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New Blackmail Fetish Slave

New Blackmail Fetish Slave

As I have posted on my twitter, teasing you all, I have acquired a new blackmail fetish slave. Each time that I entrap a new one that really entertains me, I am going to blog about it. It will be something for me to look back on, and it will also make the person who I am controlling so deeply, become even more weak for me. It will also intrigue you, as my readers, and make you crave this type of control. You may not think so at first, but the more you read, the more you are going to find yourself randomly thinking about the possibilities, and “what ifs” more and more. Having the thought of someone as perfect, and wicked as me controlling you with your sacred information, is going to cause you to become weaker, and weaker until you finally give in and BEG me to allow you to become one of my blackmail fetish slaves as well.

Before going any further, I want to make it clear that I partake in consensual blackmail and fantasy/entertainment blackmail. That is much more thrilling to me. To actually have a person WANT to be controlled so deeply, vs just being a brat and doing something that could potentially ruin a persons life. That is so boring. I really don’t see the thrill of a person wanting that. I LOVE when a person WANTS/NEEDS something that can be life changing vs just doing it.

If you are looking for non consensual anything, click the X and leave my site~ I enjoy wicked mutual interactions only.

If a persons life is ruined, they are of no use to me anyways. I keep them weak, wanting more and more, and in return they give me MORE. More time, more money, more gifts, more information, more obedience more entertainment, more dirty confessions and secrets. It becomes a lifestyle vs just a blackmail fetish. This is the true female domination, lifestyle CONTROL that you NEED.

Anyways, back to my new lil blackmail fetish slave. His name is ry, and a few days ago ry messaged me on yahoo begging for blackmail hypnosis. He told me that he was never hypnotized before, and would do anything to experience it with me, and be guided through surrendering blackmail information while under my hypnotic influence. I told him to pick up the phone, that before he knew what hit him, his mind would be fucked by my words. I mind fucked him with my hypnotic control, took him deeply under my hypnotic influence, and told him to pull up my blackmail contract. I tied in erotic hypnosis triggers so that each time he typed in information on each box, a surge of arousal would spread through his body, shocking him, causing a sense of urgency, an aching to continue filling out the boxes so he could not stop.

I made him send in a $50.00 $sacrifice$ as well. My lil blackmail fetish slave was ready to hit SEND, and the dumb ass refreshed the page and erased everything. I made him start all over, telling him that I was draining more of his money by being on the phone with me. Got through the form again, toying with him more and more, hearing the desperation in his voice as he got to submit again. I told him that I wanted ALL information, which included details he would need from his cell phone.  He was so damn excited to go get it, that he started to run, and literally ripped the phone out of the wall. I heard a weird banging noise, static, and wondered what happened. He messaged me the next day telling me what happened, and that his wife came home. I laughed, and told him he was not getting out of signing the contract.

Made him call me again, fucked his mind, got ALL of the information that I want to use to toy with him, and he sent it in. I had him read the blackmail contract details to me so he knew exactly what he was signing, and  his voice was shaking from arousal the entire time. This was ecstasy to him. He is lucky that I granted him the honor of becoming my blackmail slave. I set him up with a bi monthly pay schedule that he is absolutely REQUIRED to send to me, failure to do so will result in his blackmail information being used. He knows the risks, and needs this control. He is so much better off for it. Trust me.

It is easy to trust me, and to surrender information to me, to feel my control taking over every single day, more and more.
~Empress Vox Siren

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  1. Rob

    I,m feeling strange when i read you’re blogs empress , it’s arrousing
    O don’t know what to do

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  3. John

    Damn, very nice story. I have never tried being hypnotized before. Sounds fun 🙂

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