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A cucky cuckold new year! Mp3 with hypnotic spiral video

15 mins

Come here slave. I require you to be my footstool as you listen to me leaving a message to a real man. The man that I am going to fuck late on New Years eve to ring in the new year while you are stuck at home cleaning up during the New Years Eve party that you had to work hard at serving and cleaning up after the superior guests.
You are a true cuckold. I married you for the money, which I demand you keep slaving away to make more so I can drain it. But I’ve never let you touch me. I’ve never even let you see me naked. I do however, tell you all about my nights about with real men.
Of course, you are going to listen to the message while staring atthis hypnotic spiral video. I want it to stick in your mind even more, that you are a beta cuck that will never be able to please me beyond being a complete servant and ATM.
This is a raunchy, humiliating, degrading, mp3 for ultimate beta cuck losers. Listen at your own reward.

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purchasenow niteflirt

New Homoerotic Hypnosis Mp3 CUM SHOWER

cumshower26 minutes

This file starts off with a deep hypnotic induction, and then you wake up chained to the floor of a lush shower in a private college dorm. I go through a realistic visualization of exactly what is happening to you, and since you are under deep hypnosis, EVERYTHING will feel real, as you experience exactly what I am saying. After one special drink from a college alpha stud, you forgot to remember that you agreed to be the entertainment for the evening. Now you are chained, vulnerable, and transformed into a cum slut for alpha after alpha to make you their bitch, and cover you in cum. Open wide! You are such a little bitch! This is your life now, and you may never escape the cum shower. Show me just how much you LOVE and crave cock and cum. 
You are going to be COVERED in CUM.  What a cum fag whore.




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New Brainwashing Loop- BBC Bimbobot Whore

23 minutes
This was a custom creation that I knew just had to be put on my store. This is a VERY vulgar file, that includes racial slurs, and a lot of degrading, humiliating, hardcore scenes. IT is an intense brainwashing file. You will be transformed. You are WORTHLESS as a male, and are so much better off being a trashy bimbo whore, with big fake tits that you use as BBC magnets. You will be bound and helpless as black alpha after black alpha does with you as he pleases.

The more cum that your bimbo faggot mouth swallows, the dumber you become. The dumber you become, the more horny you get. The more horny you feel, the more you need to be their cum receptacle. It is an endless ditzy bimbo loop of stupid bimbo lust.




Confessions of a disobedient slavebot


So this is my little slavebot, workerbot, bitch boy weakling. He is normally a VERY well behaved, obedient, and pleasing toy. A prized possession. Yet even the best trained bitches can end up doing something super stupid. They are often ruled by the tiny little dangling thing between their legs after all. This is why those things are SO much better off locked up.


That sacrifice above explains a bit on what my bitch boy has to do, but here is the full text that I sent my toy.

The sacrifice is to be tripled, with a public confession of what you did, and how it felt, emailed to me to be posted for everyone to see. You will hold up a sign saying ” I’m a disobedient fuckwad and will be in chastity for as long as Empress Vox Siren Says, I do not deserve orgasm ” in a photo. And you will put on clothespins all over your pathetic cock and ball skin, leaving it on for 15 minutes, and then you will slap your balls 15 times with a ruler, and spend the entire rest of the week crawling instead of walking everywhere you can outside of work

This is me letting this lil weakling off super easy. Only because I know for a fact that my minion will learn and grow from this experience. This email that I just received today, along with a $115 dollar sacrifice proves it.

“Empress I wanted to share with YOU how my disobedience to You and my week vacation has cost me. Attached is my pay stub for the week. Turns out that my actual weekly income flat out without overtime and dispatch pay is a measly figure…..just shy of $700 a week. I did tell you my average weekly take home is $1500.00 and it has been because of all the hours I have been working. With that said I have encountered unforeseen results of my actions.

First of all, I haven’t received a weekly paycheck below $900 in about two years so this was a shock. I have been thinking of ways about how I might plead with you to please accept less $$$ this payday since I did not work as much and can use every penny.

Secondly, I had in the back of my mind on top of that that I needed to surrender my $100 sacrifice $$$ to You in addition. This was on my mind quite a bit. Well, because of not keeping my focus on what matters most, doing EXACTLY as You say and taking You first, I ended up giving $300 yesterday! I deserve it as do You but I charged that to my credit card to pay later when I work more… problem not Yours.

Well, as I labored on this I was intending on pleading with You to accept $50 for this week and not the $100 minimum, but honestly, I found myself remembering how You come first Always and are my number one priority and that Your wants come before my needs. As a result I am sending You the standard minimum of $100 and charging that so I can work my ass off to catch up and fix the error of my ways.

