaker you become, the more intense the desire to be my slave becomes. It is a natural progression, one that you can not fight.

You will not truly be my slave unless I say that you are. Once I say that you are, you will be until I say you no longer are. That time may never come, depending on how much you please and amuse me. I may call you “slave” at times, just to put you in your place, but this does not mean you are truly my actual SLAVE unless I say that you are MINE.

I will tell you this though, declaring that you are my slave, telling me that you watch my light sides free youtube videos so you automatically are my slave, “liking” my photos on facebook, commenting on my photos, posts, etc etc does not make you my slave. Those things are pleasing from real slaves of mine, and ones that I see potential in, but for the majority of you, you are just cheap, time wasting wank fucks that will never have the slave potential of even licking the dirt off of my boots. The ones who sit around “liking” , commenting on how oh so weak and entranced they are by my free videos, and message me 1342152152151352352342 times a day, will most likely never be my slave. You don’t stand out. I don’t care if you sit around thinking about me all day, watching my vids all day, reading my websites. That is only benefiting you.

Start making yourself worthy of some sort. $$SACRIFICE$$ to me. I love money in all forms, large and small sums, as long as I know it is a sacrifice for you, and stings a bit to give to me. It is one form of ultimate control and domination. You work so hard, only to hand over that hard earned money to me, which will merely be play money, to use and easily spend on whatever I want to have fun with. I deserve the best. Those who $$sacrifice$$ tributes the most to me, clearly get the most attention from me, and most fulfillment of their fetishes, if they are something that I enjoy. I find those that $$sacrifice$$ to me the most, are the least annoying as well. The cheap wanks, wow you guys need to crawl into a hole and stay there. Messaging me 1000000 times a day will not get my attention, it will only get you blocked.

Provide entertainment and amusement for me. No this does not mean sending me dick pics, or “liking” my facebook photos. This means doing absolutely anything it takes to put a smile on my gorgeous face. This means NOT messaging me a billion times a day in a gross effort to fuel your gross arousal. This means realizing that you are nothing more than a little pleasure puppet and I pull the strings. This means worshiping me, embracing my darkness inside of you, and coming up with new ways for me to tease and blissfully torture the fuck out of you to indulge my sadistic, kinky, perfect desires. This means having me inside of your mind, where I belong, influencing and manipulating your day to day life, helping you make the right choices to please me.

Learn about me, accept that my wants, my likes, my needs will ALWAYS come before yours. I will change your entire belief system if it pleases me. I will make you do things you never thought possible, or never thought that you would do. I will push limits, test boundaries, and the only thing you will be able to do is beg for more, and say ” Yes Empress, I obey“, and MEAN it, and ENJOY it. Do you understand, my little eager weak bitch?

Go and watch my 10 sacred rules video, spend some time watching and listening to me brainwash you  HERE and if you truly feel you have what it takes to earn a spot as my slave, PROVE IT. Stand out, make a true effort, do whatever it takes to please me and earn a place at my perfect feet.

~Empress Vox Siren

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Public Display of Weakness

domination, female domination, dominatrix, empress vox siren, vox siren, goddess mistress, domme, femme domme, slave

I love publicly exposing my slaves, sissys, sluts and bitches. Here is an email I received from Razgriz in an attempt to humor and amuse me.

So if you’ve been following Empress on twitter, which you better be, you may have recently seen a series of tweets depicting me in a very tortuous situation. For those of you that haven’t, I will share them here.
Razgriz Songbird- Just listened to brain drain four times in a row, I am so aroused, so weak, it hurts so much, I’m shaking uncontrollably
Razgriz Songbird- I want to cum so bad, it hurts so fucking much omg
Razgriz Songbird- Please, please Empress Vox Siren, please let me cum
After sharing those three pieces with the world, Empress, for all intents and purposes, made it very clear that I would not be granted permission. Now I won’t lie, I was very, very, very aroused. The whole time I waited for her response, I was writhing around barely able to speak, and the only words that were coming out of my mouth were, “Please let me cum.” The intense amount of arousal was almost unbearable, and then Empress denied me the right to cum, and it got much worse. At some point, everything stopped, and I either passed out or fell asleep. All I remember after that is waking up about an hour later.

