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30 Days of Kink Day 12: “I THOUGHT YOU HAD THE KEYS…” LOL

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“Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had. If you haven’t had one, talk about aspects of kink/BDSM you find funny.”

I am going to focus on talking about the aspects of kink that I find funny.

Before I became known for My Erotic Hypnosis, I spent around 6 or 7 years being very well known as an online Phone Domme, and bratty Humiliatrix. I was one of the first top girls who was always on the front page of Niteflirt. I have fucked up and over more men than I could ever begin to count, and they still come around thanking Me and begging for MORE. Its HILARIOUS to Me.

When I was younger, it was much more amusing to Me to see all of the disgusting, fucked up, stupid shit that you weaklings do when you have a hard on. Now it takes more work and effort to make Me smile, and laugh, because I have seen so much.

I am going to talk about some firsts, and some memorable moments from My past. You are INCREDIBLY lucky that I even grace you with this knowledge.

One of My first long term memorable clients, who may even still read this now because he lurks around, was a dude from Canada named Kelly. I’ll never forget him because he was one of the first weaklings that I saw on cam do nasty fucked up things to make Me laugh. He would often wear huge adult diapers, and prance around in sissy outfits or adult baby outfits. He was definitely a degenerate. One time I opened up his cam during a phone session, and he was LOCKED inside of a garbage bag, eating baby food and garbage off of a tray that was also locked onto his body. LOL.. I mean WHAT THE FUCK. Degenerates just cant get off, so they have to do more and more extreme, humiliating things to get off. He looked SO pathetic and disgusting, and he was paying me to watch this. I couldn’t help but laugh My ass off!!

Another degenerate that stands out was an it that went by the online handle of ” cum whipper” he had to have spent millions, calling all of the Pro Dommes. He would show us pictures VERY proudly of cocktails and desserts made from his whipped colored cum. EW. Think festive red and green Christmas cocktail in a martini glass, all of whipped cum. NASTY! HAHA

I had one guy open his cam and CARVE My name into his dick. LOL

One guy who would BEG for Me to do a two Domme call with him, and we both would force him to piss in his own face, and then tribute us each $5000 to make him cum on his own face. He always looked SO fucking defeated and ashamed after he did that. Cum remorse. HILARIOUS

I’ve witnessed more sissys being little bitches than I can count. More humiliation junkies doing whatever they can to Make Me laugh.

The one thing that they had in common that TRULY made this enjoyable to Me? They paid, and they paid well! Without that, you are insignificant and I absolutely despise you. Paying Me is the difference between Me truly laughing and being entertained by how pathetic you are, to Me not even considering giving you the time of day, let alone a half smirk.

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Day 10: What are your hard limits?


I always laugh when someone does a session with me, and hard limits come up, and they say I HAVE NONE AT ALL. This normally results in me commanding they do something utterly disgusting and/or immoral, just to teach them a lesson. In the D/M world, its crucial to express your hard limits up front, as to avoid awkward situations during a session. I am not talking about regular limits which are made to be pushed, and expanded. I am talking about serious hard limits, that no matter the amount of hypnosis/brainwashing, you do NOT want to do it at all, and it would destroy you as a person to do, and take the fun out of your kink.

My hard limits are as follows:

Animals/Bestiality – I wont do it, I wont role play it. I find it disgusting, and not in an entertaining way. I am all for pet play, puppy play etc, but don’t bring a real animal into the mix.

Children/Pedo Fantasies – this is actually a HUGE fetish that people play out consensually in the phone sex world. I will not be engaging in such topics. Adult babies/age regression is great for me to use on you, I do enjoy that, but I will not indulge with you in fantasies of raping/torturing/controlling/using/having sex with etc anyone under age.

Switching – for me personally, I will NEVER be a submissive. There is not a submissive bone in my body. I fucking HATE it. I tried it once when I was younger, just to make sure, and ended up dominating the hell out of the man attempting to dominate. This goes along with any act of submission. I will not be tied up, forced, manipulated etc.