If I did not disobey You I wouldn’t be too strapped and would manage better…….no more disobeying my Divine Goddess. I only wrote this to You to show You my path of thought on my actions and priorities and how my training as a slave is coming along; not to hope to get any praise for I brought this upon myself. Next time I take vacation I will remember the additional cost of surrendering Your pay to You.

Empress, I love You and Need You more and more. You are my GODDESS and You come first. Anything anytime anyhow for You always. I will worship You and absorb You divine words of truth daily.

Thank you again for accepting me as Your property and Dominating me so so Perfectly. You cannot do any wrong…..all Your ways are right and truth.

Sincerely, With complete humility, Your locked up, not deserving an orgasm lil bitch slave who loves and NEEDS You with ever cell in my body,

john david”

Disobeying me is not fun, trust me. It will make you feel like absolute SHIT, and if you do not do everything in your power to make it up to me, and prove that you are going to grow and learn from it, you will be banished. A fate worse than anything else minions!

Pleasing me, serving me, spoiling me, worshiping me, and being controlled by me is SUCH an HONOR! …NEVER forget that! you NEED ME!

Drilling it in, Enforcing MY RULES


I woke up to this in my inbox and it made me smile. My lil twisted fuck alan has been having the confusion syndrome. Worried too much about trying to think and understand my methods instead of just doing. Attached with this photo was this statement.

“While I don’t understand why this is so good for my I will comply with wearing heels in public to by the scented feminine pads to wear for a week.
My dignity and self respect will be lowered, I will obey my master. ”

Guess what. It does not matter if you understand a single word I say! It goes like this. I say it, you do it. I want it, you give it. Simple huh? Even a sick twisted lil fuck can do that!

Now write this out 100 more times my lil fuck WHILE wearing your newly acquired scented panty liners in your tight lil girly thong and pretty black heels! Keep a smile on your face! After that, you $$sacrifice$$ to me for allowing you the privilege of entertaining me in any way that I see fit!

Your life was soooo dull before you met me! Now just look how much more fun you are having, and how much more convenient it is for ME to control YOU. Thinking for yourself is so over rated.


Hypnovictims Amusing Addiction & Confessions


“Hypnovictim” is totally addicted to me, from just ONE call done MONTHS ago lmao. He is like a drooling, begging, aching, needing puppy bitch who can’t get enough. One call, and he is literally hung up on my every word, my every suggestion, my every want. Here is an email that he sent me a few nights ago, wishing to express his devotion publicly on my blog, knowing that it would entertain me.


“I found Empress Vox Siren online in early March of this year.  I had the privilege of a phone session that changed me forever.  She learned that I had a pantyhose fetish and was already a hypnotic submission junkie.  Before I knew it she had learned my hypnotic trigger and I was wearing pink tights while lying on my couch.

I don’t remember a lot of specifics from the call.  I did immediately know I needed more of her voice.  I searched all over the Internet and found some of her work.  Her eyes captivated me and I could not look away as I watched one of her online mp3s over and over.

I continued to search and research her sites needing any fix I could get.  In late March I purchased “brain drain” and stared at her picture in black tights as I listened for the first time.  I remember sitting in the same spot for well over an hour as I could not look away or remove the headphones.  I just needed more and more.

A couple of weeks went by without any response from Empress but I continued to listen to the mp3.  One day she responded and I found myself kneeling in my bathroom tributing Empress.  I loved it and needed more, I had to serve to fulfill her will.

A few more weeks went by and just this Sunday Empress responded to a message I sent.  I was so excited yet apprehensive as I have listened over and over to her mp3 and knew what  could happen.  After speaking online for a brief period she left and told me to look for her later.

I wore pantyhose all day while I did house chores and thought about Empress.  When she came back I don’t remember too many specifics other than I was instructed to put on metal nipple clamps and hurt my nipples for Empress.

To thank her I gladly sent tributes, which are never enough for me.  I later enjoyed poppers while listening to “brain drain” again.  Before she went to bed she told me I was fucked and would listen to her mp3 all night long.  I awoke this morning wearing pantyhose and quickly re read our conversation.  In it she said I would wear them all week to show her hold over me.

I really don’t know where this will go but I do know that I want to help Empress build her complete control over me.”



Later on my lil “victim” sent me this.

“I stared at this photo while sniffing poppers and tightening my nipple clamps while listening to brain drain…my nipples hurt so much and I stare in your eyes and fall deeper”



How could anyone NOT stare at that photo for HOURS while chanting ” What Empress Vox Siren wants Empress Vox Siren Gets, ALWAYS” over and over and over again?