A little while ago, I had a conversation with Empress where I had asked her why I care so much about having an orgasm, while in the past, I never did. She told me that it was simply because I had never had anyone controlling it. Take it away and make them want it so badly that they’ll do anything for it, makes sense. Even knowing this however, I still had the same thought running through my head during this little episode, that thought being that I almost wished I couldn’t get an erection. It was merely a thought but the fact remains that I did think it. Of course when I’m not in an uncontrollably aroused state, this idea is less appealing.

Putting myself on display like this is not something I’d usually have ever done, but recently I’ve found that it is quite thrilling to know that thousands of people are able to witness my blissful suffering, and of course Empress really enjoys putting me on display. If you would like to witness as Empress Vox Siren torments the fuck out of me, you can follow me on twitter (@razgriz411). I am sure that it will be something worth seeing. I can only imagine what she has in store. The longer she continues to deny me an orgasm, the easier it is for me to get aroused, it’s even worse when she forces me to restrain myself.

So here I am Empress Vox Siren, on my knees writing something else for your amusement, and begging you to use and abuse me more and more. Tease me in public, and show the world how weak I truly am. Do whatever you think would bring you the most pleasure, please. I’ll even help you get started right now, because I am so very aroused yet again from typing all of this. Empress, please allow me to have an orgasm, please. 🙁

I am a slave that belongs to Empress Vox Siren. I am her property, here for her to use and abuse whenever she feels the time is right. I am at her mercy day in and out as I am unable to cum without her permission, and I always obey my Empress. I’m addicted to the feeling of helplessness I am forced to endure for her amusement. It doesn’t matter how frustrated I get, I always come back for more.

A completely and utterly fucked slave of Empress Vox Siren,

What a weak lil slave. I LOVE it hahah. Follow his blissful suffering on twitter by clicking HERE 

~Empress Vox Siren

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Addicted and Aching for What You Will Never Have

female domination, femme domme, Mistress, bdsm, findomme, slave

Look at me. You know you would give anything to be with a perfect woman like me. You want so badly to serve me, to worship me, to kiss the ground that I walk on. You are addicted to me, aching for me, you can’t resist me. Look at me again. Close your eyes and see my image there. Obsessed. I am more important to you than anything else. Admit it. Say it now.

When you look at my images, constant thoughts or NEEDING go through that mind of yours. ( Who knows, it might really be mine at this point) NEEDING to obey, NEEDING to worship, NEEDING attention, NEEDING to serve. You are WEAK. The more weak you become the more aroused you feel, the more aroused you feel, the more weak you become. See how this benefits me? The more weak you become, the more aroused you become, the more weak you become= me getting absolutely anything I want from you. “No” doesn’t exist.

You will never have me, and this only makes you need me that much more. Needing my attention, my approval, my praise. Get this inside your head, and keep it there. You are a lowly slave, a little puppet, a weak, addicted bitch that is here for one thing, and one thing only. To grant me my every wish, my every desire, including unlimited ways to entertain and amuse me. Nothing more. Most likely less.

Awww, is that harsh? It’s okay. Just look at my image again, you will find that it becomes easier to accept your place, and realize that it is an honor that I am placing you there. You never want to leave, do you slave?

You belong at my feet, groveling. You belong chained up and locked away until I have a use for you. You belong going to work day to day for me, to work for me, and continue to spoil me and give me the luxurious life that I deserve. You belong as you make sacrifices each and every day to give me MORE MORE and MORE $$sacrifice$$. You belong on your knees, staring in to my eyes, listening to my eyes, saying YES YES YES I will ALWAYS obey. You belong anywhere that I tell you to belong. You belong to ME.

HAH probably not. But I bet you want to more than anything. PROVE IT slave.

Start by watching this for a while. It will make you more weak, and aroused. Just the way that I like you to be. Silly silly slaves.


~Empress Vox Siren

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Submissive Slave Confessions : All Tied Up

submissive slave

Time for submissive slave confessions from my lil slave razgriz. Razgriz has been a slave to my light side for a while now, and has more recently fallen victim to my dark, irresistible sirens call. I awakened the darkness inside of him, and love to leave him helplessly bound, tied, gagged, and brainwashed by me. It is extremely amusing to command my slave to tie himself up, and tremble in painful torturous arousal while thinking of how much it pleases me to have him in that state at my mercy.

