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Pleasing your Mistress requires sacrifices, slave. I do not want to hear your excuses as to why you can not suffer and sacrifice for me. I am not here to be your fetish, your once in a while jerk off habit. I am here to be worshiped, adored, served, and pleased. For if you decide to whine and give me poor excuses, you will be banished from my empire. Now you would never want that, would you slave?I am your all, I give you purpose, your life finally has meaning. You shall sacrifice for me in order to make me happy, because really, what other use do you have, if you can not make me happy?

There are several ways for you to sacrifice for me, one way is through surrendering back to me MY money that you work so hard for, so you can return it to me in the forum of tributes, and gifts. Make it a BIG sacrifice if you REALLY want to stand out and compete for my attention.Sacrifice that hard earned money to me. Any amount/gift puts a smile on my perfect face, as long as it truly is a sacrifice for and from you, in to my beautiful soft hands. Poor baby has to skip out on vacations, dinners, taking the wife out, buying fancy new clothes/cars or going out with friends. GOOD. That is what I demand that you do. For each sacrifice pleases me, and entertains me.

Do you crave full control and true domination from a real Mistress? This comes with SACRIFICE. Time to make yours, slave.

NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous, and do not want a paper trail of purchases, use a visa/mc giftcard that is suitable for online purchases. When entering payment for my direct billing, just type in Gift and Card where the name goes, and prove the zip code where the card was purchased.For the very lucky few, who prove to truly serve me well, you will be granted the honor of sending me money and expensive gifts directly to my mailbox~ This is a privilege you have to EARN.




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  Tribute By Clicking This Add To Cart Button. This is my MAIN and most PLEASING form of tributes. If you must use a different payment option, use the buttons above this. Choose to email the giftcard to empressvoxsiren@yahoo.comadd-to-cart


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  1. never2old

    sending a Tribute to Empress Vox Siren feels unbelievably erotic. She will know this and make me want to feel this more and more often.

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  3. bryan neufeld

    yes I am doing good at staying in shape not drinking and smoking but I tired of talking about we have pick this up a notch get a little darker so von siren I would like to be a………………….cum tax slave for you very soon…my face is going red right now just a little shy but I need your control!!!!

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