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Bimbo Lexie Musings

I have been the property of Empress Vox Siren (Master) for over a year now. In the last 9 months, Master has been transforming me into s sick twisted slutty bimbo bot. While I have a long way to go, I find myself no longer resisted my this. Actually, I am finding great joy in becoming a bimbo bot for Master. Master commanded me to through out all male underwear, which I did. Now I wear only women’s thongs 24/7. I wear skinny jeans or jeggings most of the time along with pink high heels. I also wear black mascara as often as I can! I also put on lipstick, pink, as often as I can, it makes me feel very girly. I also have 38 DD abreast forms, pink bras which I wear infrequently. I didn’t wear the forms very often because of my family and work commitments keeps me surrounded by people who wouldn’t understand.
I have been having strong desires to pierce my ears so I can start wearing earrings. This was also a command of my Master. Master has picked out several dresses that I have purchased, and when I put them on, they make me look and feel so slutty! It truly is a pleasure to wear dresses! I LOVE them!
I have also been listening to Master’s Impotent MP3 every day for several weeks, and find myself completely impotent! I thought I would not like this, but actually enjoy it, since it allows me to focus on becoming a bimbo whore for Master.
Master owns me. I have no desire to depart from her! She does know what is best for not only me, but anyone who desires to serve her.
If you have been reluctant to step out of the shadows and into the light of Empress Vox Siren, I urge you to take the plunge, and experience the blissful pleasure in serving Empress Vox Siren. It will be the best decision you will ever make!

Bimbo whore in training,

New Brainwashing Loop- BBC Bimbobot Whore

23 minutes
This was a custom creation that I knew just had to be put on my store. This is a VERY vulgar file, that includes racial slurs, and a lot of degrading, humiliating, hardcore scenes. IT is an intense brainwashing file. You will be transformed. You are WORTHLESS as a male, and are so much better off being a trashy bimbo whore, with big fake tits that you use as BBC magnets. You will be bound and helpless as black alpha after black alpha does with you as he pleases.

The more cum that your bimbo faggot mouth swallows, the dumber you become. The dumber you become, the more horny you get. The more horny you feel, the more you need to be their cum receptacle. It is an endless ditzy bimbo loop of stupid bimbo lust.




Lexie Bimbo Bot is Living The Life Its Supposed To

Enjoy this email from lexie the bimbo slut~

Hi! I’m Lexie. I like am training to be Empress Vox Sirens sick, twisted, slutty, mindless bimbo! I listen to her bimbo MP3, like OMG, every day! She picked out this slutty dress that I wear with women’s thongs, heels, thigh high hose and 38 DD breasts with pink bras. The dress is really cute! I still need to get a mani and a pedi along with a wig and full slutty makeup!
When away from work and family, I get all dressed up and strut around shopping and just like, you know walk around!
Empress new what I was and has taken the time to transform me! It soooo much fun being mindless! Only thinking of shopping and sex! I just love thinking of big, cum filled cocks!!!
I’m like waiting for my new heels to arrive! 5 inch stiletto platforms in pink! They will look so good with my pink dress and blond hair and pink French nails!
It’s so much more fun to be a ditzy air headed bimbo! I like not having to think or have to read things that would make me smarter! I find that when i read anything that would make me smarter, I get confused and start getting headaches!!
Life is so much better now that Empress thinks for me, she picks out my clothes, tells me if its okay for me to buy shoes or anything else I shop for!
I just wanna be the best bimbo for Empress!
Bimbo Lexie

Thomas Thurston Bimbo Slut

You dont get much more pathetic than this! Okay..yes you do.  This is a start though bitch HAHAHAHA

Brainwashed Bimbo Bot Erotic Hypnosis Mp3


You little bimbo fucks have been BEGGING for a file like this for SO long. Oh I am going to have sooooo much fun with you after you listen to this hahaha.

21 minutes


This mp3 is designed to bring forth your true form every time the trigger takes place in and out of trance. A slutty, mindless bimbo bot. A unique bimbo bot that is so ready to play. Mindless, brainwashed, mind fucked, slutty and ditzy. You are nothing more than a horny dumb bimbo and you fully embrace that fact. This mp3 is going to brainwash you so that you never hide from your true self, and REALLY embrace your bimbo nature. Of course I have ulterior motives to conditioning you in this way. The dumber and hornier you are, the easier it is for me to use you for my amusement and pleasure.

This is a very REAL conditioning and brainwashing file. You WILL be a bimbo bot quite often after you listen to this, and the more you listen, the stronger and more permanent the effects will become.



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