Spanking as a form of slave training

Look at that nice shade of red from spanking, as a form of slave training to remind this bitch who owns that ass!

I encourage weekly spankings as a way for My bitches to be reminded of who owns their ass. I also utilize HARD spankings as a form of punishment during slave training. The harder the better. I want it to be a beautiful shade of red, purple and blue. I want it to HURT. To stick around for a while, so any time My bitch sits down, it is reminded of what a fuck up it is, and to never do it again!

So slaves, if you are serious about following a slave training regime, then you WILL present yourself for weekly spankings. Do this by first tributing Me, and then confessing that ” bitch is ready for its weekly slave training spankings Empress”. I will then tell bitch how many spanks it must administer, and using which tool.

The bitch listed above has been administering slave training spankings for a long time now, and only gets more pathetic as time goes on. I mean look at it. EW. Fucking WEAK, submissive and pathetic! Just the way I trained it to be. Entertainment for Me. Property of Empress Vox Siren.

I know you are ACHING to indulge in the act of being reminded of who owns that ass, so get on it, slave.

Empress Vox Siren





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