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Female Domination – I Am Your Weakness

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I have been getting mass amounts of emails and messages from female domination lovers all over the world. They spew out all of their intimate details of who they are, and why they are so drawn to female domination. I love reading these emails because they are always full of ways for me to use, abuse, and manipulate your own fetishes, loves, and wants in order to obtain what I want. Now if you are too stupid to already know this,  keep this in mind. I won’t even read a lengthy email without a nice tribute attached to it, or sent along with it, and obviously will not reply if there is not one. Keep that in mind next time you are pining for my attention, and words spew from your mind onto an email or message to me.

Once I have access to what makes you tick, which lets face it, isn’t all that complex, then I can really have my fun. You are so fucking easy to manipulate and then destroy slowly. You are addicted to female domination, and I provide REAL access to experiencing your deepest desires. Of course, your deepest desires only matter so much. If they please me, then I will exploit them, make them grow, and use them to my advantage. If they do not please me, I will tease you, make you weak, break you, and then rebuild you with desires that are implanted inside of your mind, directly from my wants.

Honestly, I will do that anyways. Look at the photo above. It represents what I love about you lowly lot. It represents the fact that no matter what, you too shall fall to your knees before me, completely open to my words, to my suggestions, to my wants and my desires. Fuck what you once thought you needed, I am all that you need. Your mind is controlled so easily. I mean it is kind of pathetic just how true that statement is. Think about it. That act alone, of thinking about me so perfectly, naturally, and easily controlling your thoughts is enough to make you aroused. When you become aroused, you become WEAK. The more aroused you become, the more weak you become. The more weak you become, the more easy it becomes for me to manipulate you and control you.

Fun for me, fulfilling for you. In the end though, I will get what I want. Your thoughts replaced with my thoughts, your mind and body effortlessly responding to my commands and suggestions, you NEEDING me, and NEEDING to please me, control over your finances, you BEGGING to give me more of your hard earned money, you confessing all of your dirty desires so that I can use them against you, you doing acts that will cause you to be humiliated, blissfully suffer, and /or simply be entertaining to me, and pretty much anything else that I want.

Admit it now, say that you ache to serve, spoil and please me. Do it while on your knees. The natural position for you to be on when addressing me. Now use ACTIONS to prove and back up those WORDS. Please me. Read through this post again , and find the clues that tell you what you can do to please me.

No, You May Not Worship My Perfect Body Like THAT

empress vox siren, financial domination, femme domme, gothic domme
Yuck, I keep getting a ton of requests for videos where I tease/humiliate/seduce with my body. I’ve even had some requesting that I do actual “domme porn” Hilarious. I mean seriously fucking hilarious. That is not going to happen. What makes you lowly lot think you deserve to see my perfection in such a way? The closest you will ever come to seeing my naked body, or being teased with certain parts of my body, is watching me force you to drop to your knees and lick my boots clean, and beg to do it over and over again. My hands would never caress your skin, but my whip would. My pussy would never meet your lips, but my giant dildo would. I would never be naked in front of you, but you would be stripped down, whipped, tortured, and dressed up in slutty lil outfits for my amusement, showcased proudly for as long as I wanted. Understand?

My body is absolute perfection. Everything about me is. You do not deserve such an honor. You deserve to be at my feet, chained up, waiting on your next command.

So stop asking for videos/clips like that. If you do, you will be blocked! I do not dance and flaunt my perfection on cam, you dance on cam for ME, humiliating yourself and showing off your lil hand pussy lmao, and all of the slutty toys and things that you have to entertain me with.  I will not take revealing photos, you just do not deserve it. It actual makes me fucking nauseous thinking about such a pathetic bitch sitting there jerkin off to me in such a way. Such an addicted lil stroker slut, you are much better off becoming addicted to gay porn.

The only ones who get to see me in such a way are REAL men, who truly have what it takes to please me. That is not you, and will never be you. You are stuck fucking your hand pussy, fantasizing about being teased and tormented with my gorgeous perfect body, but you poor thing, all you would get is my boot crushing into your pathetic little cock, while I stroked your wallet until I made it ejaculate a wad of cash into my hands while I laughed and told you how you will never be with a woman like me.

It’s funny, the ones requesting those type of videos are truly the biggest losers. I have some amazing slaves, who have the honor of pleasing me in many ways, but would never even think to ask for such a request, because they know their place. They know that I am a Goddess, I am superior, and shall be worshiped as such from afar. The aching thought that they will never get to touch me, but wish so badly that they could, or that I would touch them, is enough to fuel them into overdrive of eagerly doing anything it takes to put a smile on my beautiful face.

Maybe if you are lucky, I will tell you all about what real men get to experience, while you are weak, trembling, aching, curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth from an overload of torturous blissful suffering. I LOVE to watch you suffer at my hands
(lack of).

But I might just decide to torture you, brainwash you , and totally fuck you up instead. Who knows. Only one way to find out. Have fun with your hand pussy, make sure to treat her well hahahaha, because if you don’t and you keep asking for such stupid requests, you WILL either  be locked up in chastity and I will make you send ALL of the keys to me, or I will force you to only stroke to absolutely disgusting images/videos. This will teach you to stop being such a pathetic dick brain, and to learn your place, and the proper way to worship and serve me.

