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Drilling it in, Enforcing MY RULES


I woke up to this in my inbox and it made me smile. My lil twisted fuck alan has been having the confusion syndrome. Worried too much about trying to think and understand my methods instead of just doing. Attached with this photo was this statement.

“While I don’t understand why this is so good for my I will comply with wearing heels in public to by the scented feminine pads to wear for a week.
My dignity and self respect will be lowered, I will obey my master. ”

Guess what. It does not matter if you understand a single word I say! It goes like this. I say it, you do it. I want it, you give it. Simple huh? Even a sick twisted lil fuck can do that!

Now write this out 100 more times my lil fuck WHILE wearing your newly acquired scented panty liners in your tight lil girly thong and pretty black heels! Keep a smile on your face! After that, you $$sacrifice$$ to me for allowing you the privilege of entertaining me in any way that I see fit!

Your life was soooo dull before you met me! Now just look how much more fun you are having, and how much more convenient it is for ME to control YOU. Thinking for yourself is so over rated.


Proceed With Caution

empress vox siren


Many crawl to me in search of a powerful, beautiful, irresistible and dominant woman to serve. They are bound by a submissive desire that they hope so badly to fulfill and satisfy. If you are reading this, that is most likely describing you. Yes?

If you are drawn to this side, it means that you need a more stern, humiliating, cruel, strict hand. I eagerly dish that out and more. It is AMUSING to me to use you, abuse you, and watch you squirm and ache so badly, as you declare just how fucked you are, as you hand over more of your time, money, and free will.

So many think that they can resist me, or they proceed with what they feel to be caution. Once you are slowly caught in my web, there truly is no escape, unless I make one for you, which means that you failed to serve and amuse me. It is a slow, painful yet pleasurable, thrilling, nerve wracking experience that causes extreme addiction and need. I love to make it a slow cruel journey, because that just makes it more enjoyable for me to watch the transformations take place. And trust me, you WILL be transformed into whatever I want you to be. You will want anything that I say you want. You will never be able to resist me.

Once a curious onlooker who thought he could resist, now a broken down slave bitch, absolutely eager to do and be anything that I say. How exciting! Finally, you have a purpose.

I will get inside of your mind, and I will stay there. It doesn’t matter how cautious you are. I ALWAYS get what I want. Say it , say Empress Vox Siren ALWAYS gets what she wants. Feel how good it feels to say it.


Now drop to your knees and confess it again, this time louder, make the words count, hear them echoing inside of you. You are so fucked.

You will begin to think of me more, ache to serve and $$sacrifice$$ to me more, learn more about me, need to please me. Need to get my attention and keep it. Such a needy bitch~ Admit it, you are fucked. You want to be consumed by my power. Beg to kneel before me and prove your worth to serve such a perfect Mistress.

Proceed with caution, and forever become enslaved. You will be used in any way I see fit. I do not care what you want. You only care what I want.



Important Updates Slaves

empress vox siren, humiliatrix, dominatrix, femme domme, female domination

Lets get one thing straight. Don’t even think about continuing to read this post and look at my new photo until you drop to your knees in the proper slave position. Once there, you may continue on.

All good? GOOD.

As you can see, I have completely updated my website. It looks fucking amazing! Make sure to scroll and drool at the new three banners on the home page. They are surely going to make you so weak and vulnerable that you become overwhelmed with the desire to please me, amuse me, and $sacrifice$ to me.

Share this website wherever you can. Make it your signature on your pervy forums and websites that you frequent, and tweet/facebook it.

Also, I took new photos a little while back, one of them is attached to this post. Get the message? If you are a moron, the message will not be as clear. It is saying.. YOU BELONG AT MY FEET BITCH! Submit, $Sacrifice$ and SURRENDER.

I also am working on a completely new store. It will be a sub-section on Hypnotic Haylees store. It is looking fantastic so far. How lucky are you bitches that I am presenting you with so many new goodies? Well as always, there is ulterior motives behind my actions. The more I produce and tempt you with, the weaker and more easily manipulated you become. As if I need it any easier though, you already are so fucking weak. It just increases the amusement value for ME.

Last month I did a spell to help encourage those who were considering serving me, but too afraid to contact me. If you could see my inbox now. I will be heading out to my mailbox to pick up all of the new gifts that my new minions have sent. Ahh the life of a witchy bitch~

~Empress Vox Siren

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Public Display of Weakness

domination, female domination, dominatrix, empress vox siren, vox siren, goddess mistress, domme, femme domme, slave

I love publicly exposing my slaves, sissys, sluts and bitches. Here is an email I received from Razgriz in an attempt to humor and amuse me.

