Lexie Bimbo Bot is Living The Life Its Supposed To

Enjoy this email from lexie the bimbo slut~

Hi! I’m Lexie. I like am training to be Empress Vox Sirens sick, twisted, slutty, mindless bimbo! I listen to her bimbo MP3, like OMG, every day! She picked out this slutty dress that I wear with women’s thongs, heels, thigh high hose and 38 DD breasts with pink bras. The dress is really cute! I still need to get a mani and a pedi along with a wig and full slutty makeup!
When away from work and family, I get all dressed up and strut around shopping and just like, you know walk around!
Empress new what I was and has taken the time to transform me! It soooo much fun being mindless! Only thinking of shopping and sex! I just love thinking of big, cum filled cocks!!!
I’m like waiting for my new heels to arrive! 5 inch stiletto platforms in pink! They will look so good with my pink dress and blond hair and pink French nails!
It’s so much more fun to be a ditzy air headed bimbo! I like not having to think or have to read things that would make me smarter! I find that when i read anything that would make me smarter, I get confused and start getting headaches!!
Life is so much better now that Empress thinks for me, she picks out my clothes, tells me if its okay for me to buy shoes or anything else I shop for!
I just wanna be the best bimbo for Empress!
Bimbo Lexie

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