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Day 2: List your kinks.


This is Day 2, of the 30 days of kink blogging event.
I encourage others to do this, especially if you are a weakling of mine, or wish to be. Simply start a blog on any online blogging website, and copy the original 30 days of kink post by clicking HERE, and start blogging. Leave a comment or email me with your blog URL and I will add it to these posts.

List your kinks.

For me, my mind is always changing. One day I will love something, and the next day it will be something else. I love to keep things exciting and different. Boring is never an option for me. I will list a few kinks that throughout the years I have always loved, and will continue to indulge in for as long as I please.

Goddess WorshipI LOVE to be absolutely adored, worshiped, and held high on a pedestal. In fact, I expect it, and if someone outside of family/friends does not do this, then they do not hold my attention for very long. I live for praise, worship, being spoiled, and treated like the ultimate entity in a persons life. Naturally, being ME makes this an easy kink for others to indulge in for my pleasure. This kink is very REAL for me, and I expect others to view it in the same light. To truly devote themselves to me as my acolyte, my slave, and view me as their supreme Goddess. The one that they would do anything for, and that they hold in the highest regards over all else. My pleasure IS your ultimate pleasure. Those words ring TRUE, not just fantasy.

Financial DominationThis is a no brainer. Being the Empress, an ultimate Goddess, I expect my minions to enrich my Goddess lifestyle by working hard to provide me with luxuries in life. Workerbots exist to work for me. To provide me with adequate financial profits to gain my attention and approval. I shouldn’t have to work an outside job. How miserable that would be for me! That is why so many of you exist! You do it for me, and give me money so that I can constantly be pleased, amused, live the lifestyle that I was born to live, and never want long for anything! It is simply yet another way for me to control and own you. Even if you have never had a financial domination fetish before, you have to admit that the concept of working hard for a supreme female, so that she may be pleased and live the life that she wants, is totally HOT and even arousing. It is a sexy kink.

You give, I take. That is how it should be! Making $sacrifices$ in your day to day life is a way to constantly be reminded of who owns your ass, and how lucky you are to serve such perfection! Make it a habit to indulge in MY kind of financial domination. It is soooo good for you!

Mind Control/Erotic HypnosisI use all of my strengths to get what I want, and to mold you in to exactly what I want you to be. You may never know when I strike, it just happens. It may even seem innocent enough at first. You listen to a file, you communicate with me on social media, and then in a blink of an eye you are completely enamored with me. Completely obsessed, aching, with an overwhelming NEED to serve and please me. To gain my attention and approval. Of course I am not going to tell you HOW I control your thoughts and actions, and manipulate you. I am just going to continue to do it, and have fun watching you be my little puppet. You ache for this fetish and consent to how good it makes you feel. If you desire it, tell me. Confess.

Cock Control– By means of chastity, orgasm control, and tease and denial. Lets face it, and be real. Men are weak as hell, and ruled by their cocks. Get them slightly aroused, and they are putty in my hands even more. Those little cocks between your legs make it that much easier for me to get what I want from you. Teasing you, controlling those orgasms and that cock makes you WEAK. When you are WEAK, you give MORE to me. You CONFESS more. See why this is one of my favorite kinks?

I have many other kinks that excite me, but those are the top four that I will always enjoy and incorporate into other kink play.


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I will add other links as they come in, leave your URL in the comments section or email Me

Cum Tax Slaves

cum tax, financial domination, findomme, fin domme slave, fin domme mistress, cum tax assignment, financial slaveryCum taxes are $$sacrifices$$ that you WILL take seriously if you are my slave. You do not get to just cum for free, and go on your merry silly way. I am going to break it down for you, and you WILL abide by my rules, my commands, and there will be no complaining, wagering, or excuses. Do you understand slave? If the answer to that question is anything but “YES MISTRESS“, then you are not fit to be my personal slave or submissive.

Now if you answered Yes Mistress, then I am going to be even more generous, and break this down for you, as to how it is going to work.

I make you weak, once you are weak, your submissive nature comes out even more. Once your submissive nature comes out, you become even more weak. Once you feel this overwhelming weakness creeping up on you, your mind/thoughts start to slow, and it becomes easier to give in to me, agree with  me, and do absolutely anything for me. You realize this, and become increasingly weak yet fully aroused. The more aroused you become, the more desperate you feel to be granted orgasm from me because you know that only I have the power to make you this weak, this submissive, this slutty, this desperate to cum.

From this point it can go one of two ways.

1. I play tease and denial games with you, and mercilessly tease the fuck out of you until you are whimpering and practically in tears. Your subconscious mind will be so responsive to my voice , to my commands, that you will NOT cum without my permission, so you will be left to endure mass amounts of  pleasurable ( for me) torture, feeling like you are going to explode at any second. I deny , so you end up rubbing one out later with thoughts of my torture deep inside of your mind. This results in a cum tax needing to be paid.

2. I toy with you any way I please, and you have done enough to earn my command for you to stroke your weak aching cock , and cum instantly while I laugh at your desperation on the phone. This results in a cum tax needing to be paid.

Cum tax payments are as follows.

$25.00 Shall be paid if you are granted permission to cum while we are on the phone or in a text session. Failure to send the same day of our call/chat will result in you never having this amazing privilege again.

$5.00 Shall be paid if you cum ANY TIME while thinking of me in any way before or during your lil jerk off session, looking at my photos, watching videos of me, listening to mp3s of me, having sex with someone with thoughts of serving me in mind, or reading my blogs/websites/tweets etc. Basically if it has anything to do with ME, you owe a cum tax.

Now I am sure you are wondering why the price is so low. This is for the simple reason that most men are cheap AND addicted to masturbating, especially when they start interacting with me. The amount of masturbating to orgasm will continue to rise, you will become completely addicted, and the cum tax will add up beautifully. The money will end up right where it belongs, as you give me what I deserve. I will sit back, relax, and watch the $$number$$ rise. This is just another way that you will truly feel my CONTROL over your entire existence, including your sexuality.

If I suspect that you have orgasmed without paying your cum tax, there shall be consequences. Also everyone is different, and if I know you can afford a higher cum tax fee, it is without saying that your fee will go up to a number that pleases me. After all, it doesn’t matter what you want, it matters what I want, and what I am going to take. Do you understand slave? Leave a comment saying ” Yes Mistress, anything for you”

Always pay your cum tax fees HERE

~Empress Vox Siren

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