~Empress Vox Siren

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When Role Play and Fantasy Become Reality

Empress Vox Siren, Role Play, Brainwashing, Real Slavery, Bdsm

It is no secret that a person with such a creative mind like myself, LOVES to role play and indulge in a world full of fantasy. I enjoy it very much, but there is a time and a place for it. I prefer REAL mind fucking and REAL control to role play and fantasy any day. In fact, I would go as far as to say everything I do is REAL, and I use role play and fantasy to enhance the experience.

Being far from me distance wise, utilizing elements of fantasy in to reality only strengthens a bond. An example of this is as follows :

You are my devoted slave, that I have locked away in a chastity device. I tease you, play with you, and have you imagine that I am there with you doing various things to only make the blissful suffering worse. We talk as if I really were there.

This strengthens my hold over you, and the very REAL notion that you are truly locked up for me, belong to me, surrender to me takes precedent over any role play that happens.

My words, that you hear and read are all very true. I do not speak in role play and fantasy terms when I tell you facts. If I say you will spiral down into my darkness, you will. When I say that you are my slave, you are. When I say that you are going to give me your all, and become consumed with the need to truly surrender and sacrifice for me. YOU WILL.

It is a thrill to me to take a non believer, and slowly manipulate him down into my world. My empire. To watch as his world comes crumbling down around him, only to be built back up in to MY world. I can see right through you. Many are used to being fly by callers, thinking that they will speak with me, make their stupid dick cum, and then move on to the next woman who is Dominant. This makes me laugh. I see through you. You are WEAK. You are unfulfilled, just BEGGING to be full of my control and MY power. You are powerless. You can’t escape me once you experience me, and THIS is REAL. Just look around at those who confess to this journey all around me.

So to sum this up, I am very real, my control is very real. I ALWAYS get what I want. If I tell you that you are something, to think something , to be something. YOU WILL. I use role play and fantasy only to deepen and strengthen my control and power over you. It is sooo much fun~

So fuck you, you are so totally FUCKED, and you love it. Don’t you slave? Now tell me that you are ready to purge yourself of your once desires, once wants, and be filled with my wisdom, my power, my control. You NEED this. Do you have it? Say it slave…you are so fucked.

~Empress Vox Siren

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Addicted and Aching for What You Will Never Have

female domination, femme domme, Mistress, bdsm, findomme, slave

Look at me. You know you would give anything to be with a perfect woman like me. You want so badly to serve me, to worship me, to kiss the ground that I walk on. You are addicted to me, aching for me, you can’t resist me. Look at me again. Close your eyes and see my image there. Obsessed. I am more important to you than anything else. Admit it. Say it now.

When you look at my images, constant thoughts or NEEDING go through that mind of yours. ( Who knows, it might really be mine at this point) NEEDING to obey, NEEDING to worship, NEEDING attention, NEEDING to serve. You are WEAK. The more weak you become the more aroused you feel, the more aroused you feel, the more weak you become. See how this benefits me? The more weak you become, the more aroused you become, the more weak you become= me getting absolutely anything I want from you. “No” doesn’t exist.

You will never have me, and this only makes you need me that much more. Needing my attention, my approval, my praise. Get this inside your head, and keep it there. You are a lowly slave, a little puppet, a weak, addicted bitch that is here for one thing, and one thing only. To grant me my every wish, my every desire, including unlimited ways to entertain and amuse me. Nothing more. Most likely less.

Awww, is that harsh? It’s okay. Just look at my image again, you will find that it becomes easier to accept your place, and realize that it is an honor that I am placing you there. You never want to leave, do you slave?

You belong at my feet, groveling. You belong chained up and locked away until I have a use for you. You belong going to work day to day for me, to work for me, and continue to spoil me and give me the luxurious life that I deserve. You belong as you make sacrifices each and every day to give me MORE MORE and MORE $$sacrifice$$. You belong on your knees, staring in to my eyes, listening to my eyes, saying YES YES YES I will ALWAYS obey. You belong anywhere that I tell you to belong. You belong to ME.

HAH probably not. But I bet you want to more than anything. PROVE IT slave.

Start by watching this for a while. It will make you more weak, and aroused. Just the way that I like you to be. Silly silly slaves.


~Empress Vox Siren

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Financial Domination Cock Cash

financial domination

Financial domination is something that I get asked about a lot. So many cock brains coming to me telling me how they love financial domination and how it makes them so weak blah blah blah. This is amusing to me. I DO love weak boys, the hornier the better because that just makes them more weak. BUT I am not a financial domme in the traditional sense, even though I encourage financial slaves to surrender to me, and I do perform financial domination if it pleases me. The term financial domination and fin domme are far too loosely used for my tastes, and personal desires. I do what I want, and you fucking love that. There really is no term to describe what I am, so lets just call me a financial fuck you, whats yours is mine, trix? 😉

Many fin dommes believe they shouldn’t be paid to financially dominate/financially control a slave, that it is just their right, which in a sense it is. My personal belief is that I should be paid just for being me, and giving you, my slave, the honor of surrendering control of everything, including your finances. I have a cash fetish, you have a surrender of control fetish and need. It works well.

