Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

Since this question states what is MY favorite toy, not what is my favorite toy to use on someone else, I would have to say a good, quality vibrator. Not only do they make me feel amazing, but they are an amazing toy to fuck with a slaves mind, and leave them weak and vulnerable, drooling with their jaw on the floor.

I love to strap on my slaves collar, and drag him to the edge of the bed, on the floor. I sit on the edge with my perfect, soft, silky legs spread and make him watch while I please myself with it, all the while moaning, and telling him what a little bitch he is, how he is my property, how he is a weak little slave for my pleasure. He does not get to touch me, or touch himself while I do this. I love to grab him by the collar and force his face to be inches away from my perfection, while he watches me orgasm over and over again. The whimpers, the begging, and the sheer desperation and sexual frustration are down right amusing and sexy to me.

After a while, I will allow him to use the vibrator on me while I lay back and relax. Often I will go to sleep after laughing at him, and making him lock up MY cock, and stay with blue balls all night.


  1. john david says:

    Wow, that is amazing Empress Vox! I am hard and speechless and so eager to be used by You! Thank You for sharing! Yum, fucking Yum!!!

  2. Terry says:

    Wow I never knew bruce was so submissive to you. I hope you don’t mind me saying his name. I thought he was more into mind bliss. It makes me dizzy just reading this. I hope this is not to personal of a question but if I’m not mistaken I can remember reading somwhere that you even beat him sometimes.

    • VoxSiren says:

      yep, he is VERY submissive to me, although he is very alpha in his day to day life. I beat him when I please. I do whatever I want to him~

  3. Terry says:

    Thanks for the reply Goddess. I find it very cool that you and Bruce have this type of relationship. You two sound like lifetime soul mates. Thanks for sharing this article. It was awesome.

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