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submissive slave

Time for submissive slave confessions from my lil slave razgriz. Razgriz has been a slave to my light side for a while now, and has more recently fallen victim to my dark, irresistible sirens call. I awakened the darkness inside of him, and love to leave him helplessly bound, tied, gagged, and brainwashed by me. It is extremely amusing to command my slave to tie himself up, and tremble in painful torturous arousal while thinking of how much it pleases me to have him in that state at my mercy.

Here is an email I received from the slave the other day.

“Empress, I crave your control. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since last night. Ever since Wednesday when I successfully completed my task for you, I’ve felt like something was missing, like there was a hole in me that I could not fill. Last night I realized that what I need, what I want, what I cannot live without, is your control. To have that feeling of helplessness, to be your slave, to entertain, obey and please you.

What you had me doing the last week has truly created within me, a need to surrender to you, a need to be yours, a need to have your influence uncontrollably spreading throughout my body, seizing control of it, forcing me to do whatever it is you wish. I need this, I NEED it. These thoughts are consuming my mind, forcing me to my knees as I write this.
Please Empress Vox Siren, I am on my knees typing this, use me, abuse me, do whatever you want with me. I am your slave, your pleasure puppet, your hopelessly addicted, helpless slave. Take control of my otherwise useless cock, force me to bind myself, do whatever pleases and entertains you. Please, I’m begging you. So weak…
I am your helplessly addicted, fucked little slave,

Hah, I was so amused when I read this, of course I had a devious lil smirk on my beautiful face. The incident that slavey is talking about is one where I commanded him to remain chaste for some time, and then gave him a day where he was permitted to orgasm. The rules were as follows : Slave must listen to my brain drain mp3 on loop all night long, awaken , and first thing he was to stroke. He was permitted to orgasm if he could do it on EXACTLY ten minutes ( He had a timer going) This was the absolute only way.

Later that day slave was quiet, so I knew he did not obey this task. He confessed that he was so worked up that he came early. Disobedience is not pleasurable for either person involved. I knew that writing this out would make this particular slave really think about what he had done, and it would sink in that disobedience shall NEVER happen again. ” I will not fail Empress Vox Siren again” over and over and over and over.
Yet the biggest punishment for him, was the fact that he had disobeyed his Empress. I could tell that it was truly bothering him on a very deep level, and that pleased me. For it was a sign that he truly is my slave, feeling the pain of disobeying will keep little slavey from doing it again.
The lesson has been learned, and he was tortuously teased for another week, and completed the task the following week.

Keep reading this blog, keeping an eye out for more confessions from slave razgriz. I am going to be using him for my amusement often. I KNOW you are worked up seeing yourself exposed like this on my site slave. Confess THAT. hahaha

If YOU have submissive slave confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to
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~Empress Vox Siren

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  1. Razgriz says:

    I eagerly await whatever it is that you have planned for the future Empress. I know that whatever happens will be something that you enjoy, and that is all that matters. Saying that I am worked up right now would be an understatement, but I know the rules, and I will not cum. I am glad that you decided to use this e-mail to show the world just how truly fucked I am, and I would like to thank you for using me for your pleasure. It is truly an honor.

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