Disobeying Your Mistress IS The Punishment

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Disobedience in one way or another is bound to happen from a subbie in a D/S relationship. It simply happens. Call it a bad day, a misunderstanding, or whatever you have to. It happens. This is especially true with someone who is just starting down the path of submission.

When this happens,  usually the first thing that the anxious slave says is something along the lines of ” I’m sorry please punish me as you see fit”. Now you will have a few who do this JUST because they like a “punishment“. For the purpose of this entry, I am going to discuss the ones who sincerely are sorry and do not want punishment, but will accept it for their shortcomings. ( shortcomings..this makes me smirk ahaha)

Depending on my mood, I will not even dish out a separate punishment. I feel that is letting them off too easily. Disobeying is punishment enough. I use my manipulative words to enter it into their brains, just how bad it makes them feel to disobey and displease me. I find this method to work EXTREMELY WELL. They get to learn the lesson this way, and not just get all hot and bothered by a “punishment”. Thinking about how good it feels to please me, and then focusing on how damn bad it feels to disobey and displease is enough to make them never want to disobey again. This is a subtle form of training. It works, and it pleases the hell out of me.

For the rare fuckwads that simply are incapable of learning ANY lesson, they are banned from my world almost immediately.

So next time you find yourself on the verge of disobedience, or not instantly doing something that I command, I want you to really think back to all of the times that you have pleased me. Think about how good it felt, how nothing could EVER compare to those sensations. Then I want you to imagine what it would be like to live in a world where those sensations did not exist. Where you felt the complete opposite. Shame, guilt, sadness, unfulfilled, etc.  Which is better?

I want you to leave a comment below discussing your thoughts on this. What has it been like for you if you have ever disobeyed your Mistress? What did you find to be the most beneficial way to learn your lesson?

You would NEVER disobey me now, would you slave? 😉

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  1. johndavid says:

    I had recently encountered this very scenario when serving goddess Haylee. I did something that displeased her because I was being dishonest by not disclosing all that I was supposed to….deliberately concealing. Not good to do. Goddess was very very displeased. I am not one who enjoys punishment and I was extremely sorry and remorseful and spent a lot of effort trying to seek forgiveness. Thing is I found that displeasing Goddess really sunk in deep and effected my so negatively. Goddess firmly expressed her displeasure and I can’t even recall with clarity and detail what she said but I do remember that she was completely correct in all she said and I was so moved by the whole experience. As a matter of fact, this happened last month and even a couple of nights ago I messaged goddess and told her that I still feel so bad when I think of that experience and displeasing You. I never ever want to displease or disobey my Owner and Empress/ Goddess.

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