What Serving And Pleasing Your Mistress Is and IS NOT

Serving And Pleasing Your Mistress

A lot of you seem to be confused on what serving and pleasing your Mistress IS and is NOT. Lucky for you, I am taking the time to write this post to clear a few things up for you, on what I personally consider to be pleasing to and for ME.

I will be including what serving and pleasing your Mistress is not, and ways to fix your mistakes so they become something pleasing.

Stroking your cock/clittyThis is pleasing for YOU, not for me. What goes on inside of your delusional mind that makes you think that by you freely stroking your pathetic cock will please me, blows my mind. This is a REWARD, that is NOT easy to earn.

What serving and pleasing your Mistress IS- earning the right to fully give up control of when, how, and why you stroke. You may earn this by countless acts of obedience, $sacrifices$ and torturous begging while in a session with me. I love to see/hear your squirm and beg, while under my control. If you hear me start to laugh, that means I am truly enjoying your torture.

Writing/tweeting/emailing me over and over again saying the same one liners I obey you, I cant resist you, command me, etc etc- Again, this is fueling your fetish, your fantasy, your pleasure. What exactly will doing that do for me?

What serving and pleasing your Mistress IS– Encouraging others to become entrapped by my darkness by tweeting, tumbling, blogging, facebooking etc these thoughts and feelings.

Asking me to command you outside of a session- Yah, giving out free tasks and commands to disrespectful losers is exactly what turns me on and gets me going. NOT

What pleasing and serving your Mistress IS– Having all will and resistance broken down by me through phone/chat sessions, and simply letting it be known that you know that I will command you as I see fit, when and how I want, and that you will always obey automatically without question.

Emailing me long confessional emails/erotica/stories without me commanding that you do this- What makes you think you deserve the time it is going to take me to read all of that?

What pleasing your Mistress IS– Again, tweet this, tumblr it, blog it, facebook it.

Messaging me claiming that you are going to $sacrifice$ to me, but giving excuses as to why you aren’t at this very moment, or why you have not before you contacted me.This is just another way for YOU to feel pleasure, by trying to role play and manipulate me into dominating you for free. BLOCKED is where this will get you.

What pleasing your Mistress IS– $$sacrificing$$ before you approach me, letting me know that sacrificing for me is good, sacrificing for me is what you need, and sacrificing for me is what brings you the most pleasure. Continuing to $$$sacrifice$$$ for me with no expectations of something in return, only doing it because it pleases, amuses, and entertains me.

Now leave a comment below acknowledging the fact that you have learned valuable information through this post, and will put it to good use.


  1. never2old says:

    Thank You Wonderfull Empress Vox Siren for clarifying how we obedinet lowly submissives can really please You and how not. This will be the bible of $$$sacrifice$$$ for me… and i wish for many more. The first sexy gift from Your WL was just sent as my first $sacrifice$ to You

  2. boytoymax says:

    Yes, Misstress. I will read this several more times to makes sure I fully understand and I have not choice but to Obey.

  3. tony says:

    Yes Goddess I will begin a blog devoted to you bringing others under your power and ensnaring them in the web of your power

  4. jj says:

    I have read the above and know that everything I do is for the Empress and my only reason is to please Empress with no thoughts for myslef. I must sacrifice for Empress.

  5. Frank says:

    I absorbed every word how to obey and how to submit, as your slave.
    You comr First, I will take it in every part of my body..
    My wonderful devilish Empress Vox Siren


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