Here is an email I received from the slave the other day.

“Empress, I crave your control. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since last night. Ever since Wednesday when I successfully completed my task for you, I’ve felt like something was missing, like there was a hole in me that I could not fill. Last night I realized that what I need, what I want, what I cannot live without, is your control. To have that feeling of helplessness, to be your slave, to entertain, obey and please you.

What you had me doing the last week has truly created within me, a need to surrender to you, a need to be yours, a need to have your influence uncontrollably spreading throughout my body, seizing control of it, forcing me to do whatever it is you wish. I need this, I NEED it. These thoughts are consuming my mind, forcing me to my knees as I write this.
Please Empress Vox Siren, I am on my knees typing this, use me, abuse me, do whatever you want with me. I am your slave, your pleasure puppet, your hopelessly addicted, helpless slave. Take control of my otherwise useless cock, force me to bind myself, do whatever pleases and entertains you. Please, I’m begging you. So weak…
I am your helplessly addicted, fucked little slave,

Hah, I was so amused when I read this, of course I had a devious lil smirk on my beautiful face. The incident that slavey is talking about is one where I commanded him to remain chaste for some time, and then gave him a day where he was permitted to orgasm. The rules were as follows : Slave must listen to my brain drain mp3 on loop all night long, awaken , and first thing he was to stroke. He was permitted to orgasm if he could do it on EXACTLY ten minutes ( He had a timer going) This was the absolute only way.

Later that day slave was quiet, so I knew he did not obey this task. He confessed that he was so worked up that he came early. Disobedience is not pleasurable for either person involved. I knew that writing this out would make this particular slave really think about what he had done, and it would sink in that disobedience shall NEVER happen again. ” I will not fail Empress Vox Siren again” over and over and over and over.
Yet the biggest punishment for him, was the fact that he had disobeyed his Empress. I could tell that it was truly bothering him on a very deep level, and that pleased me. For it was a sign that he truly is my slave, feeling the pain of disobeying will keep little slavey from doing it again.
The lesson has been learned, and he was tortuously teased for another week, and completed the task the following week.

Keep reading this blog, keeping an eye out for more confessions from slave razgriz. I am going to be using him for my amusement often. I KNOW you are worked up seeing yourself exposed like this on my site slave. Confess THAT. hahaha

If YOU have submissive slave confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to
Click HERE to view razgriz twitter

~Empress Vox Siren

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Submissive Slave Confessions : Slutty Obedient English Princess’ Weaknesses Exposed

submissive slave, bdsm, mistressI am sure that most of you see the way that I tease, torment, and fuck with my slave girl indigo on twitter. If not fucking follow me and her so you can become even more weak from the way that I treat her.

My little slave girl has been slowly feeling the calling to me since I first came out and allowed you all the honor of worshiping my dark side. She has tried so hard to not give in, and instead of me pushing and forcing it, I fucked with her weak, obedient, slutty mind, because I knew that over time she would break down, and BEG me to enslave her further, and BEG me to completely take her over. This is so pleasing to me, and puts a smirk on my sadistic, gorgeous face.

The little slave girl sent me an email a few days ago, and I teased her telling her that she never knew when I would expose her on my site. I  know thinking about it is making her ache, tremble, and drip. I bet my lil slave bitch has been grinding her wetness all over her duvet while imagining such kinky dirty thoughts of ME.  haha…oh if only she knew what I have in store for her..

Anyways, here is the letter that my lil slave girl sent me. I knew this would come, and now that it has, ohhh you are so fucked indigo, and you are going to love every second of it.