So if you’ve been following Empress on twitter, which you better be, you may have recently seen a series of tweets depicting me in a very tortuous situation. For those of you that haven’t, I will share them here.
Razgriz Songbird- Just listened to brain drain four times in a row, I am so aroused, so weak, it hurts so much, I’m shaking uncontrollably
Razgriz Songbird- I want to cum so bad, it hurts so fucking much omg
Razgriz Songbird- Please, please Empress Vox Siren, please let me cum
After sharing those three pieces with the world, Empress, for all intents and purposes, made it very clear that I would not be granted permission. Now I won’t lie, I was very, very, very aroused. The whole time I waited for her response, I was writhing around barely able to speak, and the only words that were coming out of my mouth were, “Please let me cum.” The intense amount of arousal was almost unbearable, and then Empress denied me the right to cum, and it got much worse. At some point, everything stopped, and I either passed out or fell asleep. All I remember after that is waking up about an hour later.

A little while ago, I had a conversation with Empress where I had asked her why I care so much about having an orgasm, while in the past, I never did. She told me that it was simply because I had never had anyone controlling it. Take it away and make them want it so badly that they’ll do anything for it, makes sense. Even knowing this however, I still had the same thought running through my head during this little episode, that thought being that I almost wished I couldn’t get an erection. It was merely a thought but the fact remains that I did think it. Of course when I’m not in an uncontrollably aroused state, this idea is less appealing.

Putting myself on display like this is not something I’d usually have ever done, but recently I’ve found that it is quite thrilling to know that thousands of people are able to witness my blissful suffering, and of course Empress really enjoys putting me on display. If you would like to witness as Empress Vox Siren torments the fuck out of me, you can follow me on twitter (@razgriz411). I am sure that it will be something worth seeing. I can only imagine what she has in store. The longer she continues to deny me an orgasm, the easier it is for me to get aroused, it’s even worse when she forces me to restrain myself.

So here I am Empress Vox Siren, on my knees writing something else for your amusement, and begging you to use and abuse me more and more. Tease me in public, and show the world how weak I truly am. Do whatever you think would bring you the most pleasure, please. I’ll even help you get started right now, because I am so very aroused yet again from typing all of this. Empress, please allow me to have an orgasm, please. 🙁

I am a slave that belongs to Empress Vox Siren. I am her property, here for her to use and abuse whenever she feels the time is right. I am at her mercy day in and out as I am unable to cum without her permission, and I always obey my Empress. I’m addicted to the feeling of helplessness I am forced to endure for her amusement. It doesn’t matter how frustrated I get, I always come back for more.

A completely and utterly fucked slave of Empress Vox Siren,

What a weak lil slave. I LOVE it hahah. Follow his blissful suffering on twitter by clicking HERE 

~Empress Vox Siren

Direct Toll Free Number- 1-866-332-6807


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Submissive Slave Confessions : Slutty Obedient English Princess’ Weaknesses Exposed

submissive slave, bdsm, mistressI am sure that most of you see the way that I tease, torment, and fuck with my slave girl indigo on twitter. If not fucking follow me and her so you can become even more weak from the way that I treat her.

My little slave girl has been slowly feeling the calling to me since I first came out and allowed you all the honor of worshiping my dark side. She has tried so hard to not give in, and instead of me pushing and forcing it, I fucked with her weak, obedient, slutty mind, because I knew that over time she would break down, and BEG me to enslave her further, and BEG me to completely take her over. This is so pleasing to me, and puts a smirk on my sadistic, gorgeous face.

The little slave girl sent me an email a few days ago, and I teased her telling her that she never knew when I would expose her on my site. I  know thinking about it is making her ache, tremble, and drip. I bet my lil slave bitch has been grinding her wetness all over her duvet while imagining such kinky dirty thoughts of ME.  haha…oh if only she knew what I have in store for her..

Anyways, here is the letter that my lil slave girl sent me. I knew this would come, and now that it has, ohhh you are so fucked indigo, and you are going to love every second of it.