Exposing Yet Another Sick Twisted Humiliation Junkie Lil Fuck


HAH that’s right, its time to expose another erotic humiliation junkie , pain slut, and ultimate sick and twisted bitch for MY amusement.

This lil bitch sent me this photo several days ago, expecting me to post it to my website immediately. As if.  I told my humiliation junkie bitch boi that he was going to have to suffer, and sweat it out, never knowing when I was going to post it! Where might he be when it goes up? He certainly will not be braced for it, or even anticipating it. So hilarious! This made him even more weak, which caused more extreme humiliation to take place for my benefit, and of COURSE, a TON of cock cash $$sacrifices$$ being ejaculated into my beautiful bank account.

Here are a few excerpts taken directly from emails that my lil sick twisted bitch has personally sent me:

“Yes Empress, as you command. I enjoy drinking piss so much that when I walk through the super market i look at the pretty girls and want to beg them to use me as their urinal, but I don’t dare to do such a thing!”

“Yes Empress. I will embrace it. I got excited at the thought of a SPIKED dildo being shoved up my ass by you and your friends. I would accdpt the long term pain and suffering to be allowed the privilege of being your sick and twisted slave. ”

“I guess i am just a sick fuck. Thank you Empress for telling me how my life will be from now on!!!”

“I seem to crave your control so much! The more I listen to the recording or re-read the emails you send me, the deeper I go under your control! I am realizing that I have completely fucked myself! I AM SO FUCKED!!!!!”

” After listening to the mind cage and brain drain mp3’s, I am sacrificing my Starbucks money as well as the money I used for buying breakfast. Since listening to these files, I desire to sacrifice more to you. I desire to submit more and more with a strong desire to be owned and trained by you”

” I am going into credit card debt to sacrifice, but I must always obey.”

“Saturday I trimmed down my pubic hair. On Sunday I thought about shaving off my pubic hair and started to fantasize about meeting a well hung she male in order to suck her cock and be fucked in the ass by her. Afterwards I would lie on the floor, swallow her cum and let her use me as her toilet. ”

Lmfao, sick twisted fucks like this deserve to be used, abused, and left broken. My sick twisted fuck, the SECOND that you read this, you will drop to your knees, punch yourself in your useless balls 25 times, pull your thong up your ass until you scream, and then you will send me a big fat $SACRIFICE$ that is sure to hurt.

Locked In Chastity

locked in chastity

Hah, here is a nice lil photo of one of my slaves being locked in chastity for me. I had him turn on his webcam, with his face away from his hand, and instructed him to dial a combination lock until the numbers were what I wanted them to be. This ensures that only I know the combination to the lock. Lil bitch was seriously almost crying while doing this. The look on its face was absolutely priceless. Pure, non fantasy FEAR. I thrived on it.

I had him lock it on without looking at the lock, and then jumbled up the numbers so he will never ever know what they are unless I give him the numbers. Until then, my slave shall be locked in chastity for my pure amusement.

He kept crying out that he was already dripping, and this was the most excited he had ever been, yet still the look of FEAR never left his slutty face. I love seeing that. Pure blissful fear. Knowing that now you really are stepping a bit out of the realm of fantasy, and playing real time with me, to fuel my desires.

He has a flight to catch coming up Sunday. How humiliating it would be to go through the airport with that, and sounding off the metal detectors. Especially since he will be with a lot of people that he works with. Lil bitch has to pay me a $$sacrifice$$ of $500.00 for the combination, to remove it by then. If he waits until last minute to pay me, the price goes up.

So much fun for me, to have him locked in chastity, fearful of what happens if he can’t come up with MY money, yet being more turned on than he has ever been before. Oh, did I mention that lil slavey has a wife? HAH. Good luck hiding this seriously locked chastity device from her. From what I’ve seen though, no woman in their right mind would want to see him naked, or fuck such a little useless cock he might get lucky.

Ry, you are so FUCKED, and you LOVE it. Don’t you bitch?

Follow me on twitter for more updates about this chastity bitch and others.

~Empress Vox Siren

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Public Display of Weakness

domination, female domination, dominatrix, empress vox siren, vox siren, goddess mistress, domme, femme domme, slave

I love publicly exposing my slaves, sissys, sluts and bitches. Here is an email I received from Razgriz in an attempt to humor and amuse me.

