Incident at La Feria


by princess indigo

Princess Indigo had reached the gate to take her all the way from Benito Juarez International Airport to London Heathrow and found herself stopping and turning round.

She had just spent several days dressed in various kinds of rubber, stood under the stunning Umbrella Fountain and posing in front of many other artifacts at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Chapultepec Park, for a new Latin American fetish website. Mexico City was far too tiring after such a long shoot and she had decided not to do any sightseeing and just go home.

Something she recognized but couldn’t name had pulled at a part of her and she found herself unable to leave. A strange darker shade of a feeling she knew very well, awakening something dark of her own deep inside her that would not go to sleep.

It was 1:30am and the pale orange yellow light of the city added a glow to the kitchen of this old art deco apartment in La Condesa. Through the open balcony window it was possible to see the Parque Mexico, a dark shape cut into the sparkling lights of the city night.

There not far from the balcony window where she had entered, stood the motionless naked form of the princess. She had stood in the middle of the kitchen waiting for the inevitable to happen on this hot summer’s night. Then it came, the sound of someone stirring from their bed in need of a glass of water. The young woman was startled to find a naked transgender stranger stood in her kitchen.

‘Who are you!’ she said in Spanish, ‘What do you want here?’ the princess not looking up.

‘Answer Me!’ said the young latino woman, finding herself drawn to woman in spite of her fear.

There was still no response from the princess who stood there silently not looking up. The young woman continued to be drawn further and further towards her, against every instinct that she had. At last she stood directly in front of the princess, transfixed by the beautiful English face, its eyes firmly shut.

The woman reached up nervously in a long slow movement and touched the princess naked shoulder and shook it as gently as she could. The princess eyes snapped open revealing two bright electric blue circles in her shadowed face. The princess opened her mouth wide, hissed and then sank her sharp fangs into the neck of the young woman as hard as she could. The woman’s inert body fell to the ground and the blood covered princess leapt from the twelfth story balcony into the street below.

Whatever was pulling at her, drew the princess west. The street was far from empty. A few of the braver men that out that late approached her. Seeing her naked form was covered in blood and that she was in no mood to trifled with they quickly fled. In her agitated state she wandered erratically until she turned onto Juan Escutia heading northwest towards the enormous Chapultepec Park, where she had done her photo shoot.

One of her more civic minded erstwhile suitors had phoned the nearby Hospital San Angel Inn. An ambulance found her, followed her for a short way before pulling up. Soon there were two paramedics lying in the gutter near the DRGN skate shop as princess indigo turned onto Avenida Constituyentes. She found herself looking through the iron railings of Chapultepec Park into the dark trees beyond as she drove along.

The call inside her grew stronger and she pressed her bare foot on the warm accelerator pedal, chipping the tailgate of a taxi as she went past; frightening the driver as he leaned out of his open window to curse her. Simply glowering at him, driving naked, covered in blood was enough to make him pullover and say a great many Hail Marys.

The pull became a bright beacon in the night and when she saw a sign for La Feria de Chapultepec Magico she knew she was close to her destination. In a few short minutes the ambulance was crashing through the tolls booths that stood in front of great yellow entrance with its large plastic rainbow on the top, the word ‘La Feria’ lit up in pink neon.

By the time she saw a dark figure waiting for her by among the burrito booths and children’s rides she was travelling at such a high speed that the ambulance jack knifed when she slammed on the brakes. It rolled over three times and made a mess of the merry-go-round. An angry confused English vampire kicked out the windshield of the ambulance and clambered out, in a far from happy mood.

The lights of the La Feria de Chapultepec Magico lit up one by one and latin fairground music from a dozen different sources began to play. The battered merry-go-round began to turn, casting off the wreck of an ambulance. As the princess stood up, the dark figure approached and the air was filled with foreboding, an atmosphere that raised the English vampire’s hackles and made her growl.

It was an unholy sound that would have made a grown man whimper but the dark figure continued to approach her not missing a single proud step. Even in this extreme state princess indigo now recognized the scent and the silhouette of the supremely confident Woman who walked towards her. The silver collar appeared around the princess neck and began to glow furiously. Yet there was something in the Woman’s manner that she did not recognize. The dark thing in the princess growled even deeper as the inconsistency became more apparent the closer the dark Woman got.

‘Do not growl at Me you little English bitch.’ said the dark doppelganger wearing an uncharacteristic revealing silk red dress, Her voice instantly recognizable but Her tone and attitude was not.

This did little to calm the vampire princess, whose growl became more menacing as the dark imperious Female form drew even closer.

‘I will not be contradicted!’ said snarled the dark Woman slapping the princess hard across the face, Her long black hair shining in the lights of the fairground.

The princess bared her fangs and hissed back at the Woman who was so angered by the response that She grabbed the princess by the throat and lifted her two feet off the ground.

‘Do not bare your fangs at Me ever again, you rabid orange haired English whore.’ glowered the dark Woman in pure fury and threw the princess down onto the concrete.

The princess leapt back to her feet and under normal circumstances would have leapt in rage at the figure before her. The familiar beautiful face and dark sensuous voice was the only thing that stopped her. The difference between what she saw and what she remembered confused her even more and denied the outlet to her anger.

