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New Brainwashing Loop- BBC Bimbobot Whore

23 minutes
This was a custom creation that I knew just had to be put on my store. This is a VERY vulgar file, that includes racial slurs, and a lot of degrading, humiliating, hardcore scenes. IT is an intense brainwashing file. You will be transformed. You are WORTHLESS as a male, and are so much better off being a trashy bimbo whore, with big fake tits that you use as BBC magnets. You will be bound and helpless as black alpha after black alpha does with you as he pleases.

The more cum that your bimbo faggot mouth swallows, the dumber you become. The dumber you become, the more horny you get. The more horny you feel, the more you need to be their cum receptacle. It is an endless ditzy bimbo loop of stupid bimbo lust.




Confessions of a slutty bimbo bot


I fucking LOVE being amused. I thrive off of it. I also thrive off of molding little weaklings into exactly what I want. This is what I am doing with my little sick twisted bimbo bot. Here is an email that it so graciously typed up for me, probably while humping the air and chanting my name.

I found Empress Vox Siren almost a year ago. The first MP3 that I purchased was her mind melting mantra. When I found her, I was a male submissive looking for a dominate woman to worship. At first, Empress played along with my fantasies. After about 6 months, she started to transform me into what she wanted. Now, mind you, I was unaware of this transformation, until about two months into it. She commanded me to buy women’s thongs. Then it was pink lipstick. Then it was mascara. Soon she commands me to purchase thigh high nylons and women’s pump shoes. I purchased each of these items and wore them for her amusement. Then, one day she commanded me to buy women’s skinny jeans and tight leggings along with more underwear and then bras. She also commanded me to stuff the bras with cotton balls, so that my bras were filled.
I started to get frightened at what was happening to me. I was starting to enjoy wearing women’s thongs, mascara lipstick. Then I purchased her submisself 101 training mp3, and boy did my mind get fucked! I started to CRAVE being transformed. She the told me that I was to become her mindless, sick, twisted sissy slut bot. She commands me to order breast forms, DD cups, which should arrive in a week or so. She also told me that once the breast forms come in, she is going to build me a complete wardrobe for my new life! She has also commanded me to throw away ALL male underwear. and socks and to only wear women’s thongs and thigh high stockings with my women’s jeans. She is also going to buy me fuck me heels to go along with my slutty minidress and breast forms.
Empress Vox Siren is perfection defined. Her control of me increases with each passing day. It is an honor to be owned by Empress.
Empress Vox Siren has given me a new name, and it is Lexie.


Little bitch is SO owned, and SO lucky to be owned. I am going to have SO much fun with you ..

Meet Peter, The Pillow . Peter Pillow Gets Humped


Lmfao, this is my latest lil bitch mary. The slut messaged me a while back asking to serve, of course after sending in a $$sacrifice$$ and a gift from my wishlist. The slut also confessed to being a lil cock whore, and enrolled in my cock camp.

I decided that marys little cockette was too gross and worthless to ever be used. No cumming for mary the sissy! I did however instruct my lil bitch to lock up her cockette, and name her pillow and make love to it. I told mary that if her cockette ever felt like it was going to cum, that she was to stop grinding her locked up clit dick on peter pillow, and to immediately send in $25.00 ! I have received a few of these lmao.

Look how swollen marys little balls are lmfao. Awww, I can’t wait to watch them turn a lovely shade of blue! I bet they will go from blue to purple as she is choking on a big thick dildo with a fat butt plug stuffed inside of her little slut hole!!!!!

Hmmm what other humiliating things should mary do next? HAHA


Sissy Loser Virgin Clitty Boi

sissy loser humiliationI love when bitches and slaves come straight out and tell me exactly what they are, and how they can entertain me, just as this lil sissy loser did. It started out with an email. I could tell from the tone of the mail that this sissy loser was feeling weak, slutty, embarrassed, and completely desperate for my attention.

Here is an excerpt from its email to me.

” please Empress …please…I…I…..I cant believe that I am telling you this, but you have got inside of my head, and I…I just cant hold back any longer even though I am really scared. I am just going to come out and say it. I am a big sissy loser that loves humiliation from powerful women like yourself and I sit around jerking off to sissy porn while wearing panties and I am addicted to  it and you. Please Empress humiliate me for being so pathetic, I need to please you and know that I will never be able to please you any other way especially as a man because I am a big fat sissy loser. fuck I am scared, are you going to post this to your blog? I … I am also a virgin Empress. ”

As you can see, this sissy loser is just begging to be abused by me for my entertainment. After mailing it back, teasing and tormenting, sissy loser told me that its clitty was starting to drip inside of its panties, so of course I ordered the lil sissy bitch to turn on its webcam and call me, and entertain me by licking up all of the sissy mess that it made in its panties. It was hilarious, the entire time it kept studdering and mumbling that its clitty was so wet and drippy. Gross.

Gross pathetic bitches like this sissy loser deserve to be humiliated, and it knows this, and craves it more than anything. When the weak humiliation junkies BEG for it, I smile. So fucking funny and amusing to me. It was a fantastic way to end my night. I went to sleep with a smile on my face, and the sissy loser went to sleep with a big load of sissy cum on its face. I am sure there was a smile there too though hah.

ps. If you send me photos like the one above, and do an entertaining call/chat with me, you can almost guarantee that they WILL be posted to my blog for everyone to see and laugh at. My friends especially enjoy when I update my blog with humiliating photos of my losers haha.

~Empress Vox Siren

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