When Role Play and Fantasy Become Reality

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It is no secret that a person with such a creative mind like myself, LOVES to role play and indulge in a world full of fantasy. I enjoy it very much, but there is a time and a place for it. I prefer REAL mind fucking and REAL control to role play and fantasy any day. In fact, I would go as far as to say everything I do is REAL, and I use role play and fantasy to enhance the experience.

Being far from me distance wise, utilizing elements of fantasy in to reality only strengthens a bond. An example of this is as follows :

You are my devoted slave, that I have locked away in a chastity device. I tease you, play with you, and have you imagine that I am there with you doing various things to only make the blissful suffering worse. We talk as if I really were there.

This strengthens my hold over you, and the very REAL notion that you are truly locked up for me, belong to me, surrender to me takes precedent over any role play that happens.

My words, that you hear and read are all very true. I do not speak in role play and fantasy terms when I tell you facts. If I say you will spiral down into my darkness, you will. When I say that you are my slave, you are. When I say that you are going to give me your all, and become consumed with the need to truly surrender and sacrifice for me. YOU WILL.

It is a thrill to me to take a non believer, and slowly manipulate him down into my world. My empire. To watch as his world comes crumbling down around him, only to be built back up in to MY world. I can see right through you. Many are used to being fly by callers, thinking that they will speak with me, make their stupid dick cum, and then move on to the next woman who is Dominant. This makes me laugh. I see through you. You are WEAK. You are unfulfilled, just BEGGING to be full of my control and MY power. You are powerless. You can’t escape me once you experience me, and THIS is REAL. Just look around at those who confess to this journey all around me.

So to sum this up, I am very real, my control is very real. I ALWAYS get what I want. If I tell you that you are something, to think something , to be something. YOU WILL. I use role play and fantasy only to deepen and strengthen my control and power over you. It is sooo much fun~

So fuck you, you are so totally FUCKED, and you love it. Don’t you slave? Now tell me that you are ready to purge yourself of your once desires, once wants, and be filled with my wisdom, my power, my control. You NEED this. Do you have it? Say it slave…you are so fucked.

~Empress Vox Siren

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