Chastity Game 1- Rolling and Edging


Chastity Game 1. How lucky are you feeling? You know you can’t resist finding out what items are needed, and what the rules are for this chastity game. You are going to love being kept chaste, weak, and on edge for me. I am going to have so much fun watching you blissfully suffer at my hand, from my game. $7.00



    • VoxSiren says:

      He purchased the device, and a combination lock. He turned on his webcam, and looked away from the lock and moved his fingers to set up the numbers where I wanted them. He then put it on and mixed up the numbers so only I know what they are.

      In case of emergency, which it better be a dire one, he could call me for the number, or simply use a lock/bolt cutter. I charge via niteflirt or my personal billing on this site.

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