My Special Slave Collection. Mummification Fetish, Human Statues, Living Art

mummification fetish, human statues, latex fetish

I had a deviously dark and taboo role play call a few days ago, which had resulted in my perfect mind thinking up a very twisted idea that would please me very much. When I was a bit younger, most of my S/M life consisted of a lot of bondage, torture, instructing self bondage, and all sorts of different bdsm play. These acts are starting to come back more and more recently, and I am quite enjoying it. Mummification fetish is one of my favorite practices to be a part of, and to force on to my slaves. I am not going to go into full detail of what it is, if you want to know, which you should, since it is something that your Empress enjoys, you will spend time researching it slave.

It is a way for one of my victims….slaves, to be completely helpless. Truly. Wrapped either neck down, or head to toe in different materials that completely restricts all body movements. It is quite the sight to see, and a perfect way for me to brainwash, train, and get anything that I want, all the easier.

My personal favorite choices for indulging in the mummification fetish with one of my slaves, is black or red bondage tape, plaster, chains, or if it is a spur of the moment want, I will use general duct tape, with many many layers. I plan on using a latex vacuum bed on a slave asap. Would be fun to make one stay that way in my bedroom.

I love the helplessness that you are forced to endure. It brings a wicked smile to my beautiful face, seeing that you are truly fucked, overcome, and forced to just exist, and agree to anything that I say. I could toy with you, and fuck with you any way that I please, and you just love knowing that, don’t you slave?

But back to my idea. Ideally, i would love to have a large art gallery, filled with mummified slaves. Ones that are bound with tape, ones that are helplessly encased inside of a vacuum bed, ones covered in painted plaster, ones that are bound in straight jackets, ones wearing full hooded masks, roped, and chained up in various positions, and ones that are simply human statues. They would be encased completely in some type of material that makes them look exactly like a statue. They would also only have tiny eye holes in the material, and a tiny hole to breathe from. I would spend a lot of time on my art projects, making sure that each one was positioned perfectly, and looked exactly how I wanted them to look. Some would be women, some would be men, some would be men who I designed to look like a woman, some would be women who I designed to look like a man. I would open my gallery to the public, to show off my fetish freak shows, of pure diabolical art. I would be proud.

For now, I would like to over time, work on a project of showing off mummification fetish slaves and human statues online. Once I find slaves that are worthy enough of being a part of my online collection, I will start my showcase. To be eligible for this, you MUST research thoroughly mummification fetish, self mummification, and self bondage. You must present to me your case, as to why you feel you would be a good fit on my fetish freak show living art gallery, and you must let me know if you will be mummified in the photo, or a human statue. Be creative, I love dark art. Take some photos, present your case to me, and you will be assessed by me to deem you worthy or not. Email your submissions to

~Empress Vox Siren

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  1. Razgriz says:

    I actually had to stop, lay down, and catch my breath after reading this. Just… just wow… You are so diabolically evil, and yet.. fuck.

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