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Day 9: Post a Kink Related Song Or Video You Enjoy

Some of my favorite lyrics “Coin operated boy
Sitting on the shelf he is just a toy
But I turn him on and he comes to life
Automatic joy
That is why I want a coin operated boy

Made of plastic and elastic
He is rugged and long-lasting
Who could ever ever ask for more
Love without complications galore
Many shapes and weights to choose from
I will never leave my bedroom”

“Coin operated boy
All the other real ones that I destroy
Cannot hold a candle to my new boy and I’ll
Never let him go”

Can you guess just exactly why I love this song, and those lyrics? *smirk*


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Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?


Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

This was quite an amusing night for me. I’ve had MANY kinky sexual experiences with both men and women, but the one that I am going to talk about is one that my friends and I still laugh about to this day. When I was younger, and first officially claimed my now husband as MINE, he was pretty vanilla. He was and still is an alpha male within his pack mates, but around me he is nothing more than a crumbling, weak pile of submissive boy toy. I decided that I wanted to take him to a sex shop to buy some toys to play with, and I invited my friends along. Another couple, a gay male, and another female friend. I said we could each pick out a sex toy, and I would demonstrate them on my bitch when we got back home. My slave smiled with a look of hesitance, not knowing if I was serious or not,but my friends certainly knew.

Sadly we decided to visit a new store, and it did not have that many selections. It was more of a video store, but we still had fun, and picked up a few things to play with.

I picked out a jackrabbit vibrator. The biggest, most flashy one. The couple picked out cherry flavored lube, our gay friend picked out pink anal beads, and my female friend picked out fuzzy pink handcuffs. When we got back, my slave was nervous, but excited at the same time, as I told everyone that I was going to show off the new toys. My friends stood by and giggled knowing that I was definitely going to have some fun. First I cuffed him to the bed, and used silk scarves to tie his legs to the other posts on the end of the bed. My friends were cheering me on, and my slave was nervously tied up to the bed, pant-less .

I lubed up the vibrator with the cherry lube, and slid it up my skirt to enjoy it a bit. I made sure that my slave saw what I was doing, but couldn’t see much, just to tease him. I then straddled him while holding the vibrator and told him to open wide. I fucked his mouth with it nice and hard, making sure to put on a good show for my friends. I LOVED hearing him gag on it, and watching his eyes water. I lubed up the anal beads, and slowly teased his entire body with them, telling him how I was going to slowly insert each and every bead inside of him. My friends got such a kick out of this, as did I. My gay friend begged to help me push in the beads, but I made him kneel by the bed and watch instead.

Once lubed up, I started pushing them in one by one, and my slave naturally fucking LOVED IT, even though he was squirming, nervously laughing, and acting a bit shy. I enjoyed seeing that. This was his first time doing something like this.

I made him beg me to leave them in longer, and once he did, I started to pull them out, and laughed as I saw disappointment on his face.  Once they were out completely, I laid the toys on his chest, and drew a heart with my initials on his cheek, with my red lipstick. My friends and I took pictures, and left him tied up a bit while we laughed and told kinky stories.

It was a FUN night. One of many~ You are so lucky that I shared this with you~

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I will add as they come in, leave your site in the comments section or email Me

Day 4: Any early experiences that in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

30 days of kink

Day 4 of 30 days of kink asks –

Any early experiences that in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

As a child, I was very outgoing, confident, and I had an understanding of how things and people worked, more than those around me. I was extremely curious, and loved to do things to see what the reaction would be. The better the reaction, the more I learned to do those things again to get what I wanted.

I remember as a kid, playing with one of my best friends, we used to have a game where we had imaginary friends that we would tie up, interrogate, and train to do our bidding LOL! That right there has to tell you something!

Growing up, I was always a dominant force. A leader. The girl that both men and women wanted to either be with or around, or actually BE. I was never afraid to speak up for myself, or for others and things that I care about. My opinion was always voiced, heard, and respected. I learned from a young age that displaying my confidence, while expressing views and points that were simply irresistible and/or impossible to disagree with, caused me to get my way, regardless of who I was interacting with.

I started using the gifts that I nurtured , such as my confidence, intelligence, power, beauty and the understanding of what makes people “tick” to make my life easier. Things just came naturally to me. People, especially men, wanted to do things for me.

As I continued to grow older, these skills blossomed as well. I began going out, meeting more people, and practicing my skills using what I would later come to learn is “hypnotic language” and the such, to get inside of peoples minds. I started to study people, and learn cause and effect of using different body language, phrases, power words, anchors/triggers, and suggestions.

