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I simply love the pleasure and amusement that I get when a submissive slave of mine confesses publicly what he has gone through with me, or general confessions that will amuse me to have posted publicly on this blog. If YOU have confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to NO holding back bitch. You are constantly asking how you could please/entertain/amuse me, or be worthy of my attention, well here is one way.

Todays submissive slave confession is from asubtleone. He has been a long time devotee and slave to me. When I first made the step from exclusive lifestyle domination onto the online world, he came crawling to me, needing and begging for my attention. Here is his confession.

“Tomorrow will be the first week that Empress Vox has kept me teased without cumming. Who knows when she’ll allow me to? Certainly not I. While she keeps me stroking to the edge and requires me me to lick up each drop of clear precum, I am also brought to the height of ecstasy as she additionally sends me ppv (pay per view mails on niteflirt) upon ppv that I happily click on without question. Between spoiling her with amazon gifts (sexy, sexy gifts) and tributes that I can’t seem to stop myself from sending, the Goddess has both drained me and kept me full simultaneously.

I am devoid off any will of my own when she is concerned and live to obey her every request. I can only hope she sends me link upon link of items to shower her with as I know this turns her on tremendously and is a form of entertainment for her. She has implanted so many triggers and reactions that I am helpless but to worship, adore and obey. Even as I write this I feel compelled to find a way to spoil my Queen. In fact I just purchased something else from her wishlist, so entrapped am I. I live to serve And hope she’ll be pleased to see my gift in the morning. I am constantly begging her to send more ppvs and asking for more items to be added to her amazon wishlist. I am wrapped in her web just where she and I both want me to be.”

Hah, how pleasing and amusing is this. I keep my submissive slave teased, tormented, constantly on edge, which makes him oh so weak and aroused, and in return he just begs for me to use him more and more. I even had him BEG me to allow him NOT to orgasm yesterday, and made him pay an orgasm denial fee instead of a cum tax lmao. So much fun.

Also, keep an eye out for my EXTREME brainwashing file that will be out either today or tomorrow. You addicted fucks wont want to miss this. Trust me. Here is a little sample to keep you worked up and on edge in the meantime.

~Empress Vox Siren

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