Scat-  I am far too pretty to indulge in something so dirty with someone in person. For the right price, I fake this in custom mp3s and phone sessions though hahahaha. Sick fucks pay for anything. So amusing.

Blackmail- this is illegal. Even if you consent to it. I will not indulge in it. I only indulge in true legal consensual fetishes and play

What are yours?

Day 9: Post a Kink Related Song Or Video You Enjoy

Some of my favorite lyrics “Coin operated boy
Sitting on the shelf he is just a toy
But I turn him on and he comes to life
Automatic joy
That is why I want a coin operated boy

Made of plastic and elastic
He is rugged and long-lasting
Who could ever ever ask for more
Love without complications galore
Many shapes and weights to choose from
I will never leave my bedroom”

“Coin operated boy
All the other real ones that I destroy
Cannot hold a candle to my new boy and I’ll
Never let him go”

Can you guess just exactly why I love this song, and those lyrics? *smirk*


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Day 8 : Post a kinky image you find erotic


This amazing image by sardax literally turns me on. A powerful woman on her throne, with a line of slave drones bearing gifts and CASH. This is exactly how I feel every time I drain my slaves, and take gift after gift, dollar after dollar. This image speaks to me on every level. I deserve everything to be handed to me. Sure I could have one or two rich slaves pay for everything, but I prefer to have them AND mass amounts of slaves to take EVERYTHING from..even if they are working minimum wage. I LOVE the thrill of a sacrifice. I will never work a day in my life. My slaves will make sure that I am taken care of, living the Empress lifestyle FOREVER. Now start lining up, and handing it over slaves. That IS an order. I expect a tribute AND a gift to be sent to me after you achingly read this.

I will just sit back, relax, and watch the gifts and money roll in. You are SO damn fucked, and SO damn lucky to have this HONOR.


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Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

Since this question states what is MY favorite toy, not what is my favorite toy to use on someone else, I would have to say a good, quality vibrator. Not only do they make me feel amazing, but they are an amazing toy to fuck with a slaves mind, and leave them weak and vulnerable, drooling with their jaw on the floor.

I love to strap on my slaves collar, and drag him to the edge of the bed, on the floor. I sit on the edge with my perfect, soft, silky legs spread and make him watch while I please myself with it, all the while moaning, and telling him what a little bitch he is, how he is my property, how he is a weak little slave for my pleasure. He does not get to touch me, or touch himself while I do this. I love to grab him by the collar and force his face to be inches away from my perfection, while he watches me orgasm over and over again. The whimpers, the begging, and the sheer desperation and sexual frustration are down right amusing and sexy to me.

After a while, I will allow him to use the vibrator on me while I lay back and relax. Often I will go to sleep after laughing at him, and making him lock up MY cock, and stay with blue balls all night.

Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.


I really do not consider any of my fantasies to be weird in a negative sense. I actually enjoy the word weird. It makes me think of unique, and interesting things. For the purpose of this question, I am going to talk about a fantasy of mine that is impossible to truly happen.

Human slave jewelry.

I would LOVE to have a shrink ray gun that I could point at any slave of my choosing, and shrink them down nice and small. I would love to wear them on a charm bracelet. Very special weaklings would earn a place on my necklace, or on the straps of my heels/sandals.

I would have so many of them, that the majority would simply be disposable. I would devour them , and crush them beneath my feet, just for fun.

Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?


Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

This was quite an amusing night for me. I’ve had MANY kinky sexual experiences with both men and women, but the one that I am going to talk about is one that my friends and I still laugh about to this day. When I was younger, and first officially claimed my now husband as MINE, he was pretty vanilla. He was and still is an alpha male within his pack mates, but around me he is nothing more than a crumbling, weak pile of submissive boy toy. I decided that I wanted to take him to a sex shop to buy some toys to play with, and I invited my friends along. Another couple, a gay male, and another female friend. I said we could each pick out a sex toy, and I would demonstrate them on my bitch when we got back home. My slave smiled with a look of hesitance, not knowing if I was serious or not,but my friends certainly knew.

Sadly we decided to visit a new store, and it did not have that many selections. It was more of a video store, but we still had fun, and picked up a few things to play with.