‘Your dark side and Mine have met before princess indigo. Are you far too lost to the blood to remember!’ spat the dark Goddess at her.

A memory deep inside the princess troubled mind seared into life and she remembered her dark self in a locked room, a familiar Woman speaking to her. A Woman with a soft sensuous voice. At the end of the conversation, the anger inside the princess dark half had flared and a different tone of voice had spoken to her. The lights had gone out and a name was said in the darkness, a very powerful name.

Vox!’ hissed the princess, ‘You put a spell on me! A dark twisted incantationScratched Your name onto the dark part of my soul. Remove it! Remove it now!’ shouted the princess.

Vox stepped right up towards the princess until she was inches away from her face. In a swift movement, Vox reached up and put her fingers in the princess hair, made a fist and twisted her hand sharply. The princess let out a terrifying yell.

‘Do not give Me orders you orange haired English sow!’ shouted Vox even louder, bending the princess head back. ‘I am your Superior in every single way! I will not be countermanded by anyone, especially a little harlot of a princess like you!’ Vox twisted her fist further making the princess scream.

Releasing Her grip and then closing it again Vox Siren grabbed the ends of the princess long tresses and began to drag her screaming and kicking towards the large Montana Infinitum ride. Once it had been the world’s first ever roller coaster with three vertical loops. The ride had traveled the world and now was ending its days at the Chapultepec Magico.

‘Get off me! Get off me!’ the princess was yelling as Vox Siren pushed open the green metal gate and dragged her toward the waiting blue roller coaster cars. The more she protested the harder Vox Siren pulled.

Hanging from the hand rail and footplate of the long nose shaped front carriage were four lengths of rope. Within a short time the princess was tied spread eagled across the front carriage. There was an awful lot of complaining and considerable force had to be used.

‘You planned all this!’ shouted the princess, her naked English body dripping with sweat in the summer’s heat.

‘Of course I did, you stupid little English bitch!’ shouted Vox Siren back at her, then stepped over to the control panel, switched the roller coaster to its very highest setting and climbed in.

The generator made a screeching noise as it started up, not liking being set so high on such a hot night as this. The five blue roller coaster cars began to wind their round the long yellow circles gathering more and more momentum with each moment.

Vox Siren sat directly behind the princess so she could hear every protest and scream that came from her little English mouth. Giving the princess long orange hair a good hard yank every time the roller coaster plunged suddenly. Rattling round the large yellow metal circles that let the roller coaster gather up speed. Round the three loop the loops they went, the Mexico City skyline churning over and over.

The princess senses were overloaded. The roaring sound of the roller coaster and churning city lights were beginning to make her sick and she could no longer take in all the different sensations that bombarded her.

The only thing the princess could make sense of was the smell of burning and that the metal of the roller coaster had begun to feel hotThe princess realized that Vox had set fire to the roller coaster cars which blazed with fury as they span faster and faster on.

Behind her sat Vox in the center of the flames, immune to the heat and laughing more and more. A dozen times the roller coaster cars traversed the ride, when they finally came to a stop the whole of Montana Infinitum was ablaze.

Vox climbed out and menacingly approached the princess, who struggled feebly in her bonds. There was a demonic look in Vox eyes as She laid Herself down on the hot metal beside the helpless English body.

‘Say a prayer you little bitch.’     hissed Vox into the princess ear, bared Her own fangs and sank them as far into the princess neck as they would go, making her scream so loud the howl could be heard above the roaring flames.

Fresh blood poured all down the princess naked body and onto the hot metal beneath her. Deeper and deeper Vox Siren drank, Her own face covered in the princess blood. Not until the princess was almost unconscious did she finally stop, looking down and laughing unrepentantly at what she had done.

Vox cut down the princess with a long ornamental blade, a large red jewel set in the widest part of the steel. Then She sent the carriages off on a final ride to their fiery doom.

  Vox Siren hauled the princess away by her hair, only releasing Her iron grip when they were clear of the flamesThe princess stood up shakily meeting the Siren’s gaze, the burning Infinitum matching the fire in Vox’s eyes. Blood was still flowing from the princess neck and she could barely stand.

‘I have broken you indigo. The dark self that lives inside the body of the princess belongs to Me. I am your Empress, now bow down before Me and kneel at My feet where you belong!’ said Vox Siren in the most commanding voice the princess had ever heard.

‘Forgive me Empress Vox.’ said the princess falling to her knees, tears of blood running down her face as she kissed the boot of the dark mysterious Woman who had broken her and collapsed.

Vox knelt down beside the princess prostrate body, scratching a small wound in Her left wrist and pushing it roughly against the princess half open mouth.

‘Drink you little English bitch and be grateful for every drop.’ said Vox Siren forcefully as the princess weakly bared her teeth and bit into the wrist that was offered her, drinking more and more deeply as strength returned to her embittered body.

When the princess relinquished her bite, Vox pulled Her arm away in a manner that conveyed it would not be offered again and rose majestically to Her feet.

‘Rise My servant.’ Vox commanded in a voice of pure steel, and the princess rose to her feet as if she had been given a jolt of electricity, ‘Come My dark princess, well shall feast on this city before the dawn.’

The beguiling Empress Vox Siren led Her dark princess to a sleek black Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4  and drove away into the night as La Feria de Chapultepec burned to the ground.

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