Cash Cow Financial Fetish Club – Best Of The BEST- PREMIERE PARTY TONIGHT


I have been invited to an invite/approved access only, best of the best celebrity Findoms and their TRUE servers forum. The owners are two of the most well known, high class, irresistible Dommes out there. Diamond Diva Princess and Goddess Lycia. It is only natural that I am in a place where the BEST reside!

Tonight, there are many reasons to celebrate, and one major one is the GRAND PREMIERE PARTY for these new forums, which can be viewed by clicking . The party is from 10-12am eastern (7-9 pm pacific). I highly suggest that if you want to witness and take part in one of the most financially erotic, upscale events of the year, you apply for membership NOW, and crawl your way to the live event tonight. If granted permission, consider yourself VERY lucky, and you BETTER show your appreciation!

Here is the press release that Diamond has wrote about the event. 

Details: To celebrate the Red Carpet PREMIERE of the new Cash Cow FINANCIAL FETISH Club, we are having an EXCLUSIVE VIP PARTY! Celebrity Findoms & Findom Stars get decked out in your most glamourously paparazzi flash popping attire and get ready to strut your stuff on the Red Carpet at our GRAND PREMIERE Party!! OMG heads WILL turn! Share your favourite Financial Fetish & Gold Digger images, videos, inspirations, and your most celebrated tributes & money conquests! Think GOLD DIGGERS of the World UNITE and take over! After all, Girls just wanna have FUNDS!!

Bring your own: Delicacies on the comp! SLAVES COMP of course! Champagne, Caviar, Escargot, Delicate Canapes, Fondue, and any other Red Carpet indulgences your favourite moneyslaves are allowed to pay for!

FANS/ACOLYTES/SLAVES bring your checks, cash, and credit cards ready to SPENDSPENDSPEND on the Gold Digger you ADORE! Fanboy from a distance as you send gifts to us knowing you will NEVER receive ANYTHING in return, duh! We are the Celebrity Findoms and you are our doting public. In addition you will grovelingly compliment our every creative expression, our every sparkling detail! And don’t forget: it is up to YOU to FULL COMP our EXTRAVAGANCES!


Another reason to celebrate- As many know, I am not only a POWERFUL woman, but a POWERFUL witch as well. I will be celebrating and honoring the full moon tonight, and releasing an EXTREME brainwashing and MIND FUCKING mantra and training mp3, with heavy talk of financial slavery and addiction. This is going to be a very powerful night for me, and a very DRAINING one for you!

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