“The need to write to You has been building and building. Even just typing this letter is making my body squirm and writhe with in my bed. i cant help it. You are too tempting, too beautiful, too cunning, too powerful for me to turn away from. You make me want to touch myself even though i know it will just increase Your hold over me more and more. The more i give in to it the more i like it, the more i need it.
i just want Your control over me to bring you pleasure. To inspire dark erotic fantasies of Your own. For You to indulge Your thoughts about using me, controlling me, enslaving me further. To offer myself up to you. To let You do some of the things You’ve always wanted to do to me. Giving into You is a hot unquenchable thirst. i can’t help grinding myself as hard as i can against my duvet as i write this. You just get me so hot. It just makes me want to submit to you more and more. The more i write this the stronger and stronger it gets. i just want these words to please You. For you to know im Your helpless little toy. For You to think dark erotic thoughts whenever i stray into Your world.
i beg you to continue the games You have started with me. It is obvious You have plans for me and i find myself so very very tempted by You. If You have any long term goals with me then bind me tighter to You and i will get down on my knees and beg You to make them come true. You always leave me speechless and helpless when You talk to me. Nobody else can do that. You know me so so well. i so am aroused writing this to You. When You toy with me in public i just fall apart. i beg You to publish this letter so people can see what You do to me.
i know people always pay attention when You talk to Me. i LOVE how you talk to me. i love it so fucking much. i love begging for more in public. i just want to bring You pleasure. i just need to know that controlling me, using me turns You on. i so so need to do that for You. i so so need to bring You pleasure. i beg You not to stop using me in public. its such a big big thrill. You just knock me right off my feet when You do that.
Use me when You want me, throw me in the corner when You’re done. You are so dark deadly and beautiful, i just want to be Your defenceless erotic plaything. Lying here writing this has just filled me with desperate submissive lust from the moment i started. Your Light side and Your Dark side have both surrounded me, devour me both of You. i know You want to. You are so good at what You do. i keep imagining two Vampires with long dark hair at either side of My neck. No escape, no other path but to be devoured by them both.
i am writing You this because i couldnt help myself.  i find myself drawn to You more and more. Coming to the end of this letter im wrapped up in a hot inescapable need to be your slave. You fill me with dark submissive lust. i know that just makes it more and more easy for You to manipulate and conquer me.
Undress me, dip me in something sweet and sticky, then take a big bite.
I beg You
your desperate slave girl indigo
Oh lil indigo, you WILL strip down naked, and touch yourself for me RIGHT NOW. You will tell yourself over and over that you give in to Empress Vox Siren, and you will close your eyes and feel my teeth biting in to your pale soft neck, tasting you, taking you in to me, binding you to me as MINE forever. There is NO escape..
If YOU have confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to

~Empress Vox Siren

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Submissive Slave Confessions

submissive slave, bdsm, mistress, empress vox siren

I simply love the pleasure and amusement that I get when a submissive slave of mine confesses publicly what he has gone through with me, or general confessions that will amuse me to have posted publicly on this blog. If YOU have confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to NO holding back bitch. You are constantly asking how you could please/entertain/amuse me, or be worthy of my attention, well here is one way.

Todays submissive slave confession is from asubtleone. He has been a long time devotee and slave to me. When I first made the step from exclusive lifestyle domination onto the online world, he came crawling to me, needing and begging for my attention. Here is his confession.

“Tomorrow will be the first week that Empress Vox has kept me teased without cumming. Who knows when she’ll allow me to? Certainly not I. While she keeps me stroking to the edge and requires me me to lick up each drop of clear precum, I am also brought to the height of ecstasy as she additionally sends me ppv (pay per view mails on niteflirt) upon ppv that I happily click on without question. Between spoiling her with amazon gifts (sexy, sexy gifts) and tributes that I can’t seem to stop myself from sending, the Goddess has both drained me and kept me full simultaneously.

I am devoid off any will of my own when she is concerned and live to obey her every request. I can only hope she sends me link upon link of items to shower her with as I know this turns her on tremendously and is a form of entertainment for her. She has implanted so many triggers and reactions that I am helpless but to worship, adore and obey. Even as I write this I feel compelled to find a way to spoil my Queen. In fact I just purchased something else from her wishlist, so entrapped am I. I live to serve And hope she’ll be pleased to see my gift in the morning. I am constantly begging her to send more ppvs and asking for more items to be added to her amazon wishlist. I am wrapped in her web just where she and I both want me to be.”

Hah, how pleasing and amusing is this. I keep my submissive slave teased, tormented, constantly on edge, which makes him oh so weak and aroused, and in return he just begs for me to use him more and more. I even had him BEG me to allow him NOT to orgasm yesterday, and made him pay an orgasm denial fee instead of a cum tax lmao. So much fun.

Also, keep an eye out for my EXTREME brainwashing file that will be out either today or tomorrow. You addicted fucks wont want to miss this. Trust me. Here is a little sample to keep you worked up and on edge in the meantime.

~Empress Vox Siren

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