So if you’ve been following Empress on twitter, which you better be, you may have recently seen a series of tweets depicting me in a very tortuous situation. For those of you that haven’t, I will share them here.
Razgriz Songbird- Just listened to brain drain four times in a row, I am so aroused, so weak, it hurts so much, I’m shaking uncontrollably
Razgriz Songbird- I want to cum so bad, it hurts so fucking much omg
Razgriz Songbird- Please, please Empress Vox Siren, please let me cum
After sharing those three pieces with the world, Empress, for all intents and purposes, made it very clear that I would not be granted permission. Now I won’t lie, I was very, very, very aroused. The whole time I waited for her response, I was writhing around barely able to speak, and the only words that were coming out of my mouth were, “Please let me cum.” The intense amount of arousal was almost unbearable, and then Empress denied me the right to cum, and it got much worse. At some point, everything stopped, and I either passed out or fell asleep. All I remember after that is waking up about an hour later.

A little while ago, I had a conversation with Empress where I had asked her why I care so much about having an orgasm, while in the past, I never did. She told me that it was simply because I had never had anyone controlling it. Take it away and make them want it so badly that they’ll do anything for it, makes sense. Even knowing this however, I still had the same thought running through my head during this little episode, that thought being that I almost wished I couldn’t get an erection. It was merely a thought but the fact remains that I did think it. Of course when I’m not in an uncontrollably aroused state, this idea is less appealing.

Putting myself on display like this is not something I’d usually have ever done, but recently I’ve found that it is quite thrilling to know that thousands of people are able to witness my blissful suffering, and of course Empress really enjoys putting me on display. If you would like to witness as Empress Vox Siren torments the fuck out of me, you can follow me on twitter (@razgriz411). I am sure that it will be something worth seeing. I can only imagine what she has in store. The longer she continues to deny me an orgasm, the easier it is for me to get aroused, it’s even worse when she forces me to restrain myself.

So here I am Empress Vox Siren, on my knees writing something else for your amusement, and begging you to use and abuse me more and more. Tease me in public, and show the world how weak I truly am. Do whatever you think would bring you the most pleasure, please. I’ll even help you get started right now, because I am so very aroused yet again from typing all of this. Empress, please allow me to have an orgasm, please. 🙁

I am a slave that belongs to Empress Vox Siren. I am her property, here for her to use and abuse whenever she feels the time is right. I am at her mercy day in and out as I am unable to cum without her permission, and I always obey my Empress. I’m addicted to the feeling of helplessness I am forced to endure for her amusement. It doesn’t matter how frustrated I get, I always come back for more.

A completely and utterly fucked slave of Empress Vox Siren,

What a weak lil slave. I LOVE it hahah. Follow his blissful suffering on twitter by clicking HERE 

~Empress Vox Siren

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Addicted and Aching for What You Will Never Have

female domination, femme domme, Mistress, bdsm, findomme, slave

Look at me. You know you would give anything to be with a perfect woman like me. You want so badly to serve me, to worship me, to kiss the ground that I walk on. You are addicted to me, aching for me, you can’t resist me. Look at me again. Close your eyes and see my image there. Obsessed. I am more important to you than anything else. Admit it. Say it now.

When you look at my images, constant thoughts or NEEDING go through that mind of yours. ( Who knows, it might really be mine at this point) NEEDING to obey, NEEDING to worship, NEEDING attention, NEEDING to serve. You are WEAK. The more weak you become the more aroused you feel, the more aroused you feel, the more weak you become. See how this benefits me? The more weak you become, the more aroused you become, the more weak you become= me getting absolutely anything I want from you. “No” doesn’t exist.

You will never have me, and this only makes you need me that much more. Needing my attention, my approval, my praise. Get this inside your head, and keep it there. You are a lowly slave, a little puppet, a weak, addicted bitch that is here for one thing, and one thing only. To grant me my every wish, my every desire, including unlimited ways to entertain and amuse me. Nothing more. Most likely less.

Awww, is that harsh? It’s okay. Just look at my image again, you will find that it becomes easier to accept your place, and realize that it is an honor that I am placing you there. You never want to leave, do you slave?

You belong at my feet, groveling. You belong chained up and locked away until I have a use for you. You belong going to work day to day for me, to work for me, and continue to spoil me and give me the luxurious life that I deserve. You belong as you make sacrifices each and every day to give me MORE MORE and MORE $$sacrifice$$. You belong on your knees, staring in to my eyes, listening to my eyes, saying YES YES YES I will ALWAYS obey. You belong anywhere that I tell you to belong. You belong to ME.

HAH probably not. But I bet you want to more than anything. PROVE IT slave.

Start by watching this for a while. It will make you more weak, and aroused. Just the way that I like you to be. Silly silly slaves.


~Empress Vox Siren

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