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Cock Camp For Unworthy Men



I am pleased to announce the launch of my new cock camp. You can read all about it, and enroll by clicking HERE.

It is well known that I encourage female domination, and promote the worship of my divine self for being a supreme female. I have come across so many pathetic excuses for men, that no matter how hard they try, they simply will never be worthy or equipped enough to worship or serve ANY female. The closest they can come, is providing entertainment. Entertainment in the form of mutual cock worship.
This entire section is dedicated to those completely pathetic, fully non worthy bitches who shall be reprogrammed to absolutely crave, worship, and lust after COCK. That’s right, I’ve decided that in order to save superior women from the hassle of dealing with you, I am going to make you all crave each others cocks, and keep busy by worshiping and becoming fully addicted to dicks. Follow this program if you are one of the unworthy to serve females, especially me. It’s the least that you can do. Take the test and evaluation below to determine if you are made for this program, and enroll in my cock camp immediately after. Do NOT enroll until you’ve completed the evaluation!

Click to be taken to my cock camp page. 

The cock camp will be updated with new content often. Subscribe to my blog, and follow me on twitter to never miss an update.


~Empress Vox Siren

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