“The need to write to You has been building and building. Even just typing this letter is making my body squirm and writhe with in my bed. i cant help it. You are too tempting, too beautiful, too cunning, too powerful for me to turn away from. You make me want to touch myself even though i know it will just increase Your hold over me more and more. The more i give in to it the more i like it, the more i need it.
i just want Your control over me to bring you pleasure. To inspire dark erotic fantasies of Your own. For You to indulge Your thoughts about using me, controlling me, enslaving me further. To offer myself up to you. To let You do some of the things You’ve always wanted to do to me. Giving into You is a hot unquenchable thirst. i can’t help grinding myself as hard as i can against my duvet as i write this. You just get me so hot. It just makes me want to submit to you more and more. The more i write this the stronger and stronger it gets. i just want these words to please You. For you to know im Your helpless little toy. For You to think dark erotic thoughts whenever i stray into Your world.
i beg you to continue the games You have started with me. It is obvious You have plans for me and i find myself so very very tempted by You. If You have any long term goals with me then bind me tighter to You and i will get down on my knees and beg You to make them come true. You always leave me speechless and helpless when You talk to me. Nobody else can do that. You know me so so well. i so am aroused writing this to You. When You toy with me in public i just fall apart. i beg You to publish this letter so people can see what You do to me.
i know people always pay attention when You talk to Me. i LOVE how you talk to me. i love it so fucking much. i love begging for more in public. i just want to bring You pleasure. i just need to know that controlling me, using me turns You on. i so so need to do that for You. i so so need to bring You pleasure. i beg You not to stop using me in public. its such a big big thrill. You just knock me right off my feet when You do that.
Use me when You want me, throw me in the corner when You’re done. You are so dark deadly and beautiful, i just want to be Your defenceless erotic plaything. Lying here writing this has just filled me with desperate submissive lust from the moment i started. Your Light side and Your Dark side have both surrounded me, devour me both of You. i know You want to. You are so good at what You do. i keep imagining two Vampires with long dark hair at either side of My neck. No escape, no other path but to be devoured by them both.
i am writing You this because i couldnt help myself.  i find myself drawn to You more and more. Coming to the end of this letter im wrapped up in a hot inescapable need to be your slave. You fill me with dark submissive lust. i know that just makes it more and more easy for You to manipulate and conquer me.
Undress me, dip me in something sweet and sticky, then take a big bite.
I beg You
your desperate slave girl indigo
Oh lil indigo, you WILL strip down naked, and touch yourself for me RIGHT NOW. You will tell yourself over and over that you give in to Empress Vox Siren, and you will close your eyes and feel my teeth biting in to your pale soft neck, tasting you, taking you in to me, binding you to me as MINE forever. There is NO escape..
If YOU have confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to

~Empress Vox Siren

Direct Toll Free Number- 1-866-332-6807


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Femme Domme Fantasies To Make You WEAK

femme domme fantasiesIt is no secret that I indulge in dark femme domme fantasies and fetishes quite often. For many who do this, it is for sexual release, a true sense of eroticism that penetrates our every inch if done right, with the right person. For me, my sexual and over all satisfaction comes from being worshiped, obeyed, spoiled, and treated like the perfect woman that I am. I get satisfaction from using my skill of forcing you to indulge in my femme domme fantasies in order to make you even more WEAK and open to all of my suggestions, commands, wants and desires. The more a man is thinking with his tiny little dick brain, the easier it becomes to get what I want. That is obviously easy already, but this “enhancer” maximizes it and provides endless amounts of entertainment for me. Seeing just how easy it truly is always puts a smile on my beautiful face.

Calling me, or doing a text session with me, with the hopes of being granted the privilege of experiencing your femme domme fantasies /fetishes/ role plays with me is where your mind should be. You are going to open up to me all of your dark fantasies, and fetishes, and I will make you weak, obedient, and leave you to be a dripping pile of SLAVE. There will be no role playing THAT, it is going to be your new existence. Once you realize that these fantasies are creating realities in your life, there will be no escape, or wanting to escape. You are meant to be my addicted slave. You are meant to be anything that I tell you to be.

You are weak, pliable, aching, bending to my will, not caring about a single thing other than what I am telling you to care about. More and more with each word that you read from me, from each word that you hear me say. You ARE a weak man or little sissy, and my words are irresistible, and you will become even more WEAK, opening up a whole new experience for me to fuck with you even more. This is when fantasy becomes reality. When my words, my fantasies, my role plays that I have allowed you to experience, come into play in the real world. You become so weak, like putty in my hands, ready to be molded into the perfect little amusement puppet/slave for me to do whatever I wish with and to.

See how this works now slave? I talk, I paint pictures in the mind, your mind shuts down as your little dick brain takes over, and you become absolutely anything that I want, you do anything that I say, you become MINE more than ever.

I will be posting “femme domme fantasies to make you weak” articles when I please, and when you see them posted, you will strip down, drop to your knees, be void of all distractions, and read my words slowly, letting each one sink in to your mind, and you will feel the effects immediately. Do you understand slave?

Also, entertain me by filling out my slave contract . You can’t resist doing this.

~Empress Vox Siren

Direct Toll Free Number- 1-866-332-6807


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