This is what truly excited me. What I fantasized about at night. Coming up with different scenarios in my mind that I wanted to test out, and seeing just how many people I could play with. They all EXTREMELY enjoyed it, and loved just being in my company.

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I will add as they come in, leave your site in the comments section or email Me

Day 3- How did you discover you were kinky?


How did you discover you were kinky?

I will go more into detail on day four and five, but kinky for me is being the powerful, seductive, enticing, alluring, dominant woman that I am, and KNOWING how to use that to my advantage. From a very young age, I have always been a firecracker. Things have always had to be my way, and I have always been a strong influential female authority in my circle of friends and family.

In high school I was well aware of my ability to manipulate and control people. Especially men, my age and older. A group of boys even created a “bible” dedicated to me. It was hand written with different quotes, inspirations, and rules all revolving around me. It had ways that they could make me happy. It was cute ;), and just one event that showcased my kinky personality. I mean how many people do you know who had a group of boys write a bible dedicated to them in highschool lol?

I sailed through high school and college using my intelligence, wit, and charm to always have the highest marks.I could wrap any male teacher around my pretty little finger, and it was such a thrill for me. I would become sexually excited by this power, this kink, not by fantasizing about having vanilla sex with “hot boys”.

I eventually stemmed out and knew my power to control and manipulate men, and decided it would be fun to do the same with women who were clearly weak and submissive and craved to be played with by me. I went to a lot of different LGBT nightclubs, gothic nightclubs and various places, decked out in my fetish gear, and would have fun every single weekend. I started going in my teens, and experienced a lot of different things with different people. I would LOVE walking in to a club with a girl toy on one leash, and a boy toy on another. One on each side of me. I was also known to feminize men in these clubs as well. I would bring clothes for them to change in to, and fully do their hair and makeup, and turn them in to pretty little dolls. Ahh memories. So much fun!!


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I will add as they come in, leave your site in the comments section or email Me if you participate in this blogging event.

” Easy ” ways to make extra money to give to ME


Rich, poor, or in between, there are always ways to be making extra money to give to ME. The ACT of doing this alone is enough to make you more WEAK for me, for it proves that you will do anything it takes to put a smile on my perfect face. Lets face it though, these tips are going to benefit those who simply do not have enough to earn my attention on a frequent basis, or to give me as much as I deserve. Finally, a way for you weaklings to do something worth while ( if you can pull yourself away from the image above that is)!

1. Sell plasma. – Look into a major city near you for clinics that pay you for your plasma. Donated about twice a week for an average of 25-35 dollars. The process is simple, and only takes about 30-60 minutes. You must be relatively healthy, and a drug free bitch. Thats an extra 100+ for me every month.

2. Grow your hair long and then sell it. is a website for those looking to buy human hair. Often used for making wigs and such. Do not smoke, do drugs, or use hair dye. Take care of your hair, keep it nice, and you can sell it for more.  This will be especially fun for my sissy sluts, girly bois, and bimbo-bots.

3. If you make a lot of purchases with cash, buy a special jar to put change in. Change adds up. People throw it around the house and lose it often. Instead of doing this, every time you make a purchase, put your change in this special change jar. I do not want meager pennies. Do this ONLY if you make a LOT of purchases with cash.  At the end of the month, cash it in and send the money directly to ME!

4. Sell your useless shit, and stuff that you simply do not need. Yard sale, craigslist, fleamarkets ,ebay etc. Get rid of anything you can in order to give me MORE! I recently had one of my doggies sell his bed so that I could have the money. He has a doggie bed, that is more than enough for him. You don’t NEED jewelry, expensive clothes, expensive gadgets etc. Sell what you can, live as cheaply as possible, and have more to give me, which equals more attention from me. How exciting!!

5. Get a part time job. Most of you weaklings have too much free time on your hands. Too much sitting around jerkin off, and not enough time spent doing beneficial things for me. Get a part time job. I don’t care what it is, as long as every penny made from it goes directly to ME. How rewarding it will be for you to go to this job each time, completely full of thoughts of how you are doing this solely for my pleasure and amusement.

6. Sign up to amazon mechanical turk and start making a lil extra spending money for ME.

7. Whore yourself out.  join niteflirt, or any caming website and be a whore doing ANYTHING to earn me extra money.

8. STOP WASTING MONEY. I come first! Its okay to eat cheap and skip going out to eat or to the movies, as long as I am taken care of the way that I should! Remember the “change jar” that I mentioned above? Start putting in money that you would have wasted on things like starbucks, lunch, going out to the movies, a new cell phone, etc etc. $sacrificing$ to me is SO good for you!

