Day 4: Any early experiences that in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

30 days of kink

Day 4 of 30 days of kink asks –

Any early experiences that in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

As a child, I was very outgoing, confident, and I had an understanding of how things and people worked, more than those around me. I was extremely curious, and loved to do things to see what the reaction would be. The better the reaction, the more I learned to do those things again to get what I wanted.

I remember as a kid, playing with one of my best friends, we used to have a game where we had imaginary friends that we would tie up, interrogate, and train to do our bidding LOL! That right there has to tell you something!

Growing up, I was always a dominant force. A leader. The girl that both men and women wanted to either be with or around, or actually BE. I was never afraid to speak up for myself, or for others and things that I care about. My opinion was always voiced, heard, and respected. I learned from a young age that displaying my confidence, while expressing views and points that were simply irresistible and/or impossible to disagree with, caused me to get my way, regardless of who I was interacting with.

I started using the gifts that I nurtured , such as my confidence, intelligence, power, beauty and the understanding of what makes people “tick” to make my life easier. Things just came naturally to me. People, especially men, wanted to do things for me.

As I continued to grow older, these skills blossomed as well. I began going out, meeting more people, and practicing my skills using what I would later come to learn is “hypnotic language” and the such, to get inside of peoples minds. I started to study people, and learn cause and effect of using different body language, phrases, power words, anchors/triggers, and suggestions.

This is what truly excited me. What I fantasized about at night. Coming up with different scenarios in my mind that I wanted to test out, and seeing just how many people I could play with. They all EXTREMELY enjoyed it, and loved just being in my company.

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  1. john david says:

    Love reading about You! Makes so much sense, just the natural evolution into the Goddess You are, as You have always been!

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