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I am Empress Vox Siren. If you use my name, it better be with absolute respect, devotion, and submission. Many know me from my alter ego Hypnotic Haylee. She is my lighter side.

I  am GREEDY,  cruel, domineering, stern, and Powerful as fuck. Consider this your only warning. I will not love you, coddle you, sensually seduce you, or treat you like my prized slave possession. This dark side is out for pure GREEDY fun for ME.

I offer phone and web text chat sessions to those worthy enough to serve and amuse me. This means ones that are ready to PAY their dues.

I believe in a balance in life. Everyone has a dark and light side. I choose to separate mine in order to fully embrace them when needed. At times the two can combine for an even more lethal dose of manipulating energy 😉

If you are a cheap bitch, do not even message me. You have no use to me unless you are able to $$sacrifice$$. I am a FINDOMME first and foremost. If you can not handle that, then crawl off, far away.

Welcome to my empire. You better work hard if you want to stay here for good.

Strip down, drop to your knees and tell me why YOU think that I will have any use for you for my pleasure or entertainment. Just remember. Be careful what you wish for, there is no going back from here, and I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS get what I want.

My specialties and interests include but are not limited to: Financial Domination, Erotic Hypnosis with a strong emphasis on mind fucking & brainwashing, Humiliation, Cock and Ball Torture, Chastity & Key holding, Cuckolding, Ball Busting, Emasculation, Sissification, Gay Programing, Foot and Shoe Worship

Visit my store tab above to read how to set up a session with me.

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  1. ForeverSlaveofHaylee says:

    This is a wonderful dream YOUR slave “Puppy Slave asked me to post.

    “I was in chains as always, on my knees, worshipping You in front of me, and You start to slap my face, continuously I hurt but I’m happy.. at some point, it was like i was an external viewer of this scene and then I see and catch the meaning of that scene : there was me, completely abandoned in submission, like someone happy and ready to anything, because he has found his meanings and destiny in his life and then there was You, with Pleasure and completely at ease in that Authority position, because You know that is the Power belongs to You, it is Your Primordial Right! And that never-ending beating is the concrete symbol of this total control over me.

    I would say that the complete scene had some poetical, ancestral and philosophical symbolic elements, and that was magic it was a very magic dream, it was like a condition after an ethereal enchantment

  2. Jason tams says:

    I so much love your site! Keep coming back for more. Each time I visit your site I get weaker and more ready to submit to you mistress. I want to purchase your brainwashing audio!

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