Niteflirt PTV Games and Assignments

Niteflirt PTV Games and Assignments

Hello slaves, sluts, sissys, bitches, and boi toys, did you know that niteflirt ptv games and assignments really amuse me? Well now you do. If you do not know what this means, it means pay to view. Niteflirt, (sign up here) has a mail system that enables me to send you an email with a teasing/taunting description, and you must pay to open it and see the contents inside. This can be simple words from me, a voice clip, photos, assignments or tasks. Anything that I want basically, that I feel you must pay for. The amount can be any that I set. Send me a mail on there once you sign up stating that you are ready to be used by me for my pleasure. 

I have several bitches and slaves that I play with strictly through niteflirt ptv games and assignments. They will often be at work, or sitting at home, craving my attention, and I will send them PTV’s all day long. Of course they HAVE to click and pay, because it is so addicting to click and pay for Empress, and view what is waiting for them on the inside of the mail.

Sometimes its NOTHING, because I love to laugh at the bitch who thinks something super special is inside, and then make him pay double that price to view the next one.

I love to do this though, it is such easy money and entertainment for me, and it is so fulfilling, and such an addiction for you.

Some examples of the niteflirt ptv games and assignments that I do are as follows:

(Keep in mind that this is just a very vague example, each person is different that I choose to play with and fuck with)

Clicking and paying to view certain tasks that I want carried out.

Clicking and paying to view certain phrases or thoughts that I feel about you.

Clicking and paying to reveal more and more personal information about you.

Clicking and paying just because I want your fucking money, and deserve it.

Clicking and paying just so you can read me tease and humiliate you and force you to beg for more.

Clicking and paying to read the rules to carry out a spell that I have cast on you that needs your cooperation.

Clicking and paying to read clues as to when the next time you will get to cum will be, if ever.

Clicking and reading what I want you to do to blissfully suffer and be tortured for my amusement.

Clicking and playing different games which results in either you paying more to me, or spending days in chastity, or any other thing that I want.

If you have ideas for fun and wicked niteflirt ptv games and assignments, contact me.

~Empress Vox Siren

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  1. ttmagoo says:

    your use of the phrase “clicking and paying” line after line had a very hypnotic effect on me. i am ready to be used by you for your pleasure. craving to be used by you

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