Submissive Slave Confessions : Slutty Obedient English Princess’ Weaknesses Exposed

submissive slave, bdsm, mistressI am sure that most of you see the way that I tease, torment, and fuck with my slave girl indigo on twitter. If not fucking follow me and her so you can become even more weak from the way that I treat her.

My little slave girl has been slowly feeling the calling to me since I first came out and allowed you all the honor of worshiping my dark side. She has tried so hard to not give in, and instead of me pushing and forcing it, I fucked with her weak, obedient, slutty mind, because I knew that over time she would break down, and BEG me to enslave her further, and BEG me to completely take her over. This is so pleasing to me, and puts a smirk on my sadistic, gorgeous face.

The little slave girl sent me an email a few days ago, and I teased her telling her that she never knew when I would expose her on my site. I  know thinking about it is making her ache, tremble, and drip. I bet my lil slave bitch has been grinding her wetness all over her duvet while imagining such kinky dirty thoughts of ME.  haha…oh if only she knew what I have in store for her..

Anyways, here is the letter that my lil slave girl sent me. I knew this would come, and now that it has, ohhh you are so fucked indigo, and you are going to love every second of it.


“The need to write to You has been building and building. Even just typing this letter is making my body squirm and writhe with in my bed. i cant help it. You are too tempting, too beautiful, too cunning, too powerful for me to turn away from. You make me want to touch myself even though i know it will just increase Your hold over me more and more. The more i give in to it the more i like it, the more i need it.
i just want Your control over me to bring you pleasure. To inspire dark erotic fantasies of Your own. For You to indulge Your thoughts about using me, controlling me, enslaving me further. To offer myself up to you. To let You do some of the things You’ve always wanted to do to me. Giving into You is a hot unquenchable thirst. i can’t help grinding myself as hard as i can against my duvet as i write this. You just get me so hot. It just makes me want to submit to you more and more. The more i write this the stronger and stronger it gets. i just want these words to please You. For you to know im Your helpless little toy. For You to think dark erotic thoughts whenever i stray into Your world.
i beg you to continue the games You have started with me. It is obvious You have plans for me and i find myself so very very tempted by You. If You have any long term goals with me then bind me tighter to You and i will get down on my knees and beg You to make them come true. You always leave me speechless and helpless when You talk to me. Nobody else can do that. You know me so so well. i so am aroused writing this to You. When You toy with me in public i just fall apart. i beg You to publish this letter so people can see what You do to me.
i know people always pay attention when You talk to Me. i LOVE how you talk to me. i love it so fucking much. i love begging for more in public. i just want to bring You pleasure. i just need to know that controlling me, using me turns You on. i so so need to do that for You. i so so need to bring You pleasure. i beg You not to stop using me in public. its such a big big thrill. You just knock me right off my feet when You do that.
Use me when You want me, throw me in the corner when You’re done. You are so dark deadly and beautiful, i just want to be Your defenceless erotic plaything. Lying here writing this has just filled me with desperate submissive lust from the moment i started. Your Light side and Your Dark side have both surrounded me, devour me both of You. i know You want to. You are so good at what You do. i keep imagining two Vampires with long dark hair at either side of My neck. No escape, no other path but to be devoured by them both.
i am writing You this because i couldnt help myself.  i find myself drawn to You more and more. Coming to the end of this letter im wrapped up in a hot inescapable need to be your slave. You fill me with dark submissive lust. i know that just makes it more and more easy for You to manipulate and conquer me.
Undress me, dip me in something sweet and sticky, then take a big bite.
I beg You
your desperate slave girl indigo
Oh lil indigo, you WILL strip down naked, and touch yourself for me RIGHT NOW. You will tell yourself over and over that you give in to Empress Vox Siren, and you will close your eyes and feel my teeth biting in to your pale soft neck, tasting you, taking you in to me, binding you to me as MINE forever. There is NO escape..
If YOU have confessions to be posted here for everyone to read, in order to provide me amusement and entertainment, then email me your confessions to

~Empress Vox Siren

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  1. slave girl indigo says:

    I am lying in my bed right now writhing in pleasure at you posting this. So aroused, so turned on at the thought of being your slutty little english toy. i LOVE it when you teaase me in public. i just fall apart. i love it that people are reading it. I love that only YOU get to talk to me that way. i love that you are enjoying yourself. Bringing you pleasure, making you smile is the hottest thing of all.

    When i read your instructions, i found myself taking off my clothes without really thinking, compelled to obey. i had to listen to Your mp3 there and then grinding myself compulsively against my bed with no control.

    You have lured me out of my comfort zone and made me love it. You knew i would start to fixate on the phrase ‘pleasure puppet.’ The more i think about it the more helplessly turned on i get. The deeper i go the more of a taste for it i get. i know im just sealing my fate and i dont care.

    i need you to enjoy yourself with me. i need it so much. When you tease me, when you’re forward with me, when you come to me in public, when you have that wicked twinkle in your eye i’ve got no defences whatsoever. You just leave me speechless and breathless. i fucking love it. you make me need it.

    typing this im just a desperate horny mess. i need to be yours. i NEED it. my deepest darkest fantasy is to be enslaved to a beautiful dark vampire for all eternity.

    im so overcome with lust i cant write anymore

    im Yours…

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