I will talk about many different aspects of my certain type of financial domination throughout this blog, lucky for you, since reading my words will always be a privilege. But for this particular entry, I will be talking about COCK CASH.

Cock cash is a term that I like to give out when a weak loser slave simply is used for my entertainment, and amusement, and becomes so tortured from ruthless erotic teasing and manipulation from me, that he will do just about anything for me to allow an orgasm. The weaker, and more desperate they become, the more money $$sacrifice$$ they are willing to surrender to me, where it truthfully belongs. This is so much fun for me. I love to make games of it, and see just how far I can push my little weak slaves. Once I make them hit the point of no return, I force them to ejaculate a wad of cash into my bank account, which I term COCK CASH, since they are thinking mostly with their pathetic weak little dick brains. Oh the things I have done to slaves in order to grant them permission to shoot out cock cash lol.

In fact, if you are one of my weak cock brained slaves who I have granted the honor of shooting out cock cash for my amusement, then I want you to leave a comment below telling everyone the ruthless teasing you endured, and what you went through before allowing the honor to ejaculate cock cash into my bank account.

The last one to send cock cash was theo 😉 Yes I am blasting you on this entry theo, because I know for a fact that it is going to make you horny, and weak, and slutty, and you will have no choice but to paint your lips slutty red, drop to your knees, and shoot another wad of cock cash into my hands. That is the only thing you will be ejaculating near me.

I bet just reading this entry has a lot of you feeling so weak and vulnerable already. I mean how could you ever resist such perfection, such temptation? You see me when you close your eyes, you see me when you become aroused, you see and hear and feel me inside of you. You are getting so hot for me, so aroused, so WEAK. You have no NEEDS except the ones that I give you. Whats yours is mine, surrender REAL control to me, because it is what you NEED, and don’t forget to pay your cum tax bitch. I know that you have been doing dirty naughty things, and its time to pay up by clicking HERE

~Empress Vox Siren

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Cum Tax Slaves

cum tax, financial domination, findomme, fin domme slave, fin domme mistress, cum tax assignment, financial slaveryCum taxes are $$sacrifices$$ that you WILL take seriously if you are my slave. You do not get to just cum for free, and go on your merry silly way. I am going to break it down for you, and you WILL abide by my rules, my commands, and there will be no complaining, wagering, or excuses. Do you understand slave? If the answer to that question is anything but “YES MISTRESS“, then you are not fit to be my personal slave or submissive.

Now if you answered Yes Mistress, then I am going to be even more generous, and break this down for you, as to how it is going to work.

I make you weak, once you are weak, your submissive nature comes out even more. Once your submissive nature comes out, you become even more weak. Once you feel this overwhelming weakness creeping up on you, your mind/thoughts start to slow, and it becomes easier to give in to me, agree with  me, and do absolutely anything for me. You realize this, and become increasingly weak yet fully aroused. The more aroused you become, the more desperate you feel to be granted orgasm from me because you know that only I have the power to make you this weak, this submissive, this slutty, this desperate to cum.

From this point it can go one of two ways.

1. I play tease and denial games with you, and mercilessly tease the fuck out of you until you are whimpering and practically in tears. Your subconscious mind will be so responsive to my voice , to my commands, that you will NOT cum without my permission, so you will be left to endure mass amounts of  pleasurable ( for me) torture, feeling like you are going to explode at any second. I deny , so you end up rubbing one out later with thoughts of my torture deep inside of your mind. This results in a cum tax needing to be paid.

2. I toy with you any way I please, and you have done enough to earn my command for you to stroke your weak aching cock , and cum instantly while I laugh at your desperation on the phone. This results in a cum tax needing to be paid.

Cum tax payments are as follows.

$25.00 Shall be paid if you are granted permission to cum while we are on the phone or in a text session. Failure to send the same day of our call/chat will result in you never having this amazing privilege again.

$5.00 Shall be paid if you cum ANY TIME while thinking of me in any way before or during your lil jerk off session, looking at my photos, watching videos of me, listening to mp3s of me, having sex with someone with thoughts of serving me in mind, or reading my blogs/websites/tweets etc. Basically if it has anything to do with ME, you owe a cum tax.

Now I am sure you are wondering why the price is so low. This is for the simple reason that most men are cheap AND addicted to masturbating, especially when they start interacting with me. The amount of masturbating to orgasm will continue to rise, you will become completely addicted, and the cum tax will add up beautifully. The money will end up right where it belongs, as you give me what I deserve. I will sit back, relax, and watch the $$number$$ rise. This is just another way that you will truly feel my CONTROL over your entire existence, including your sexuality.

If I suspect that you have orgasmed without paying your cum tax, there shall be consequences. Also everyone is different, and if I know you can afford a higher cum tax fee, it is without saying that your fee will go up to a number that pleases me. After all, it doesn’t matter what you want, it matters what I want, and what I am going to take. Do you understand slave? Leave a comment saying ” Yes Mistress, anything for you”

Always pay your cum tax fees HERE

~Empress Vox Siren

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