I picked out a jackrabbit vibrator. The biggest, most flashy one. The couple picked out cherry flavored lube, our gay friend picked out pink anal beads, and my female friend picked out fuzzy pink handcuffs. When we got back, my slave was nervous, but excited at the same time, as I told everyone that I was going to show off the new toys. My friends stood by and giggled knowing that I was definitely going to have some fun. First I cuffed him to the bed, and used silk scarves to tie his legs to the other posts on the end of the bed. My friends were cheering me on, and my slave was nervously tied up to the bed, pant-less .

I lubed up the vibrator with the cherry lube, and slid it up my skirt to enjoy it a bit. I made sure that my slave saw what I was doing, but couldn’t see much, just to tease him. I then straddled him while holding the vibrator and told him to open wide. I fucked his mouth with it nice and hard, making sure to put on a good show for my friends. I LOVED hearing him gag on it, and watching his eyes water. I lubed up the anal beads, and slowly teased his entire body with them, telling him how I was going to slowly insert each and every bead inside of him. My friends got such a kick out of this, as did I. My gay friend begged to help me push in the beads, but I made him kneel by the bed and watch instead.

Once lubed up, I started pushing them in one by one, and my slave naturally fucking LOVED IT, even though he was squirming, nervously laughing, and acting a bit shy. I enjoyed seeing that. This was his first time doing something like this.

I made him beg me to leave them in longer, and once he did, I started to pull them out, and laughed as I saw disappointment on his face.  Once they were out completely, I laid the toys on his chest, and drew a heart with my initials on his cheek, with my red lipstick. My friends and I took pictures, and left him tied up a bit while we laughed and told kinky stories.

It was a FUN night. One of many~ You are so lucky that I shared this with you~

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Day 4: Any early experiences that in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

30 days of kink

Day 4 of 30 days of kink asks –

Any early experiences that in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

As a child, I was very outgoing, confident, and I had an understanding of how things and people worked, more than those around me. I was extremely curious, and loved to do things to see what the reaction would be. The better the reaction, the more I learned to do those things again to get what I wanted.

I remember as a kid, playing with one of my best friends, we used to have a game where we had imaginary friends that we would tie up, interrogate, and train to do our bidding LOL! That right there has to tell you something!

Growing up, I was always a dominant force. A leader. The girl that both men and women wanted to either be with or around, or actually BE. I was never afraid to speak up for myself, or for others and things that I care about. My opinion was always voiced, heard, and respected. I learned from a young age that displaying my confidence, while expressing views and points that were simply irresistible and/or impossible to disagree with, caused me to get my way, regardless of who I was interacting with.

I started using the gifts that I nurtured , such as my confidence, intelligence, power, beauty and the understanding of what makes people “tick” to make my life easier. Things just came naturally to me. People, especially men, wanted to do things for me.

As I continued to grow older, these skills blossomed as well. I began going out, meeting more people, and practicing my skills using what I would later come to learn is “hypnotic language” and the such, to get inside of peoples minds. I started to study people, and learn cause and effect of using different body language, phrases, power words, anchors/triggers, and suggestions.

This is what truly excited me. What I fantasized about at night. Coming up with different scenarios in my mind that I wanted to test out, and seeing just how many people I could play with. They all EXTREMELY enjoyed it, and loved just being in my company.

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Day 3- How did you discover you were kinky?


How did you discover you were kinky?

I will go more into detail on day four and five, but kinky for me is being the powerful, seductive, enticing, alluring, dominant woman that I am, and KNOWING how to use that to my advantage. From a very young age, I have always been a firecracker. Things have always had to be my way, and I have always been a strong influential female authority in my circle of friends and family.

In high school I was well aware of my ability to manipulate and control people. Especially men, my age and older. A group of boys even created a “bible” dedicated to me. It was hand written with different quotes, inspirations, and rules all revolving around me. It had ways that they could make me happy. It was cute ;), and just one event that showcased my kinky personality. I mean how many people do you know who had a group of boys write a bible dedicated to them in highschool lol?

