Foot Fetish Freaks

foot fetish, sexy feet, womans feet, domination feet, feet domination, female domination, foot fetish phone sexI have been having so many foot fetish freaks contacting me lately. Ones who are rapidly becoming addicted to me, and the thought of worshiping and servicing my perfect feet. For most of you foot fetish freaks, I will tease you mercilessly with my perfect feet, taunt you, force you to worship my feet by sending tributes/ $$sacrifices$$  for new shoes, and pedicures. For some, I will force you to pay a large tribute to own a pair of my worn shoes, or pantyhose, and for some…the REALLY pathetic foot fetish wankers, I laugh at, and express that I would rather walk through fire than have you any where near my adorable feet. But that won’t stop me from tormenting you though 😉 You all know how I love to make men ( who are already ridiculously weak) become even more weak just by showing off my feet. How pathetic, but oh so entertaining.

So if you are one of my foot fetish freaks, or soon to be mine, I want you to take a good look at that photo, and realize that you are WEAK, pliable, desperate, and aching to submit and serve. Can you just imagine yourself , chained to my desk beneath me, with my perfect feet right above your face? I bet you would be panting and whimpering like a dog you would be so turned on.

I think one of my later blogs will have to showcase one of my in person slaves who actually has the privilege of being tied to my desk, as my foot rest. Of course, it will be a teasing image, and you will have to pay $$sacrifice$$ to see the high quality shots.

Once you wipe the drool off of your eager slave mouth, take out the part of you that I am most attracted to. Your credit card, and pamper my perfect feet with a tribute for new sexy shoes/boots and pedicures. If I am pleased with what you send, I might torture you with more photos of the feet that you will never get to touch, but wish oh so badly that you could.

Pamper my perfect feet by clicking HERE and sending me a tribute, or shopping on my shoe /lingerie wishlist.

~Empress Vox Siren

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