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Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?


Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

This was quite an amusing night for me. I’ve had MANY kinky sexual experiences with both men and women, but the one that I am going to talk about is one that my friends and I still laugh about to this day. When I was younger, and first officially claimed my now husband as MINE, he was pretty vanilla. He was and still is an alpha male within his pack mates, but around me he is nothing more than a crumbling, weak pile of submissive boy toy. I decided that I wanted to take him to a sex shop to buy some toys to play with, and I invited my friends along. Another couple, a gay male, and another female friend. I said we could each pick out a sex toy, and I would demonstrate them on my bitch when we got back home. My slave smiled with a look of hesitance, not knowing if I was serious or not,but my friends certainly knew.

Sadly we decided to visit a new store, and it did not have that many selections. It was more of a video store, but we still had fun, and picked up a few things to play with.

I picked out a jackrabbit vibrator. The biggest, most flashy one. The couple picked out cherry flavored lube, our gay friend picked out pink anal beads, and my female friend picked out fuzzy pink handcuffs. When we got back, my slave was nervous, but excited at the same time, as I told everyone that I was going to show off the new toys. My friends stood by and giggled knowing that I was definitely going to have some fun. First I cuffed him to the bed, and used silk scarves to tie his legs to the other posts on the end of the bed. My friends were cheering me on, and my slave was nervously tied up to the bed, pant-less .

I lubed up the vibrator with the cherry lube, and slid it up my skirt to enjoy it a bit. I made sure that my slave saw what I was doing, but couldn’t see much, just to tease him. I then straddled him while holding the vibrator and told him to open wide. I fucked his mouth with it nice and hard, making sure to put on a good show for my friends. I LOVED hearing him gag on it, and watching his eyes water. I lubed up the anal beads, and slowly teased his entire body with them, telling him how I was going to slowly insert each and every bead inside of him. My friends got such a kick out of this, as did I. My gay friend begged to help me push in the beads, but I made him kneel by the bed and watch instead.

Once lubed up, I started pushing them in one by one, and my slave naturally fucking LOVED IT, even though he was squirming, nervously laughing, and acting a bit shy. I enjoyed seeing that. This was his first time doing something like this.

I made him beg me to leave them in longer, and once he did, I started to pull them out, and laughed as I saw disappointment on his face.  Once they were out completely, I laid the toys on his chest, and drew a heart with my initials on his cheek, with my red lipstick. My friends and I took pictures, and left him tied up a bit while we laughed and told kinky stories.

It was a FUN night. One of many~ You are so lucky that I shared this with you~

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