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Happy Vox is taking your independence Day

This is an mp3 I found from a few years ago, and thought Id gift you little bitches with it again. You know how to thank Me, weakling~

This was for the mp3 ” Better off locked” which you can listen to by clicking here, like the eager bitch you are.

Also, it can click here to indulge in the ULTIMATE form of chastity. IMPOTENCE. LMFAO

Once its nice and limpy, click here for impotent part 2.


Timed Tease- Chastity Tease Game & Mp3



I am just spoiling the FUCK out of you lot, celebrating Femdom Devotionals Fetish of the month! Of course I have devious ulterior motives, which will be super apparent once you listen and participate in this game *devious smirk*

This game is meant to be played after you have been in chastity for at least a couple of days. It can be played as many times as you can handle, or until you spontaneously combust *evil smirk* If you experience any negative side effects, discontinue listening weakling. You cant handle me.

This purchase includes a very addicting, teasing game, and an mp3 that you will listen to while playing. Oh you are so FUCKED, you have no idea hhahahaha. I am going to have so much fun torturing, I mean teasing you, while you are all locked up and helpless.

The mp3 features tones and sound clips that are specifically designed to heighten your arousal on a deep , brainwave level so that you are TEASED and FUCKED even more.
Do NOT listen while driving or operating machinery. Only listen while seated/laying and distraction free. You have been warned!

As with ALL of my products, purchasing from my personal store is my preferred method!




If you must, you may purchase via niteflirt as well.

Happy ” Vox is taking your independence” Day


In celebration of the holiday, the loss of YOUR independence, and this months fetish of the month, I have posted a VERY special audio blog post. Get your ass over to femdomdevotionals and listen to it!

Chastity Game 1- Rolling and Edging


Chastity Game 1. How lucky are you feeling? You know you can’t resist finding out what items are needed, and what the rules are for this chastity game. You are going to love being kept chaste, weak, and on edge for me. I am going to have so much fun watching you blissfully suffer at my hand, from my game. $7.00


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