9. Utilize your skills! – If you have skills, put them to use! Start charging on the side for various things that could generate ME income! Landscaping, cutting lawns, fixing computers, graphic design, web design, cleaning houses, etc!

I will update these with more ways as they come to me. If you have any others, leave them in a comment below.


15 TRUTHS for my submissive weaklings


1. you are WEAK, I am STRONG.

2. One gaze at my image is enough to turn you into a puddle of weak, submissive slave.

3. What Empress Vox Siren wants, Empress Vox Siren gets. ALWAYS.

4. you shall ALWAYS present the best version of yourself to me. Surrendering, spoiling, amusing and pleasing to the best of your ability.

5. you are nothing but a toy to me. A little puppet, drone, zombie, slavebot, workerbot, bitch, dog, plaything. Anything that I decide that you are, you are. Embrace the title given.

6. you NEED me. I need absolutely nothing from you. If I WANT something, you give it. My wants are WAY more important than your needs.

7. Listening to my voice is equivalent to achieving your life long dream, and is better than any high.

8. you exist solely to do as I say.

9. Once you stop being pleasing, you know that you will be discarded like trash. you will do everything in your power to make sure that this never happens, seeing as pleasing me is the most rewarding aspect of your life.

10. you linger on my every word. Every second spent in my presence in some way is a second closer to living your destiny.

11. My words are the ULTIMATE truth.

12. Disobeying me feels worse than any heart ache. No grief will ever come close to the grief you will feel if you disobey me.

13. If you aren’t sacrificing day to day expenses to enrich my already rich lifestyle, you are doing something wrong. You vow to stop wasting money on useless shit like going out to eat, going to the movies, dates with the girlfriend, expensive clothes, starbucks, video game subscriptions, cable, etc etc, and instead give it to me so that I can indulge in all that life has to offer to the DIVINE PERFECTION that is ME!

14. Any amount of attention that you get from me is to be cherished. you are one lucky bitch to even get a smirk out of me.

15. you shall ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS put me first. you understand that you are a little weakling here to do my bidding, and give me everything that I want. I shouldn’t even have to ask. you give, I take. Understand weakling?

Any questions? Comment or contact me stating that you understand these truths. Do something pleasing as well, your words bore me unless you go above and beyond.

Confessions Of My Sick Twisted Fuck Alan

All Will Bow_edited-1

So as many of you have been witnessing, including my extremely hot friends, the merciless and amusing torturing of my lil bitch alan for quite some time now. He is to the point of no return. I commanded him to write a devotional so everyone could read just how FUCKED he is. Here it is.

You too can end up this fucked..all it takes is interacting with me once *devilish smile* to become completely HOOKED (trapped) .

“I started with Empress Vox Siren on March 10, 2014, when I purchased the brain drain mp3. I wanted to see if she was going to affect me or like others I would be disappointed and just delete the file and move on. After listening to it just once I was already being transformed even though I was unaware of the affect that it was having on me.
I started to listen to it several times a day, and started immediately tributing to Empress. I was not aware of what was happening to me until, after several emails to Empress that she said I was fucked and to tell her my darkest fantasy. I complied without hesitating. She replied telling me that I would be so fucked having her fulfill my fantasy. The more I listened to the mp3, and read her words, the more control she had over me.

I then bought the mind cage mp3, and after listening to that file along with the brain drain file, I was really becoming affected by her. At this point I was becoming so weak for her that I was willing to do anything she wanted.
I was falling deeply for Empress. She commanded me to wear a pink frilly women’s thong with flowers on it. Without hesitating I went out and bought a thong and started to wear it. I even sent her a picture of me wearing the thong.

She then commands me to start wearing a butt plug all day at work. At first I was hesitant, but my will to resist was eroding quickly, so I bought an anal training kit. After several weeks of wearing it, I am now up to the largest one and am really enjoying be her sick, twisted fuck.
Again, Empress said I needed a bra to go with the thong. So I went out and bought more thongs, pink, black and red along with matching bras. I was wearing these at work all day long. I even put cotton in the bra to give me breasts. One day after sending in a sacrifice, Empress commanded me to kneel wherever I was and play with my tits. I immediately obeyed her and then realized that I was outside at work with others watching me do this.

I now wear a 38 d- cup bra filled with cotton, women’s thong and mascara, because it pleases and amuses Empress.
My wife found my panties and bra and has divorced me. I now spend all of my free time thinking and worshiping Empress.
One daily task that Empress has me perform, is every thirty minutes I go to the bathroom, strip to my panties and bra, hump the toilet, kiss the toilet with my shimmering pink lipstick covered lips. I wear pink lipstick all the time now, along with the panties, bra, mascara and lipstick.

