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” Easy ” ways to make extra money to give to ME


Rich, poor, or in between, there are always ways to be making extra money to give to ME. The ACT of doing this alone is enough to make you more WEAK for me, for it proves that you will do anything it takes to put a smile on my perfect face. Lets face it though, these tips are going to benefit those who simply do not have enough to earn my attention on a frequent basis, or to give me as much as I deserve. Finally, a way for you weaklings to do something worth while ( if you can pull yourself away from the image above that is)!

1. Sell plasma. – Look into a major city near you for clinics that pay you for your plasma. Donated about twice a week for an average of 25-35 dollars. The process is simple, and only takes about 30-60 minutes. You must be relatively healthy, and a drug free bitch. Thats an extra 100+ for me every month.

2. Grow your hair long and then sell it. is a website for those looking to buy human hair. Often used for making wigs and such. Do not smoke, do drugs, or use hair dye. Take care of your hair, keep it nice, and you can sell it for more.  This will be especially fun for my sissy sluts, girly bois, and bimbo-bots.

3. If you make a lot of purchases with cash, buy a special jar to put change in. Change adds up. People throw it around the house and lose it often. Instead of doing this, every time you make a purchase, put your change in this special change jar. I do not want meager pennies. Do this ONLY if you make a LOT of purchases with cash.  At the end of the month, cash it in and send the money directly to ME!

4. Sell your useless shit, and stuff that you simply do not need. Yard sale, craigslist, fleamarkets ,ebay etc. Get rid of anything you can in order to give me MORE! I recently had one of my doggies sell his bed so that I could have the money. He has a doggie bed, that is more than enough for him. You don’t NEED jewelry, expensive clothes, expensive gadgets etc. Sell what you can, live as cheaply as possible, and have more to give me, which equals more attention from me. How exciting!!

5. Get a part time job. Most of you weaklings have too much free time on your hands. Too much sitting around jerkin off, and not enough time spent doing beneficial things for me. Get a part time job. I don’t care what it is, as long as every penny made from it goes directly to ME. How rewarding it will be for you to go to this job each time, completely full of thoughts of how you are doing this solely for my pleasure and amusement.

6. Sign up to amazon mechanical turk and start making a lil extra spending money for ME.

7. Whore yourself out.  join niteflirt, or any caming website and be a whore doing ANYTHING to earn me extra money.

8. STOP WASTING MONEY. I come first! Its okay to eat cheap and skip going out to eat or to the movies, as long as I am taken care of the way that I should! Remember the “change jar” that I mentioned above? Start putting in money that you would have wasted on things like starbucks, lunch, going out to the movies, a new cell phone, etc etc. $sacrificing$ to me is SO good for you!

9. Utilize your skills! – If you have skills, put them to use! Start charging on the side for various things that could generate ME income! Landscaping, cutting lawns, fixing computers, graphic design, web design, cleaning houses, etc!

I will update these with more ways as they come to me. If you have any others, leave them in a comment below.


15 TRUTHS for my submissive weaklings


1. you are WEAK, I am STRONG.

2. One gaze at my image is enough to turn you into a puddle of weak, submissive slave.

3. What Empress Vox Siren wants, Empress Vox Siren gets. ALWAYS.

4. you shall ALWAYS present the best version of yourself to me. Surrendering, spoiling, amusing and pleasing to the best of your ability.

5. you are nothing but a toy to me. A little puppet, drone, zombie, slavebot, workerbot, bitch, dog, plaything. Anything that I decide that you are, you are. Embrace the title given.

6. you NEED me. I need absolutely nothing from you. If I WANT something, you give it. My wants are WAY more important than your needs.

7. Listening to my voice is equivalent to achieving your life long dream, and is better than any high.

8. you exist solely to do as I say.

9. Once you stop being pleasing, you know that you will be discarded like trash. you will do everything in your power to make sure that this never happens, seeing as pleasing me is the most rewarding aspect of your life.

10. you linger on my every word. Every second spent in my presence in some way is a second closer to living your destiny.

11. My words are the ULTIMATE truth.

12. Disobeying me feels worse than any heart ache. No grief will ever come close to the grief you will feel if you disobey me.

13. If you aren’t sacrificing day to day expenses to enrich my already rich lifestyle, you are doing something wrong. You vow to stop wasting money on useless shit like going out to eat, going to the movies, dates with the girlfriend, expensive clothes, starbucks, video game subscriptions, cable, etc etc, and instead give it to me so that I can indulge in all that life has to offer to the DIVINE PERFECTION that is ME!

14. Any amount of attention that you get from me is to be cherished. you are one lucky bitch to even get a smirk out of me.

15. you shall ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS put me first. you understand that you are a little weakling here to do my bidding, and give me everything that I want. I shouldn’t even have to ask. you give, I take. Understand weakling?

Any questions? Comment or contact me stating that you understand these truths. Do something pleasing as well, your words bore me unless you go above and beyond.

