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I Can and Will Devour You

Painted Background 203

I am everything. I am all. Once you slip into mindlessness for me, you will be transformed into something else completely. I will devour you. Consume what you once were. Take in your energy and manipulate it into what I want, sending it back to you, creating a masterpiece. My masterpiece.

You have no choice in the matter. If I set my sights on you, and choose you, you WILL end up being mine. Exactly the way that I want you to be.

If you feel the draw to me…the pull… might as well simply drop to your weak, aching knees and beg for my acceptance, because that is already the first step. You feel that pull for a reason.

Come bearing gifts and tributes, full of praise and desperation, or I will look the other way.

There is no escape, once I dig my claws in to you~ You love me. You need me. You will do ANYTHING to please me

Writing Tasks For My Weaklings


Subbie slaves need tasks that keep their minds FOCUSED on exactly what I want it to be focused on. I believe that writing lines on paper is a great way to make something stick inside of weak little bitches minds. Enjoy these two videos from john david and bitch boy maddox, fulfilling my command of writing lines to amuse my friends and I.

Weakling john david fulfilling his task

This first one is john david, and the one below this is maddox.

Bitch boy maddox completing his task

Things like this amuse me. It is a great training tool. If you are a little weakling, I want you to write out ” I am so weak for Empress Vox Siren, I will do ANYTHING that I can to please her” 500 times. Record a video, or take a photo of it upon completion, and send to me.

You better thank me for the HONOR of giving you this task as well.

15 TRUTHS for my submissive weaklings


1. you are WEAK, I am STRONG.

2. One gaze at my image is enough to turn you into a puddle of weak, submissive slave.

3. What Empress Vox Siren wants, Empress Vox Siren gets. ALWAYS.

4. you shall ALWAYS present the best version of yourself to me. Surrendering, spoiling, amusing and pleasing to the best of your ability.

5. you are nothing but a toy to me. A little puppet, drone, zombie, slavebot, workerbot, bitch, dog, plaything. Anything that I decide that you are, you are. Embrace the title given.

6. you NEED me. I need absolutely nothing from you. If I WANT something, you give it. My wants are WAY more important than your needs.

7. Listening to my voice is equivalent to achieving your life long dream, and is better than any high.

8. you exist solely to do as I say.

9. Once you stop being pleasing, you know that you will be discarded like trash. you will do everything in your power to make sure that this never happens, seeing as pleasing me is the most rewarding aspect of your life.

10. you linger on my every word. Every second spent in my presence in some way is a second closer to living your destiny.

11. My words are the ULTIMATE truth.

12. Disobeying me feels worse than any heart ache. No grief will ever come close to the grief you will feel if you disobey me.

13. If you aren’t sacrificing day to day expenses to enrich my already rich lifestyle, you are doing something wrong. You vow to stop wasting money on useless shit like going out to eat, going to the movies, dates with the girlfriend, expensive clothes, starbucks, video game subscriptions, cable, etc etc, and instead give it to me so that I can indulge in all that life has to offer to the DIVINE PERFECTION that is ME!

14. Any amount of attention that you get from me is to be cherished. you are one lucky bitch to even get a smirk out of me.

15. you shall ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS put me first. you understand that you are a little weakling here to do my bidding, and give me everything that I want. I shouldn’t even have to ask. you give, I take. Understand weakling?

Any questions? Comment or contact me stating that you understand these truths. Do something pleasing as well, your words bore me unless you go above and beyond.

Disobeying Your Mistress IS The Punishment

All Will Bow_edited-1

Disobedience in one way or another is bound to happen from a subbie in a D/S relationship. It simply happens. Call it a bad day, a misunderstanding, or whatever you have to. It happens. This is especially true with someone who is just starting down the path of submission.

When this happens,  usually the first thing that the anxious slave says is something along the lines of ” I’m sorry please punish me as you see fit”. Now you will have a few who do this JUST because they like a “punishment“. For the purpose of this entry, I am going to discuss the ones who sincerely are sorry and do not want punishment, but will accept it for their shortcomings. ( shortcomings..this makes me smirk ahaha)

Depending on my mood, I will not even dish out a separate punishment. I feel that is letting them off too easily. Disobeying is punishment enough. I use my manipulative words to enter it into their brains, just how bad it makes them feel to disobey and displease me. I find this method to work EXTREMELY WELL. They get to learn the lesson this way, and not just get all hot and bothered by a “punishment”. Thinking about how good it feels to please me, and then focusing on how damn bad it feels to disobey and displease is enough to make them never want to disobey again. This is a subtle form of training. It works, and it pleases the hell out of me.

For the rare fuckwads that simply are incapable of learning ANY lesson, they are banned from my world almost immediately.

So next time you find yourself on the verge of disobedience, or not instantly doing something that I command, I want you to really think back to all of the times that you have pleased me. Think about how good it felt, how nothing could EVER compare to those sensations. Then I want you to imagine what it would be like to live in a world where those sensations did not exist. Where you felt the complete opposite. Shame, guilt, sadness, unfulfilled, etc.  Which is better?

I want you to leave a comment below discussing your thoughts on this. What has it been like for you if you have ever disobeyed your Mistress? What did you find to be the most beneficial way to learn your lesson?

You would NEVER disobey me now, would you slave? 😉

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