I want to please, sacrifice, amuse and worship Empress all day long. I am truly proud to be Empress’ sick fuck and look forward to further commands that will enslave me to her forever!!!!”

Proceed With Caution

empress vox siren


Many crawl to me in search of a powerful, beautiful, irresistible and dominant woman to serve. They are bound by a submissive desire that they hope so badly to fulfill and satisfy. If you are reading this, that is most likely describing you. Yes?

If you are drawn to this side, it means that you need a more stern, humiliating, cruel, strict hand. I eagerly dish that out and more. It is AMUSING to me to use you, abuse you, and watch you squirm and ache so badly, as you declare just how fucked you are, as you hand over more of your time, money, and free will.

So many think that they can resist me, or they proceed with what they feel to be caution. Once you are slowly caught in my web, there truly is no escape, unless I make one for you, which means that you failed to serve and amuse me. It is a slow, painful yet pleasurable, thrilling, nerve wracking experience that causes extreme addiction and need. I love to make it a slow cruel journey, because that just makes it more enjoyable for me to watch the transformations take place. And trust me, you WILL be transformed into whatever I want you to be. You will want anything that I say you want. You will never be able to resist me.

Once a curious onlooker who thought he could resist, now a broken down slave bitch, absolutely eager to do and be anything that I say. How exciting! Finally, you have a purpose.

I will get inside of your mind, and I will stay there. It doesn’t matter how cautious you are. I ALWAYS get what I want. Say it , say Empress Vox Siren ALWAYS gets what she wants. Feel how good it feels to say it.


Now drop to your knees and confess it again, this time louder, make the words count, hear them echoing inside of you. You are so fucked.

You will begin to think of me more, ache to serve and $$sacrifice$$ to me more, learn more about me, need to please me. Need to get my attention and keep it. Such a needy bitch~ Admit it, you are fucked. You want to be consumed by my power. Beg to kneel before me and prove your worth to serve such a perfect Mistress.

Proceed with caution, and forever become enslaved. You will be used in any way I see fit. I do not care what you want. You only care what I want.



Femme Domme Fantasies To Make You WEAK

femme domme fantasiesIt is no secret that I indulge in dark femme domme fantasies and fetishes quite often. For many who do this, it is for sexual release, a true sense of eroticism that penetrates our every inch if done right, with the right person. For me, my sexual and over all satisfaction comes from being worshiped, obeyed, spoiled, and treated like the perfect woman that I am. I get satisfaction from using my skill of forcing you to indulge in my femme domme fantasies in order to make you even more WEAK and open to all of my suggestions, commands, wants and desires. The more a man is thinking with his tiny little dick brain, the easier it becomes to get what I want. That is obviously easy already, but this “enhancer” maximizes it and provides endless amounts of entertainment for me. Seeing just how easy it truly is always puts a smile on my beautiful face.

Calling me, or doing a text session with me, with the hopes of being granted the privilege of experiencing your femme domme fantasies /fetishes/ role plays with me is where your mind should be. You are going to open up to me all of your dark fantasies, and fetishes, and I will make you weak, obedient, and leave you to be a dripping pile of SLAVE. There will be no role playing THAT, it is going to be your new existence. Once you realize that these fantasies are creating realities in your life, there will be no escape, or wanting to escape. You are meant to be my addicted slave. You are meant to be anything that I tell you to be.

You are weak, pliable, aching, bending to my will, not caring about a single thing other than what I am telling you to care about. More and more with each word that you read from me, from each word that you hear me say. You ARE a weak man or little sissy, and my words are irresistible, and you will become even more WEAK, opening up a whole new experience for me to fuck with you even more. This is when fantasy becomes reality. When my words, my fantasies, my role plays that I have allowed you to experience, come into play in the real world. You become so weak, like putty in my hands, ready to be molded into the perfect little amusement puppet/slave for me to do whatever I wish with and to.

See how this works now slave? I talk, I paint pictures in the mind, your mind shuts down as your little dick brain takes over, and you become absolutely anything that I want, you do anything that I say, you become MINE more than ever.

I will be posting “femme domme fantasies to make you weak” articles when I please, and when you see them posted, you will strip down, drop to your knees, be void of all distractions, and read my words slowly, letting each one sink in to your mind, and you will feel the effects immediately. Do you understand slave?

Also, entertain me by filling out my slave contract . You can’t resist doing this.

~Empress Vox Siren

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