I sailed through high school and college using my intelligence, wit, and charm to always have the highest marks.I could wrap any male teacher around my pretty little finger, and it was such a thrill for me. I would become sexually excited by this power, this kink, not by fantasizing about having vanilla sex with “hot boys”.

I eventually stemmed out and knew my power to control and manipulate men, and decided it would be fun to do the same with women who were clearly weak and submissive and craved to be played with by me. I went to a lot of different LGBT nightclubs, gothic nightclubs and various places, decked out in my fetish gear, and would have fun every single weekend. I started going in my teens, and experienced a lot of different things with different people. I would LOVE walking in to a club with a girl toy on one leash, and a boy toy on another. One on each side of me. I was also known to feminize men in these clubs as well. I would bring clothes for them to change in to, and fully do their hair and makeup, and turn them in to pretty little dolls. Ahh memories. So much fun!!


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Day 2: List your kinks.


This is Day 2, of the 30 days of kink blogging event.
I encourage others to do this, especially if you are a weakling of mine, or wish to be. Simply start a blog on any online blogging website, and copy the original 30 days of kink post by clicking HERE, and start blogging. Leave a comment or email me with your blog URL and I will add it to these posts.

List your kinks.

For me, my mind is always changing. One day I will love something, and the next day it will be something else. I love to keep things exciting and different. Boring is never an option for me. I will list a few kinks that throughout the years I have always loved, and will continue to indulge in for as long as I please.

Goddess WorshipI LOVE to be absolutely adored, worshiped, and held high on a pedestal. In fact, I expect it, and if someone outside of family/friends does not do this, then they do not hold my attention for very long. I live for praise, worship, being spoiled, and treated like the ultimate entity in a persons life. Naturally, being ME makes this an easy kink for others to indulge in for my pleasure. This kink is very REAL for me, and I expect others to view it in the same light. To truly devote themselves to me as my acolyte, my slave, and view me as their supreme Goddess. The one that they would do anything for, and that they hold in the highest regards over all else. My pleasure IS your ultimate pleasure. Those words ring TRUE, not just fantasy.

Financial DominationThis is a no brainer. Being the Empress, an ultimate Goddess, I expect my minions to enrich my Goddess lifestyle by working hard to provide me with luxuries in life. Workerbots exist to work for me. To provide me with adequate financial profits to gain my attention and approval. I shouldn’t have to work an outside job. How miserable that would be for me! That is why so many of you exist! You do it for me, and give me money so that I can constantly be pleased, amused, live the lifestyle that I was born to live, and never want long for anything! It is simply yet another way for me to control and own you. Even if you have never had a financial domination fetish before, you have to admit that the concept of working hard for a supreme female, so that she may be pleased and live the life that she wants, is totally HOT and even arousing. It is a sexy kink.

You give, I take. That is how it should be! Making $sacrifices$ in your day to day life is a way to constantly be reminded of who owns your ass, and how lucky you are to serve such perfection! Make it a habit to indulge in MY kind of financial domination. It is soooo good for you!

Mind Control/Erotic HypnosisI use all of my strengths to get what I want, and to mold you in to exactly what I want you to be. You may never know when I strike, it just happens. It may even seem innocent enough at first. You listen to a file, you communicate with me on social media, and then in a blink of an eye you are completely enamored with me. Completely obsessed, aching, with an overwhelming NEED to serve and please me. To gain my attention and approval. Of course I am not going to tell you HOW I control your thoughts and actions, and manipulate you. I am just going to continue to do it, and have fun watching you be my little puppet. You ache for this fetish and consent to how good it makes you feel. If you desire it, tell me. Confess.

Cock Control– By means of chastity, orgasm control, and tease and denial. Lets face it, and be real. Men are weak as hell, and ruled by their cocks. Get them slightly aroused, and they are putty in my hands even more. Those little cocks between your legs make it that much easier for me to get what I want from you. Teasing you, controlling those orgasms and that cock makes you WEAK. When you are WEAK, you give MORE to me. You CONFESS more. See why this is one of my favorite kinks?

I have many other kinks that excite me, but those are the top four that I will always enjoy and incorporate into other kink play.


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