Femme Domme Fantasies To Make You WEAK

femme domme fantasiesIt is no secret that I indulge in dark femme domme fantasies and fetishes quite often. For many who do this, it is for sexual release, a true sense of eroticism that penetrates our every inch if done right, with the right person. For me, my sexual and over all satisfaction comes from being worshiped, obeyed, spoiled, and treated like the perfect woman that I am. I get satisfaction from using my skill of forcing you to indulge in my femme domme fantasies in order to make you even more WEAK and open to all of my suggestions, commands, wants and desires. The more a man is thinking with his tiny little dick brain, the easier it becomes to get what I want. That is obviously easy already, but this “enhancer” maximizes it and provides endless amounts of entertainment for me. Seeing just how easy it truly is always puts a smile on my beautiful face.

Calling me, or doing a text session with me, with the hopes of being granted the privilege of experiencing your femme domme fantasies /fetishes/ role plays with me is where your mind should be. You are going to open up to me all of your dark fantasies, and fetishes, and I will make you weak, obedient, and leave you to be a dripping pile of SLAVE. There will be no role playing THAT, it is going to be your new existence. Once you realize that these fantasies are creating realities in your life, there will be no escape, or wanting to escape. You are meant to be my addicted slave. You are meant to be anything that I tell you to be.

You are weak, pliable, aching, bending to my will, not caring about a single thing other than what I am telling you to care about. More and more with each word that you read from me, from each word that you hear me say. You ARE a weak man or little sissy, and my words are irresistible, and you will become even more WEAK, opening up a whole new experience for me to fuck with you even more. This is when fantasy becomes reality. When my words, my fantasies, my role plays that I have allowed you to experience, come into play in the real world. You become so weak, like putty in my hands, ready to be molded into the perfect little amusement puppet/slave for me to do whatever I wish with and to.

See how this works now slave? I talk, I paint pictures in the mind, your mind shuts down as your little dick brain takes over, and you become absolutely anything that I want, you do anything that I say, you become MINE more than ever.

I will be posting “femme domme fantasies to make you weak” articles when I please, and when you see them posted, you will strip down, drop to your knees, be void of all distractions, and read my words slowly, letting each one sink in to your mind, and you will feel the effects immediately. Do you understand slave?

Also, entertain me by filling out my slave contract . You can’t resist doing this.

~Empress Vox Siren

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