Disobeying Your Mistress IS The Punishment

All Will Bow_edited-1

Disobedience in one way or another is bound to happen from a subbie in a D/S relationship. It simply happens. Call it a bad day, a misunderstanding, or whatever you have to. It happens. This is especially true with someone who is just starting down the path of submission.

When this happens,  usually the first thing that the anxious slave says is something along the lines of ” I’m sorry please punish me as you see fit”. Now you will have a few who do this JUST because they like a “punishment“. For the purpose of this entry, I am going to discuss the ones who sincerely are sorry and do not want punishment, but will accept it for their shortcomings. ( shortcomings..this makes me smirk ahaha)

Depending on my mood, I will not even dish out a separate punishment. I feel that is letting them off too easily. Disobeying is punishment enough. I use my manipulative words to enter it into their brains, just how bad it makes them feel to disobey and displease me. I find this method to work EXTREMELY WELL. They get to learn the lesson this way, and not just get all hot and bothered by a “punishment”. Thinking about how good it feels to please me, and then focusing on how damn bad it feels to disobey and displease is enough to make them never want to disobey again. This is a subtle form of training. It works, and it pleases the hell out of me.

For the rare fuckwads that simply are incapable of learning ANY lesson, they are banned from my world almost immediately.

So next time you find yourself on the verge of disobedience, or not instantly doing something that I command, I want you to really think back to all of the times that you have pleased me. Think about how good it felt, how nothing could EVER compare to those sensations. Then I want you to imagine what it would be like to live in a world where those sensations did not exist. Where you felt the complete opposite. Shame, guilt, sadness, unfulfilled, etc.  Which is better?

I want you to leave a comment below discussing your thoughts on this. What has it been like for you if you have ever disobeyed your Mistress? What did you find to be the most beneficial way to learn your lesson?

You would NEVER disobey me now, would you slave? 😉

Make sure to check out my new femdom community website. Femdom powerhouses reside there, and trust me when I say that this is a place you NEED to be a part of. Join the forums.



Important Updates Slaves

empress vox siren, humiliatrix, dominatrix, femme domme, female domination

Lets get one thing straight. Don’t even think about continuing to read this post and look at my new photo until you drop to your knees in the proper slave position. Once there, you may continue on.

All good? GOOD.

As you can see, I have completely updated my website. It looks fucking amazing! Make sure to scroll and drool at the new three banners on the home page. They are surely going to make you so weak and vulnerable that you become overwhelmed with the desire to please me, amuse me, and $sacrifice$ to me.

Share this website wherever you can. Make it your signature on your pervy forums and websites that you frequent, and tweet/facebook it.

Also, I took new photos a little while back, one of them is attached to this post. Get the message? If you are a moron, the message will not be as clear. It is saying.. YOU BELONG AT MY FEET BITCH! Submit, $Sacrifice$ and SURRENDER.

I also am working on a completely new store. It will be a sub-section on Hypnotic Haylees store. It is looking fantastic so far. How lucky are you bitches that I am presenting you with so many new goodies? Well as always, there is ulterior motives behind my actions. The more I produce and tempt you with, the weaker and more easily manipulated you become. As if I need it any easier though, you already are so fucking weak. It just increases the amusement value for ME.

Last month I did a spell to help encourage those who were considering serving me, but too afraid to contact me. If you could see my inbox now. I will be heading out to my mailbox to pick up all of the new gifts that my new minions have sent. Ahh the life of a witchy bitch~

~Empress Vox Siren

Direct Toll Free Number- 1-866-332-6807 or

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A Taste Of Darkness

domination, female domination, dominatrix, empress vox siren, vox siren, goddess mistress, domme, femme domme, slave

Welcome to my dark side, slaves and sluts. Instead of going full detail into who I am, and what I am about, drop to your knees and pull up my biography by clicking HERE, and spending some time reading over it. That is, once you can pull yourself away from my stunningly perfect image, which I require you to gaze at for at least 10 minutes before further reading.

Take the time to read about me, learn about me and absorb EVERYTHING that you can, for if you approach me in a manner that I deem to be unsuitable for a woman of my stature, then you shall be either tortured mercilessly for my amusement , or banished from my empire if you do not show me the respect and adoration that I deserve. Think that is harsh? That is nothing compared to what I have in store for you once you find yourself trapped inside of my deviously delicious web of darkness.

Are you drawn to the dark side of S/M ? Craving a full on transformation, and exploration into the taboo, freaky, kinky and unknown? Then open your mind, fantasies, deepest perversions to me, and embrace my darkness.

Curious as to what it is exactly that I enjoy? There is not a simple answer for this. You will just have to keep checking my blog, twitter, facebook, etc in hopes that you are lucky enough to find out more and more about me. I want you to WORK for my pleasure. I am not going to just fucking hand it over to you. Prove yourself to me. Entertain me, Sacrifice to and for me.

You will never be the same again.

Empress Vox Siren

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